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What are artificial intelligence examples with detail?s

Artificial intelligence examples and details

By Quick PicksPublished 6 months ago 7 min read
What are artificial intelligence examples with detail?s
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What are artificial intelligence examples and details

What are artificial intelligence examples?

In this article, I covered what is artificial intelligence. How artificial intelligence work, did artificial intelligence affect human jobs. Where are artificial intelligence most used, and finally why artificial intelligence is must be wanted in this modern world.

Artificial intelligence was invented based on reducing human error, just imagine nowadays many humans are working a lot of time and have spent time technology and social media. They also need some particular freedom they have a lot of mind diversion while working in the industry, so mad need your assistant to reduce the work and give your Precision output. Most artificial intelligence work on coding or pre minded chip, for example, a human driving a car w he tire long-distance dance driving he turns on the artificial intelligence autopilot mode, then the artificial intelligence automatically drive the car and parks the right place in the car park.

The same equal thinking as a human, But it is already programmed by mission or coding or programmed memory.

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Artificial intelligence (AI)

This artificial intelligence affects human jobs, the answer is completely no but yes. First aid does not need a human salary, it's complete work based on electricity or coding, so a lot of men workers reduce the job and in the future mostly replace human possibilities.

But remind wanting human-made AI so I can't think without the human program, and AI doesn't have human emotion so this is just programmed like a pop. For another example just imagine an automatic chatting AI, you can't comment on that chatting to drive a car because that is completely programmed based on texting or chatting so it can't drive a car like a human.

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Google Microsoft many many future technologies are based on this kind of artificial intelligence, google mousses use this kind of artificial intelligence in Gmail. Gmail program by ai categories to means like any mails you commanded it's spam continuously that mail ID posted spam. When someone you that AI reply a smart mail like a thank or reply everything is automatically reprogrammed, so in this case lot of human mistakes are reduced. Not every time a human wants to check that mail and replace the mail and say thank you for this kind of activity reduce by AI.

For another example take just a YouTube channel if any subscriber command this video as I can automatically reply thank you.

After 2020 many people lost a job on YouTube, so YouTubers have some AI to monitor a YouTube channel automatically. This kind of artificial intelligence is used in Google Assistant, Siri, and some voice typing assistants to guide a human for search something else.

Big artificial intelligence is used on the Amazon platform, you just scroll your online YouTube channel using some ads, unfortunately, you click that and go to the Amazon platform you see the product. You do the bike product but Yen every social media you can see adds automatically popcorn your social. So it takes your cookies and the an artificial intelligence to another social platform and it recognizes ads every time showing on your phone display screen.

Already a lot of technology companies testing artificial intelligent electric cars for a future generation. Simply nature's company says you give a salary to an employee that same caused you to spend buying artificial intelligent robot a lot of human work in your company.

Definition of artificial intelligence

If you want to learn AI you want to learn some coding and computing to how to program some artificial intelligence to help human people and this has a lot of future scope for students and business people.

Now coming to the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence, I say just what are the advantages and disadvantages then finally you can come and below this is a real advantage model or dis advantage model in comments.

What is artificial intelligence examples and details

For example le, if you type Google what is Hot Wheel religion a lot of results, but now you reading this article I have given some different keywords for ranking this blog when you type this particular keyword you can see this blog. This is a completely AI-programmed process I command to Ai whoever searches. This kind of topic my blog ranked the first page on Google and they to read my block based on this search query. So simply I am comment to artificial intelligent and artificial intelligence showing this block to your suggestion.

Already a lot of home products are based on this AI Technology. If the human opens the door the light sense a human entering inter room and automatically the lights are on when the human closes the door the sigoesoing to the light and automatically lights turn off. This is basic coding Technology so the Electricians and developers doing this kind of innovation reduceing human work.

Many reasons humans replacing artificial intelligence, it working at 24 * 7 but a human can't, artificial intelligence doesn't need specific food but human needs food, as it's programmed, also human have a lot of expenses and allowances for work but AI can't.

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Artificial intelligence vs machine learning

But at the same time when human work is reduced by artificial intelligence. The same time we have to work to buy artificial intelligence humans mans.

For example few years before we use a bullock cart for travel for traveling, but now we all use cars and motorbikes, and thee in future it becomes an electric car and electric motorbikes maybe an electric flight for a single person to travel to one place to another.

The advantage and disadvantage of this are we reduce the work hors, but we give your work for petrol banks. We reduce the animal work and we give the human work.

This is happening in artificial intelligence by reducing some human work in a particular department at the same time we give some artificial intelligence work for humans in another particular department.

When the generation we want to adapt to a new generation's works.

A few years before Saudi Arabia a robot got citizenship for one of the people in that country. Facebook also invited here to bobs to discuss together but they choose their language to communicate then the company shut down the AI bought.

Deep learning artificial intelligence

What if robots have feelings like a human? Since a lot of movies is about how rotas have the same feelings as human, the possibilities are fewer.

Humans never all the roto bot think like a human, and this kind of Advanced technology is not available in this current generation maybe 50 or 100 years after this generation this technology will be available but if robots things like a human we have faced a lot of consequences in the upcoming generation.

For another example you call someone and asking a loan, they have a lot of questions to you like what is your name what is your address how many years you live in this country was your bank balance everything a human asked to you, but that human as not based on thown brain, they have to ask a customer. This procedure is given by AI, when ask a questions. You and these this details when you have some pressure talking. AI says please cool down sir wait for a mine. I give you some money, to think you and don't hurry give sometimes to humans. This is just al reprogrammed voice, but that human take it this is a real voice. So according to handling a human to human and human to the robot is completely different.


Artificial intelligence has not worked in baseball though its everything based on human laziness, humans man thinks switching on the light is a lazy thing switching on TV is a lazy thing using artificial intelligence for turning on the TV turning light now it's smart human but that is not a smart human eat is a lazy human when Human avoids laziness and do their work on the road the artificial intelligence work automatically reduced, I am not complaning ai intelligence. The hard work of reducing artificial intelligence is a good way but some slow your are small work for an order using it Agencies is not good for human health.

Artificial intelligence is coming like social media YouTube internet everything it reduces human work and makes smart work, but when you then think of replacing human work they also have some inter national jobs job for a human. Be active always don't do lazy work and don't only be dependent on AI, Humans makes don't AI makes a human always reminders thank you.


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