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Tuck Top Boxes - Popular Box Styles For Products

Tuck Top Boxes Wholesale

Tuck Top Boxes are the perfect solution for the discerning consumer who desires the best and most innovative custom packaging boxes. Tuck Top Boxes, also known as Auto Lifts are the only ones that offer the lifting of boxes by their own weight. When these boxes are used in the manufacture of cartons and cases more than one lid is required. The lifting of these boxes is not possible without a custom made tuck top box and have devised a method that lets them do it successfully.

An Exclusive Range of Tuck Top Boxes

An exclusive range of tuck top boxes is available in the market and all of them meet the highest standards. All boxes manufactured by them will have an adjustable lid that lets you lift one or more lids according to the requirements of the customer. In every tuck box the lid is provided with a removable tuck end plate that can be used for various purposes. Most of the box lids have been designed so that they can be attached to retail shelves, side carousels and other retail shelves and display racks easily.

There is an additional variety of reserve tuck top boxes that you can use if you need to print your logo on the truck side of the box manufacturer if you want to decorate the box with your company name or logo. These tuck boxes are manufactured from high quality materials like white cardboard and steel. They can be customized in various ways depending upon your requirements. You can choose to print your logo on them or to put a line or color print on them, etc. You can also order tuck top boxes in various sizes to suit the dimensions of your brochures, catalogues, flyers and other promotional material.

Economical Custom Tuck Top Boxes

Tuck Tops have become very popular because they are very practical and economical. Unlike ordinary paperboard boxes these do not create any space for packing your goods. This means that you can store all your things in one tuck box without any difficulty. They are very lightweight because most of them are made from paperboard rather than traditional heavy cardboard box styles. This makes them very easy to carry around.

Many companies these days are opting for custom tuck packaging boxes for different purposes. Some use them for transporting products safely to exhibitions and trade shows. These are very cost effective as well because companies do not have to bear expenses for hiring cargo handlers, custom crate makers and other such things. These custom tuck packaging boxes can be ordered from various suppliers and distributors online very conveniently. You can visit their websites and order the tuck box that you need according to your budget and requirements.

Types of tuck box models

There are further two types of Custom tuck top boxes:

The flat top and the sloped top

A flat top box is rectangular in shape, while the sloped one has a slanted bottom part with an inclined side on its top side. Both these models are useful for storing different kinds of goods. A flat tuck end box is used for shipping clothes whereas the sloped one is used for storing kitchen wares or small appliances such as blenders.

Crash base boxes

Crash base boxes are another acceptable decision to bundle heavier things that need additional base help. They are additionally alluded to as auto-lock base boxes, or auto-base boxes. The highest point of the crate typically closes with a customary fold, while the base is uncommonly made to act naturally bolting, so no get together is required on your part. You'll get the case in level, and you simply need to bust open it and the base folds will consequently get into put and make a solid, dependable base that will keep your item from sneaking out.

Hemp Box Packaging for Daily Routine goods

Tuck Tops also come in various customizations depending on the kind of goods you want to package. For instance, if you want to pack clothes then you can order flat tuck boxes with straight tuck sides and tapered corners. Similarly, you can order folding carton styles which have sharp corners and tapered tops. Another important custom packaging option that you can choose is the hemp box. Hemp boxes can be customized in different ways such as having button closures or zippers and you can order them in standard as well as custom sizes.

Tuck Boxes are also commonly used by companies in the food industry. Most packaging firms use the boxes for food since they are durable, strong, safe and reliable. These box styles are available in both custom and standard sizes and can easily fit into the dimensions of your product. You can even order custom made slip cases that have the company name and logo on it so that you can easily advertise your business to the public. However, most of the times the custom packaging option is used by firms who distribute soft drinks and other medical supplies so you need to make sure that you buy the right size and color of the custom boxes for your product.

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