Ultimate DIY Fails

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When designing a DIY project, creators must look out for preliminary flaws in their engineering to avoid an ultimate DIY fail, yet even still some people will miss the memo.

Ultimate DIY Fails

It takes a special spark of madness to attempt any ambitious DIY project, but it takes a special spark of madness — plus some stupidity — to perform one of these ultimate DIY fails. Fails like these are a special mixture. To prepare this cocktail of ridiculousness, take one part stupidity, one part laziness, and another part mad genius. The same kind of madness that drove Nikola Tesla to propose his generators of untamed electricity.

If you care about the quality of your DIY projects, then I advise you to read these ultimate DIY fails so you know what you should never do in your life — ever.

Stable Table

Oh, yes. This looks safe.

DIY work tends to result in a few less-than-professional furniture creations. But, there's a special kind of awfulness when the object won't even perform its designed task. Take this disaster in the making. The table won't stand. Its legs are uneven, not in the right direction, and the whole thing looks like it's already starting to tip over.

To say nothing of the fragile surface. That thing hits the floor, and you're looking at a huge debt.

The Drawers That Never Open

Drawers are designed for the express purpose of shoving your stuff into. In this particular fail, the drawers look well-constructed, well-spaced, and all-around functional.

Except for the fact that a wall half-swallowed them.

This is one of the ultimate DIY fails, in that they literally did everything right, except for one major key-detail. This is the sort of thing you can't do by accident. Did you run out of space? What's wrong with a long, narrow drawer or shelf? What were you people thinking?

This Pool is on Fire

Oh God, why is the pool on fire?

Seriously, when making a hot tub, having a roaring, open flame is usually an incredibly dangerous idea, especially when said fire is rising 15 feet above your grassy backyard.

If you're anywhere near that inferno holding something flammable, then you're going up in flames. To say nothing of how poorly that system will actually heat up the rubber pool...

Oh, and that rubber is going to melt. Hope you enjoy having plastic grafted into your flesh, you idiots.

All I'm saying is that even Hank Hill would think you used too much propane with this one.

Shooting Hoops

Is there anything worse than playing basketball without a hoop? Well, yes, because you can't play basketball without a hoop. How will one shoot some hoops without the hoop?

Oh. Oh no...

So, someone took a toilet seat, taped it to a backboard, and there you go! Basketball.

Aside from not even being the correct size for a basketball, that thing is going to fall. One rim-shot will dislodge that thing. I don't think you're gonna find another awful toilet-related fail as hard as this ultimate DIY fail.

We've Gone Too Far to Stop Now

Oh. I guess we did find one, huh?

When you start constructing your bathroom, remember to measure the appropriate distance from the doorway to the toilet. On top of that, consider also how the door will swing. Swinging outward is preferable if your door is way too close to the toilet.

But, if you forget to account for that, just cut a hole in the door. That'll work.

One of those classic and ultimate DIY fails, these designers went too far to stop at that point, so why not just... keep... going?

Duct Tape Fixes Everything

Is there nothing that duct tape doesn't solve? It can hold together cut flesh, piece together cardboard, and totally save you money on calling the plumber for a serious toilet disaster.

Wait, no? Not that last one?

Look, it's clear that toilet is going to fall over sooner or later. No amount of duct tape will support its weight for very long, especially when the function of a toilet is to support a person's weight as bodily waste goes in and out of it. If it's falling over, I can't imagine the pipes are all attached.

Some of the ultimate DIY fails are only compounded, because pipes aren't connected. I don't want to clean up the crap under the floor.

The Tiled Roof

When designing your house, shingles are a good thing to put on your house. But, when perusing the ultimate DIY fails on the net, you find a few very bizarre house exterior fails.

It takes a special kind of person to put tiles on their roof. The expensive, kitchen floor tiles cost a ton. Aside from being expensive, the tiles are not designed for outdoor use. I wonder what that home will look like after a big snow storm or tornado, with them being cracked, demolished and moldy.

Oh well.

Water Conducts Electricity

Look, clearly these people never watched classic Pokémon, when Pikachu would shock Squirtle and...

Long story short, this is a no-go situation. Water faucet leading out to an electrical output. Aside from turning the counter into the worst electricity hazard, all that water pouring into the outlet can cause sparks – or a fire – to spring to life.

One has to wonder if that faucet is even plugged in. If it does, this means that both an electrician and a plumber – or, a really drunk DIY-er – had to hook up all the gears below the surface. If that is true, then this is one the dumbest ultimate DIY fails on the list, and quite possibly the most dangerous.

Crispy Bacon and Oil Burns

Don't do this. Seriously, don't.

Have you even cooked bacon before? Do you even know how to cook bacon? If so, then you would know that bacon grease is not something you want on your hand. That's why most frying equipment comes with a basin to collect the hot grease.

This? Where's the grease going?

Well, it's probably going to travel down the hair curler, and connect with your soft fingers, melting the flesh as the oil boils.

So, yeah. One of the most painful, ultimate DIY fails.

Shoddy Thermostat Work

This one apparently happened when a person rented a new apartment, tried to adjust the temperature, and found the thermostat, which was installed by the landlord, actually nailed to the wall and hooked up to nothing.

This is shady for numerous reasons, least of all for being done by a person who really only wanted to save money. A cheap individual who just didn't want to pay money for a functioning system.

Really, the worst DIY fails are a result of cheap people who won't pay money for functional equipment, but there's something about the brazen, asshole nature of this DIY job that makes it one of the ultimate DIY fails.

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