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Why it's good to drink hot water on an empty stomach

The healthiest way to lose weight and look great

By Maria Ostasevici Published 3 years ago 2 min read

Eating habits, but also the quantity and quality of the water we consume are the most important factors that influence our health. Hot and cold water does not contain heavy metals and other harmful compounds that can be found in cold tap water. These compounds accumulate in the body and can cause health problems. A glass of warm water consumed immediately after waking up can work wonders for the body.

Why it is advisable to drink hot water in the morning

1. A glass of warm water consumed in the morning purifies the skin and is recommended for people with sensitive skin. Warm water deeply cleanses your body and eliminates the root causes of acne-related infections.

2. Warm water relaxes muscles and is recommended as an excellent way to relieve menstrual pain. The heat of the water has a calming and soothing effect on the abdominal muscles, which can ultimately help heal wrinkles and spasms.

3. In the morning, before breakfast and half an hour after breakfast, a cup of warm water stimulates digestion. Hot water is especially beneficial for digestion. Studies have shown that drinking cold water during or after a meal can strengthen the oil in the food you eat. This can create a fat deposit on the inner wall of the intestine, which can lead to bowel cancer. However, if you replace the glass of cold water with warm water, you can avoid this problem. In addition, warm water is beneficial for digestion, which is desirable after a meal.

4. A glass of warm water drunk in the morning, before breakfast, fights urinary tract infections and reduces heartburn.

5. Regularly consumed hot water helps circulation and promotes perspiration, eliminating toxins from the body and facilitating the activity of the kidneys.

6. Drinking a glass of warm water one hour after breakfast speeds up the metabolism and speeds up the burning of calories. Hot water is excellent for maintaining a healthy metabolism, which is necessary if you want to lose a few pounds. The best way to do this is to stimulate your metabolism in the morning with a glass of hot water and lemon. As an added bonus, hot water will help break down adipose tissue (body fat) in your body.

7. Regular consumption of warm water helps with asthma and hiccups.

8. A glass of warm water drunk daily improves blood circulation, which is important for muscle and nerve activity. Hot water keeps the nervous system healthy by breaking down the fat deposits around it.

9. Speaking of digestion, hot water can help keep your bowel movements normal and healthy. Dehydration can lead to chronic problems with constipation. As the stool builds up in the gut, bowel movement becomes slower. It is always recommended to drink a glass of hot or warm water every morning when the stomach is empty. It decomposes into the remaining food and makes the movement of particles smooth and less painful through the intestine.

10. Activating the hair roots is another benefit of a glass of warm water! Hot water promotes regular root activity and subsequently accelerates hair growth.

11. Prevents dandruff ! A glass of warm water drunk every day keeps the scalp hydrated and prevents it from drying out and dandruff.

12. Vitalizes and takes care of hair health . Warm water is also good for soft and shiny hair. It energizes the nerve endings of the hair roots and makes them active. This is beneficial to regain the natural vitality of the hair and its health.


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