Vocal article promotion with Pinterest

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Creating connections and engaging in social media to promote content.

Vocal article promotion with Pinterest
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Hello again,

I thought I’d reach out to the vocal community to share some blog promotion tips which are helping me with my main blog. After writing my first few articles here on Vocal Media I have observed that when I write new posts and share articles on my social platforms then my views and balance tend to rise a tiny bit (often this was on articles that I had previously written for vocal) however when I do nothing, nothing happens... and this can last well until I produce/ promote content for my site. You may be thinking “well that’s obvious how can you expect nothing from no effort? Why do you mention this?”... well the entire point of writing articles is passive income and we can’t physically drag every viewer to our site one by one to each of our articles; every single day. The amount of work that this would create for us would be huge! Of course there is SEO, quantity and all that other stuff but the current main traffic source to my blog http://www.thebumblelife.com is from Pinterest.

One of the things that I have noticed when viewing other Vocal Media articles is that often when I click on the page of a creator these people have written very few articles and there is also no way for me to connect to their social accounts. I think this is a shame because as a new blogger one of the main ways that I get more views is from engaging in social groups either through my twitter account but mostly through my Pinterest boards as well as Pinterest group boards. I get more views from Pinterest than I do from google search with the 50 articles on my main blog. It is still a relatively young blog and I have far to go however I wanted to point out the value of connecting and sharing articles to the Vocal community.

Why Pinterest?

  • Group boards
  • Longer life span of pins compared to tweets
  • People can repin your work
  • People can save articles to their boards for later
  • It is possible to schedule pins so you do not have to be constantly active on the site

Want to learn more about Pinterest?

I have written an in depth article on the basics of Pinterest on my blog. You can find it here...

How can you connect with other people on Vocal?

Right now (June 2020) there is no comment or follow system on Vocal Media. This is something that I’m not personally keen on because one of the main advantages that might make me want to choose a site like Vocal to write on (instead of on my own blog) is an active community that will engage with your work and support you. Without this there is more effort needed on your part to get an active engagement through your social channels. In many ways it leaves you at a disadvantage audience wise from that of your own blog where you can install a comments system if you choose and you can create your own mailing lists and therefore allow people to follow you. There have been mentions of a future comments system being implemented soon which I am looking forward to. This being said how do we get a following to our work without these systems in place? Well...

  • You can link your social media accounts at the end of your articles (like I will be doing in this article)
  • You can link social media accounts in your profile
  • You can engage with other Vocal media writers on their social media platforms
  • You can engage with other bloggers on their social media
  • You can engage with your audience on your own social networks
  • You can post your articles to your social platforms regularly
  • Engage in Pinterest group boards
  • Create your own engaging Pinterest boards and include pins with links to your articles

There are many things that I find promising about Vocal. I love the layout and how little effort I need to put into designing my articles. I love how good links look on our articles. I like that we have someone to review our work before an article is published and I also love how we don’t actually need to worry about monetising our work as it’s already been done. I still think that in the ideal world your own blog gives you more control and more ways to monetise but... this is a pretty good site and it’s safe to say I’m a bit hooked with its design and how user friendly it is.

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