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Tips for Quick Recovery after Wisdom Tooth Extraction

by John Keys about a month ago in health

After you get done with the wisdom tooth extraction surgery, there is a recovery period that lasts for a few days.

During this recovery period, some discomfort, swelling, and pain are normal. To ensure that you have a good recovery, here we have listed some tips to follow after the extraction procedure:

Listen to Your Oral Surgeon or Dentist

Your oral surgeon or dentist is your best guide when it comes to having an easy and quick recovery. Because every case is different from others, your dentist would give you instructions that suit your case. Ensure that you follow her or his post-surgery instructions as efficiently as possible.

Keep Your Bleeding in Check

Normally, some blood oozes out on the first day after you had extraction surgery. You might also observe redness in your saliva when you rinse. It is advised to first rinse and then uses a gauze pad to cover the area for controlling the bleeding. For minimising the bleeding, try to sit straight. Also, you should not perform any vigorous exercise for some days.

You need to avoid spitting excessively to prevent the blood clot from being dislocated out of its socket. Such a condition is called a dry socket. There are high chances it would hamper the process of your recovery. According to popular studies, chlorhexidine is helpful in preventing dry socket. Therefore, you can ask your dental surgeon to apply a chlorhexidine gel for preventing this condition.

Take Your Medication for Pain Management

Wisdom tooth extraction is unlikely to not cause some pain. To lessen it, your oral surgeon would prescribe you painkillers for the management of the pain. Ensure to have the prescribed medication to ease the pain and work your daily tasks.

Make Use of Ice Packs

To get your molars removed might cause bruising and swelling of the cheeks. For curing the swelling, place an ice pack on them for around 20 minutes. Usually, the swelling gets reduced in 2 to 3 days. However, bruising would most probably take longer to heal.

Get as Much Rest as You Can

Considering long-term recovery, it is better to days off and not go back to your normal routine immediately. Therefore, ensure to get a lot of rest for at least some days after you have extraction surgery. It is advised to keep your head quite raised by using pillows.

Do Not Consume Tobacco

Tobacco products such as cigarettes and chewing tobacco are known to detriment the post-recovery. Besides, if you smoke, there are high chances it would become the source of a dry socket. This will prevent your recovery after the operation. Therefore, avoid the use of all tobacco products for some days at least to heal quickly after the surgery.

If you are planning to have a dental implant afterwards in Singapore, avoid tobacco at all costs.

Take Proper Care of Your Oral Hygiene

Your dentist would recommend you do not rinse, brush, use mouthwash or spit for 24 hours after the extraction procedure. When you brush your teeth after this period, ensure to do it gently around the wound. Also, it is better to be gentle while rinsing your mouth with a sterile mouthwash.

You can use lukewarm salt water to rinse after having a meal. To avoid any setback in recovery, it is recommended to wash your mouth about every 2 hours.

Dental procedures like wisdom tooth extraction and dental implant in Singapore can be painful and stressful. However, if you follow the above-given tips, your recovery after these dental surgeries will be easier and faster.

John Keys
John Keys
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