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Top 10 Netflix Movies in 2023

Must-Watch Films

By Jack BrelPublished about a year ago 21 min read
Top 10 Netflix Movies in 2023
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Are you a movie buff looking for the best Netflix films to watch in 2023? Look no further as we bring you our top 10 picks of the year. With a mix of genres ranging from action, drama, comedy, and horror, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

10. We Have a Ghost on Netflix — A Horror-Comedy That Fails to Deliver

We Have a Ghost

We Have a Ghost is a horror-comedy film that was recently released on Netflix. It tells the story of a family who discovers that their new home is haunted by a friendly ghost. While the premise of the movie may sound interesting, the execution falls short.

Plot Summary

The movie starts with a promising premise — a family moves into a new home, only to discover that it is haunted by a friendly ghost named Ernest. The family is hesitant at first, but they eventually warm up to Ernest and decide to help him uncover the truth behind his death.

However, the movie fails to deliver on its promise. The plot becomes convoluted and confusing, and the humor falls flat. The jokes are predictable and lack the wit that is required for a successful comedy.

Cast and Performances

The movie features a talented cast, including Anthony Hopkins, Kat Dennings, and Bobby Moynihan. However, even their performances fail to save the movie from its shortcomings. The characters lack depth and are poorly developed, which makes it difficult for the audience to connect with them.

Cinematography and Special Effects

The cinematography of the movie is mediocre at best. The special effects are underwhelming, and the ghost effects look cheap and poorly executed. The movie fails to create a sense of horror, which is disappointing considering the genre.

If you’re looking for a horror-comedy movie that delivers on its promise, there are better options available on Netflix. We suggest checking out movies like Shaun of the Dead or Zombieland, which successfully blend humor and horror to create a satisfying experience for the audience.

9. Minions: The Rise of Gru

Minions : The Rise Of Gru

Minions: The Rise of Gru is an animated comedy film produced by Illumination Entertainment and distributed by Universal Pictures. It is a prequel to the popular Despicable Me series and follows the journey of a young Gru and his minions. The movie was released on June 30, 2022, and has since become a blockbuster hit, grossing over $1.4 billion worldwide.

Plot Summary

The movie takes place in the 1970s, where a young Gru (voiced by Steve Carell) is a fan of the supervillain group known as the Vicious 6. After attempting to steal a precious stone from the Vicious 6, Gru is invited to join their group. However, things don’t go as planned, and Gru finds himself teaming up with his loyal minions to take down the Vicious 6 and save the world.


The movie features a diverse cast of characters, each with their unique personalities and quirks. Some of the notable characters include:

  • Gru: A young supervillain who is determined to become a member of the Vicious 6.
  • Kevin, Stuart, and Bob: Gru’s loyal minions who accompany him on his journey.
  • Belle Bottom: The leader of the Vicious 6, who is determined to steal the world’s largest diamond.
  • Otto: Belle Bottom’s right-hand man and the muscle of the Vicious 6.
  • Young Nefario: A young scientist who becomes Gru’s ally and helps him in his mission.


The animation in Minions: The Rise of Gru is top-notch and showcases the stunning visuals that Illumination Entertainment is known for. The characters are expressive, and the action sequences are well choreographed, making for an immersive viewing experience. The movie also features a great soundtrack that complements the on-screen action.

8. Riddick 4: Everything You Need to Know

Riddick 4

Riddick 4 is a highly anticipated upcoming movie that is expected to be released on Netflix. Fans of the franchise have been waiting eagerly for this movie, and we are here to provide you with all the information you need to know about it.


The plot of Riddick 4 has been kept under wraps, but we do know that it will feature Vin Diesel as the iconic anti-hero Riddick. The movie is expected to pick up from where the last one left off, with Riddick stranded on a remote planet. We can expect to see Riddick battling aliens, surviving in harsh environments, and doing what he does best — surviving against all odds.

Cast and Crew

Riddick 4 will once again be directed by David Twohy, who has directed all the previous movies in the franchise. Vin Diesel will be returning as Riddick, and we can expect to see some familiar faces from the previous movies as well. There have been no official announcements about the rest of the cast, but we can expect to hear more about it soon.


Riddick 4 is currently in the pre-production stage, and filming is expected to begin soon. The movie will be produced by One Race Films and Vin Diesel’s production company, which has produced all the previous movies in the franchise. The movie is expected to have a high budget and will feature state-of-the-art special effects.

Release Date

There is no official release date for Riddick 4 yet, but it is expected to be released on Netflix sometime in 2024. We can expect to hear more about the release date in the coming months.

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7. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Perfume : The Story of a Murder

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer is a 2006 movie directed by Tom Tykwer and based on the novel of the same name by Patrick Süskind. It tells the story of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, a man with a highly developed sense of smell, who becomes obsessed with creating the perfect perfume. The film has garnered critical acclaim for its unique storyline, cinematography, and performances.

Plot Summary

The movie is set in 18th-century France and revolves around the life of Grenouille, an orphan who grows up in the slums of Paris. He possesses a highly developed sense of smell, which he uses to navigate the world around him. As he grows older, Grenouille becomes obsessed with creating the perfect scent, which leads him to become a murderer.

The film explores Grenouille’s journey as he sets out to capture the essence of beautiful scents, including that of a young girl named Laura. The plot takes a dark turn as Grenouille becomes a serial killer, driven by his desire to extract the perfect scent from his victims.


The main character in the movie is Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, played by Ben Whishaw. He is a highly unusual protagonist, driven by an obsessive desire to create the perfect perfume. Other notable characters include Laura, played by Rachel Hurd-Wood, and Giuseppe Baldini, played by Dustin Hoffman.

Cinematography and Soundtrack

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer features stunning cinematography and a haunting soundtrack that perfectly captures the mood of the film. The movie is shot in a muted color palette, which helps to convey the dark and sinister nature of the story.

The soundtrack, composed by Tom Tykwer, Reinhold Heil, and Johnny Klimek, is equally impressive. It features a mix of classical music and eerie sound effects, which add to the overall atmosphere of the film.

Critical Reception

Upon its release, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer received mixed reviews from critics. However, over time, the movie has garnered a cult following and is now considered a modern classic. It has been praised for its unique storyline, cinematography, and performances.

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6. Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2

Are you a fan of murder mysteries? Do you enjoy movies that keep you guessing until the very end? If so, then you need to check out the latest film to hit theaters — Murder Mystery 2. This movie has it all — suspense, intrigue, and of course, a killer plot. In this article, we will provide you with an in-depth review of the film, complete with all the juicy details you need to know.


Murder Mystery 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the original Murder Mystery film. In this installment, we are reunited with the characters of Nick and Audrey Spitz, played by Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, respectively. The Spitz’s are a married couple who find themselves on a luxurious yacht, surrounded by wealthy individuals with questionable motives. When a murder occurs, Nick and Audrey become the prime suspects in the investigation. However, they quickly realize that they need to clear their names if they hope to solve the crime and catch the real killer.


The cast of Murder Mystery 2 is top-notch, featuring some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are back in their roles as Nick and Audrey Spitz, and their chemistry is undeniable. The supporting cast is just as impressive, with notable performances from Gemma Arterton, Luke Evans, and Terence Stamp. The actors all bring their A-game to the film, making for an entertaining and enjoyable experience.


The cinematography in Murder Mystery 2 is stunning, with breathtaking shots of the Mediterranean Sea and beautiful, sprawling mansions. The film’s setting is both glamorous and mysterious, providing the perfect backdrop for a murder mystery. The camera work is impeccable, with clever shots that add to the suspense and tension of the story.

Writing and Directing

The writing and directing in Murder Mystery 2 is top-notch, with a script that keeps the audience engaged and guessing until the very end. The film is directed by Kyle Newacheck, who also directed the first Murder Mystery film, and he does an excellent job of capturing the tone and atmosphere of the story. The witty dialogue and clever plot twists make for an enjoyable viewing experience.

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5. The Dark Side of Pornhub: Revealed by Netflix Documentary “Money Shot”

We have watched the new Netflix documentary “Money Shot” with shock and concern. This explosive documentary sheds light on the disturbing reality of the world’s largest porn site, Pornhub, and the harm it has caused to countless individuals and society at large.

Money Shot:

Les Dessous de Pornhub” is a documentary that explores the consequences of the growing demand for pornography on the internet. It raises some serious questions about the way in which the porn industry operates and the impact it has on society. The documentary also takes a closer look at Pornhub, the world’s largest porn website, and exposes some of its unethical practices.

The documentary is divided into different chapters, each of which covers a different aspect of the porn industry. Some of the topics covered in the documentary include the exploitation of performers, the proliferation of illegal content, and the negative impact of pornography on relationships and society.

Exploitation of performers:

One of the most concerning aspects of the porn industry that the documentary highlights is the exploitation of performers. The documentary claims that performers are often coerced into performing acts they are not comfortable with and are not given proper protection against sexually transmitted diseases. The documentary also raises concerns about the mental and physical well-being of performers.

Proliferation of illegal content:

Another issue raised in the documentary is the proliferation of illegal content on Pornhub. The documentary alleges that the website hosts a large amount of content that depicts sexual assault, child abuse, and revenge porn. The documentary suggests that Pornhub does not do enough to remove such content from its platform and that the company’s policies are inadequate.

Negative impact of pornography:

The documentary also explores the negative impact of pornography on relationships and society. It claims that the widespread availability of pornography is leading to a desensitization towards violence and sexual exploitation. The documentary suggests that pornography is contributing to the breakdown of traditional values and is having a detrimental impact on people’s mental health.


In conclusion, “Money Shot: Les Dessous de Pornhub” is a thought-provoking documentary that raises some serious concerns about the porn industry and its impact on society. The documentary highlights the exploitation of performers, the proliferation of illegal content, and the negative impact of pornography on relationships and mental health. We recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the porn industry and its consequences. It is essential viewing for anyone who cares about the welfare of performers and the impact of pornography on society.

![Pornhub’s Dark Side](mermaid graph LR A[130 million daily visitors] B[6 million videos uploaded per year] C[Non-consensual, exploitative, and illegal content] D[Monetization and promotion.

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4. I see you

I See You

At the heart of the mystery thriller “I See You” lies a haunting and suspenseful tale of a small American town and the inexplicable disappearances of its children. This is a film that has garnered a lot of attention since its release in 2019, and for good reason. It is a masterful work of storytelling that grips you from start to finish, leaving you with a sense of unease that lingers long after the credits have rolled.

The Plot:

“I See You” opens with the disappearance of a young boy named Justin Whitter, who vanishes while walking home from school. The investigation into his disappearance is headed by Detective Greg Harper, who is dealing with personal issues of his own. Meanwhile, strange things start happening in the Harper household, including unexplained noises, strange messages, and objects moving on their own. As the investigation progresses, more children go missing, and the mystery deepens.


At its core, “I See You” is a film about the fragility of trust and the dangers of keeping secrets. It explores the theme of domestic violence and its effects on families, as well as the impact of trauma on individuals and communities. The film also delves into the concept of perception and how it can be manipulated to create fear and confusion.


One of the strengths of “I See You” lies in its characters, who are complex, flawed, and deeply human. Detective Greg Harper is a sympathetic figure, struggling to balance his job with the needs of his family. His wife Jackie is a strong and independent woman, who is dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic event. Their son Connor is a typical teenager, who is trying to find his place in the world.

The other key character in the film is the mysterious figure known only as The Stranger, who seems to be behind the disappearances of the children. As the investigation unfolds, we learn more about his motivations and the reasons behind his actions.

The Twist:

One of the things that sets “I See You” apart from other mystery thrillers is its clever use of misdirection and its shocking twist ending. Without giving too much away, the film subverts expectations in a way that is both surprising and satisfying. It is a testament to the skill of the filmmakers that they are able to pull off such a twist without feeling contrived or forced.

In conclusion, “I See You” is a masterful work of suspenseful storytelling that deserves all the attention it has received. It is a film that will keep you on the edge of your seat, while also exploring important themes and delivering memorable characters. If you are a fan of mystery thrillers, this is a film that should be at the top of your list.

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3. The Magician’s Elephant

The Magician's Elephant

“The Magician’s Elephant” is a novel written by Kate DiCamillo that has captivated readers worldwide. It was published in 2009 and has since become a favorite among book lovers. The story is set in the fictional city of Baltese, where a young boy named Peter Augustus Duchene goes on a quest to find his long-lost sister. Along the way, he meets a magical elephant who can answer any question with its trunk. This encounter sets off a series of events that will change Peter’s life forever.


The plot of “The Magician’s Elephant” is both complex and captivating. DiCamillo weaves together various subplots that all tie into the main storyline seamlessly. The story revolves around Peter’s quest to find his sister, who he believes is still alive despite being told otherwise. He meets a fortune-teller who tells him to follow an elephant that will lead him to his sister. This elephant, however, is not just any ordinary elephant; it is a magical elephant that can answer any question with its trunk. Peter is skeptical at first but decides to follow the elephant’s lead. Along the way, he meets a cast of characters that all play a pivotal role in the story’s development.


The characters in “The Magician’s Elephant” are well-developed and relatable. Peter Augustus Duchene is a young boy who is determined to find his sister, even if it means going against what others believe. The elephant, on the other hand, is a mysterious and magical creature that captivates both Peter and the reader. Other characters such as the fortune-teller, the magician, and the orphan boy, Leo, all add depth to the story and help move the plot forward.


The themes in “The Magician’s Elephant” are numerous and thought-provoking. One of the main themes is the power of belief. Peter believes that his sister is still alive, even though he has been told otherwise. His unwavering belief leads him on a quest that ultimately changes his life. Another theme is the importance of family. Peter’s love for his sister is what drives him to go on this quest, and it is a reminder of how important family is in our lives. The theme of forgiveness is also prevalent in the story. Peter has to learn to forgive those who have wronged him in order to move on and find his sister.

In conclusion, “The Magician’s Elephant” is a beautifully written book that has captivated readers worldwide. Its intricate plot, well-developed characters, and thought-provoking themes make it a must-read for anyone who loves literature. If you haven’t read it yet, we highly recommend that you do. Its magical elements and inspiring message will leave a lasting impression on you.

2. Dragged Across Concrete (2018)

Dragged Across Concrete is a crime drama that tells the story of two police officers who get suspended from the force after a video of them using excessive force during an arrest goes viral. The movie features an all-star cast, including Mel Gibson, Vince Vaughn, and Tory Kittles. It was released in 2018 and directed by S. Craig Zahler. In this article, we take a closer look at the movie, including its plot, characters, and themes, and provide a detailed analysis of its critical reception.


The movie opens with two police officers, Brett Ridgeman (Mel Gibson) and Anthony Lurasetti (Vince Vaughn), conducting a drug bust. During the bust, they use excessive force, which is captured on video and posted online. As a result, they are suspended from the force. In order to make ends meet, Ridgeman and Lurasetti decide to rob a group of criminals who are planning a heist. Things quickly spiral out of control, leading to a violent confrontation that leaves several people dead.


The movie’s two main characters, Ridgeman and Lurasetti, are complex and well-developed. Ridgeman is a grizzled veteran who is struggling to provide for his family. He is frustrated with the system and the way he and his partner are treated after the video of their excessive force goes viral. Lurasetti, on the other hand, is more optimistic and willing to take risks. He is loyal to Ridgeman and willing to go along with his plan to rob the criminals. The movie also features a number of supporting characters, including Henry Johns (Tory Kittles), a criminal with a troubled past, and Kelly Summer (Jennifer Carpenter), a young mother who gets caught up in the violence.


One of the key themes of the movie is the idea of justice. The movie explores the question of whether the ends justify the means. Ridgeman and Lurasetti are willing to break the law in order to provide for their families, but their actions have serious consequences. Another theme of the movie is the idea of loyalty. Ridgeman and Lurasetti are loyal to each other, even when their actions put them in danger. The movie also explores the theme of redemption, as several characters have the opportunity to make amends for their past mistakes.

Critical Reception:

Dragged Across Concrete received mixed reviews from critics. Some praised the movie for its strong performances and tense atmosphere, while others criticized it for its slow pace and excessive violence. The movie currently has a 75% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, indicating generally positive reviews. Despite the mixed reception, the movie has developed a cult following and is widely regarded as one of the best crime dramas of recent years.

In conclusion, Dragged Across Concrete is a compelling and thought-provoking crime drama that is well worth watching. The movie features strong performances from its all-star cast and explores a number of complex themes, including justice, loyalty, and redemption. While the movie received mixed reviews from critics, it has developed a devoted following and is widely regarded as a modern classic of the genre.

1. Luther the Fallen Sun

Luther the Fallen Sun

“Luther the Fallen Sun” is a must-watch movie that offers an engaging and thought-provoking storyline, memorable characters, stunning cinematography, and a beautiful soundtrack. The movie has something to offer to everyone, regardless of their taste in movies. We highly recommend giving this movie a watch and discovering the story of Luther for yourself.

The Plot:

The movie “Luther the Fallen Sun” is a gripping drama that follows the story of a former priest named Luther, who has lost his faith in God. The movie takes place in a small town where Luther is struggling to find his place in the world. One day, he meets a young boy who is in trouble and decides to help him. This sets off a chain of events that leads Luther on a journey of self-discovery and redemption.

The Characters:

The movie features a talented cast of actors who bring the characters to life in a realistic and engaging way. Joseph Fiennes delivers a powerful performance as Luther, conveying the character’s inner turmoil and struggle with authenticity. His portrayal of a man searching for meaning in a world that seems to have lost its way is both compelling and relatable.

Other standout performances in the movie include Tom Felton as the villainous Roland, who provides a convincing and intimidating presence throughout the film. Meanwhile, Peter Ustinov plays the role of Luther’s mentor, giving a touching and emotional performance.


The cinematography in “Luther the Fallen Sun” is top-notch, with beautiful shots that capture the essence of the story. The film’s director, Eric Till, has a great eye for detail and uses a variety of camera angles and techniques to create a visually stunning movie. The use of light and shadow is particularly noteworthy, as it adds depth and texture to the scenes.

The Soundtrack:

The movie’s soundtrack is a masterpiece, featuring a haunting and beautiful score by Mychael Danna. The music perfectly complements the story and adds an emotional depth that enhances the viewing experience. The sound design is also noteworthy, with well-crafted sound effects that create a sense of realism and immersion.

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