Top 10 Attractive Christmas Crafts for Your Kid

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Christmas festive season has always been the best time for parents to bond with their children. Coming up with various Christmas crafts for kids can help make the festive season memorable. You don’t have to acquire any essential skills for this.

Top 10 Attractive Christmas Crafts for Your Kid

Christmas holiday can never be considered a holiday for most kids if they don’t do something memorable. Christmas crafts for kids can help you make this festive season one of a kind to your kids. You can redo previous works you had done before and added to it some new ones which you may have learned. From baby memory book for boys to Christmas paper chains, there’s a lot you can do. Here are some Christmas gift crafts you may want to try with your kids this festive season:

Paper Straw Christmas Tree

Kids love beautiful things and more so if they can easily make them on their own. Paper straw Christmas tree is one of the most natural Christmas crafts to make. You only need bright and multi-colored paper straws, then you can arrange them in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Dough Snowman

You don’t have to wait for winter to arrive to make a snowman anymore. Mold some dough for the kids and let them shape it themselves into a snowman. They can then have some buttons to use as eyes and nose. This Christmas craft for kids will be a more fanfare activity for them than you can imagine.

Santa and Reindeer Puppets

You let the kids create their version of Santa and reindeer puppets with some assistance from you. Once they’re done, they can wear them as masks and try imitating the actual Santa and reindeer as they play with other kids.

Christmas Paper Chains

You can let the kids decorate these paper chains using paints and paint rollers. It can be a little messy, but for once in a while occasion, the mess can be worth it. Make this Christmas paper crafts as attractive as you can. Once they are done, let them use it to decorate the Christmas tree or even the whole house.

Christmas Paddle Pop Stick Characters

The Christmas paddle is something that the kids must have watched on TV on several occasions. Give them some pop sticks and guide them on how to create characters on their own. You will be surprised by how creative they can be. They will create some characters with googly eyes, popping nostrils, and full mouth, which will be so exciting to watch.

Decorating Paper Mache Christmas Tree

If you want to know how creative your kids can be, give them something to paint – you’ll be surprised! They can have several Paper Mache tree decorated, then give one to friends as a Christmas gift craft.

Owl Baubles

Creating fun out of simple stuff like balloons is one of the best things you can do during Christmas time. You can have plain colored balloons of different colors, then decorate them into owl-like shapes. It is one of the simplest Christmas crafts for toddlers you can try anytime.

Cellophane Snowflakes Christmas Sun Catcher

It must be the most straightforward Christmas craft for kids you can ever think of doing. Cellophane snowflakes are very easy to make, and they look so attractive and beautiful when hit directly by the sun. You can hang them on the windows where the sun hits the director somewhere in the house you are sure the sun rays will reach.

Cardboard Wreath

Instead of using flowers, leaves, and twigs to make a wreath, get some toilet rolls and a paper plate, let the kids decorate it with your assistance. They can then fix it on the door to welcome visitors. Cardboard wreaths can be cute Christmas crafts!

Hand Print Christmas Tree - The Best Christmas Craft for Kids

Kids love messing around with paints, and there is nothing that will be more pleasing to them during the Christmas season than this handprint Christmas tree. It is so simple to design just let them dip their hands in paint and then tap it on a white sheet of paper. The colors to be used should be green and a little yellow at the top of the tree.


Christmas crafts for kids are fun if you make it a family activity. You can as well let them invite some friends over so that they can be able to get different ideas from them and come up with more crafts to make. Let them do it their way, it can make the house messy, but it’s a once a year occasion, so there is no harm at all in creating a little mess. Have you tried some of these Christmas crafts with your kids? Any Christmas arts and crafts ideas you can share with us? Leave us a comment!

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