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(Twitter Marketing) How To Grow Your Business On Twitter

How To Grow Your Business On Twitter

By Udemezue JohnPublished 7 months ago 5 min read
(Twitter Marketing) How To Grow Your Business On Twitter
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Twitter seems a little confusing. First, the user interface has very little to say about how effective it can be, but it can become an engagement and sales powerhouse only when you learn and constantly use it.

Here is how you maximize Twitter for your business needs.

1. Create a Twitter Account.

The first step to take when considering starting your business on Twitter is to go ahead and create a Twitter account.

Twitter works differently from Facebook because you don’t have to create a personal account before starting a business page as Facebook and Instagram do; all you need do is register the report in the name of your business, and that settles it.

Information to be provided when signing up on Twitter includes; Email, Full name, Phone, Display Photo and Cover Photo and many other very important profile details.

Make sure that you add these details to make followers trust you and engage you more; having a faceless account makes you fake and will destroy your business’s trust.

2. Post Regularly and Be Creative.

Now that you have created an account, the next step is to create several posts. On Twitter, you are allowed to use a limited 280 characters coupled with unlimited use of Photos, GIFs, Memes, Hashtags and Videos.

With the Twitter schedule in place, you can schedule as many tweets as possible across various days in a month to focus on what makes your startup unique.

Posting regularly on Twitter makes your profile alive and authentic; you are also likely to attract more followers if your posts are attractive and convey meaning to your audience.

3. Leverage The Power Of Hashtags.

Hashtags allow posts to be sorted on a network; Twitter was the first social media platform to use hashtags before other social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok started to add this feature to the forum.

With the regular use of Hashtags, your brand can create its discussion on the platform; using already made hashtags also allows your post to be seen by a lot of creators browsing that same hashtag.

4. Connect With Other Influencers.

Influencers are recognised users who have a huge following and can spark a lot of engagement. However, most times, when you create that Twitter accounts for the first time, you are likely not to get massive attention as you desire.

This is because the element of trust has not been set in motion, and one way to integrate this trust element into your brand is by connecting with several other influencers on Twitter. Influence marketing is one of the several ways to gain trust on social media.

There are dozens of influencers on social media; most of the time, they are usually celebrities, sportsmen, and even social media entertainers and commentators.

You need to contact them, negotiate business deals with them, and give them guidelines on how a post concerning your brand should be made, and that settles it.

5. Own a Website.

A website can go a long way in proving a lot about your brand’s existence. For example, when people see your profile on Twitter, one of the first buttons that they click is the link to your website.

A valid website link can tell prospective customers and followers about your brand and business.

6. Subscribe To Paid Advertising.

Paid advertising allows businesses and brands to reach out to a bigger audience on Twitter. There are over 1.3 Billion accounts on Twitter and 500 Million active accounts per month.

Most times, we want to reach a more significant percentage of this entire audience, and one of the excellent ways to do this is by subscribing to the use of Paid ads.

Paid advertising on Twitter allows you to promote the desired tweet on your Twitter profile with the desired objective in places, such as Tweet engagement, Website clicks, profile followership, and mobile application installation if you have one.

After all these are in place, you can not go further to set everything up via your Twitter account and proceed to budget and payments.

Ads are set up to run for a certain period, after which it automatically stops.

6. Use Third-Party Social Media Tools.

Social media management tools enable you to automate, better control and dive more inward into your social media accounts.

These apps can post the same updates on all your social reports, program future updates, and help you find the most relevant and compelling content to post and times to post it.

Maintaining all the different social networks using their consumer apps is, at best, time-consuming and slow and, at worst, next to impossible.

If you want to run your social media properly, you need the right tools. I am sure that you also want to be able to explore other social network platforms apart from Twitter; probably, you are on Facebook and Instagram.

One way to bring these platforms into one and maximise time and efficiency is to subscribe to the use of third-party social media tools.

7. Use Twitter Lists.

A list is a curated group of Twitter accounts. You can design your lists or subscribe to lists created by others. Seeing a list timeline will show you a stream of Tweets from only the accounts on that list.

The simplified version is that Twitter lists organise your Twitter followers. You pick and choose who belongs on which list based on any criteria.

Each time you put someone on a Twitter list, it could be for a specific reason. You can do so to observe tweets to find content to post yourself or to make sure you constantly engage with particular accounts.

Twitter list is a feature developed by Twitter to add a certain number of people in one place based on their interests.

Twitter list is similar to Facebook groups in way that it allows you to share a certain kind of tweet for a group of people to see.


Twitter is a great place to start your business, especially if your business is tied around engagement. Twitter can help bring your brand closer to your prospective audience than other social media platforms.

I shared a link to a comprehensive article that addresses this question below, be sure to check it out.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day

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