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What Is Virtual Printer?

by Rohit Agarwal 2 years ago in tech
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Know how virtual printer works

A nonphysical printer on your office's PC or PC arrange, a virtual printer is an application that for the most part delivers a PDF document or an uneditable record for offering to partners or customers through the Internet. A virtual printer isn't a piece of a physical printer, and burdens its own print driver consequently. The printers are introduced like physical printers, and show up inside an application's printer discourse box alongside different printers.


Virtual printers don't print on paper; the printers make an advanced document that is spared to your PC's hard drive. The record, similar to a printed report, contains the specific design of the archive you or a partner made through a word preparing, spreadsheet or other application. You can likewise print a virtual printer document on a physical printer. Virtual printers are accessible for Windows, Mac and Linux frameworks, just as different stages.

Fax Applications

Fax applications introduce and utilize virtual printers to make advanced archives for sending to a business partner's or customer's physical fax machine or fax application. You can see your fax record by means of your PC's fax application before sending it to its beneficiary. You can likewise store a duplicate of active fax records on your PC for resending or chronicled purposes.

Change Programs

Virtual printers are additionally utilized in archive transformation programs, otherwise called Universal Document Converters, for changing a record into a picture record for opening on any stage, including Windows, Mac and Linux. The projects make a record that safeguards the format and textual styles of the report, in this way dispensing with the concern of missing text styles or changes in the archive structure. The changed over archive isn't spared as a PDF, yet rather in a picture group like JPG.

Print Preview Applications

Certain applications, including word preparing and work area distributing applications, incorporate a print see work that empowers you to perceive how your record will look printed. The review work utilizes a virtual printer segment to make the see, however you can't spare the see record or offer the see with others. The print review work for the most part contains a Print button that empowers you to send the report to a physical or virtual printer for printing.


Like a physical printer, you can likewise uninstall a virtual printer on the off chance that you do not require anymore or need it on your office's PC. The printer might possibly have its own uninstallation program. In the event that no uninstallation program is accessible, you can evacuate the virtual printer through Windows' "Uninstall or Change a Program" utility.


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