Tips to Troubleshoot Yahoo Mail Login Issue

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Fix your all Yahoo mail login problems, read the below-given steps.

Tips to Troubleshoot Yahoo Mail Login Issue

If anyone talks about web-based services then definitely Yahoo Mail Service provider is considered as an effective email service that comes in the range of most popular web email services like Google Mail and Microsoft’s Outlook Mail.

Similar to Gmail which uses its login credentials to sign in to its other Google services and products like Google Plus, Google AdSense and YouTube; Yahoo web-based mail service also uses Yahoo mail login credentials to log in to other Yahoo’s other services as well as properties like Yahoo Messenger and Flickr.

But due to the fact that Yahoo accounts are usually hit by phishing attacks, yahoo web-based mail service recommends few tips to avoid and to troubleshoot Yahoo mail login issues:

1. Yahoo suggests sign-in into Yahoo mail accounts from Yahoo’s official website or from the sites that are also owned by yahoo and not from any other website. It is because such websites might fake, and log in from such websites can make you a victim of phishing attacks. And in order to make sure that you’re using the correct Yahoo website and not a fake one, you have to look for two important things, and they are:

Connect via https://, as this is the verified identity of the certificate that has been issued to Yahoo.

Make sure that Yahoo root domain name is ‘’

2. Secondly, to open the Yahoo Mail website, you can visit Yahoo’s main website and from there click on the ‘Mail link’ icon (that is on the top-left corner). However, it might be possible that Yahoo has a different login box now or maybe in the future but that hardly matters until and unless you’re on the official Yahoo website and not on the fake one.

3. Other than that, in order to avoid any hacking of your Yahoo mail account, Yahoo also provides the feature called “Last Pass Password Manager Add-on” that automatically fills the login data and this way eliminates the requirement of entering data in the sign- in page of Yahoo Mail website. This way, it provides excellent protection against phishing attempts.

4. Not only these, but Yahoo has also created a “Password Helper Application” that can help Yahoo users in the time when they tend to forget their Yahoo mail password and username due to hectic and busy schedule.

Above-mentioned tips are given to avoid any trouble related to your Yahoo mail website in advance and below we mentioned the troubleshooting tips to fix issues on the Yahoo Mail website if you’re already facing some:

1. When you’re not able to sign-in to your Yahoo mail account and again and again receiving the message “Invalid ID or Password. Please try again using your full Yahoo ID!” then, in this case, check the following things before any further attempt to log in from Yahoo login page:

Whether the ‘Caps lock key’ on the keyboard is on or not. Make sure that you turned it on and off according to your Yahoo password.

Whether you’re locked out or not of your Yahoo mail account.

Whether you’ve changed your Yahoo password in the previous 24-hour period.

2. In case, you are almost confirmed that you’re using your correct Yahoo login credentials, then what you can try to troubleshoot the login error is try clearing your browser history, cache, and cookies.

3. You can use a different secure web browser to make sure that the problem is related to a browser or not.

4. In the situation, when you get to know that your account is temporarily locked after many failed login attempts, then to fix it, you have to wait 12 hours till the time you’re again able to try signing in.

Then, at last, follow some effective methods about how you can unlock the Yahoo mail account by taking help from a technical website such as “”

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