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Tips for a DIY Wedding

From one DIYer to another, here's a few points to help you plan your big day.

By Savana VerretPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

Planning a wedding is one of the most enthralling but stressful thing someone can go through. Most people hire a wedding planner to help them, while others DIY the whole thing. For those who do it themselves, a lot of things—big and small—can easily get lost in the mix of everything. Here are a few tips for the bride or groom to be from someone who planned their own wedding.


It's important to write down your ideas from the moment you plan your wedding. I highly advise using a word document or something of the sort to jot down on. There's always a chance you'll lose that very important piece of paper that had info you couldn't remember.

List out things you need for your big day; your honeymoon; a timeline for the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception; a detailed list of do's and don'ts and what your expectations are; what decorations you want and how you want it; what flowers go to who; and, of course, a shopping list. These were some of the biggest lists I had for my wedding. You can always come up with your own lists, depending on your special day.

2.) Use wedding planning apps.

Yes, there is an app for this! Usually, it gives you a customizable checklist of things you need to do. You can also manage your guestbook from there, as well as search reviews for venues, caterers, and so on. I personally used The Knot Wedding Planner app (10/10, highly recommend), but there are plenty others like Wedding Planner by WeddingWire or WedAbout Wedding Planning app. There's plenty more, so head to your AppStore or Play Store and get to downloading!

3.) Seek help.

Use your friends in the best way possible. It's always good to have an extra set of hands to help set up everything. Your bridal party is already made up of your best friends, so why not get them to help? If they're in that close circle of friends, they're more than likely willing to help.

4.) Don't let others change your mind.

In my experience, the lady for my ceremony venue was constantly trying to change what I wanted. At some point, I put my foot down and said that the way I wanted it was how it was going to go. Sometimes, you have to do that. Whether it's your parent, future in-law, or a venue coordinator, it's YOUR day; you (and your partner if they want a say) decide what goes.

5.) Stay vigilant.

Usually, you'd have a wedding planner be the one to contact venues and caterers and what not, and to pester them for a reply. However, in your case, that's your role. Sometimes, you HAVE to be an annoyance to get things done. You have a deadline to meet, and you're paying them for their services. They'll get over it; trust me.

6.) Be careful who you choose.

If you're DIYing your wedding, it's likely you'll choose someone close to you to officiate your wedding, since they won't expect you to pay them. But listen to your gut. If someone offers to do it, and you don't have a good feeling about it, politely decline. My father's friend offered to officiate my wedding, and just before my wedding my family had a falling out with his, leaving me a month before my day with no one to marry us. Initially, I wasn't open to the idea and neither was my now husband. But, my family convinced us to allow it. So, it's okay to be picky.

7.) Don’t over stress yourself.

Okay, I know this seems basically impossible, but hear me out. The more stressed you get the more things will slowly start to fall apart. Have fun with the planning and preparation. The day before my wedding, I argued with my mom over something that could've been resolved without fighting. It's okay to be a little stressed, but keep it in check. Even if something goes wrong, in the end, you'll be surrounded by people who love you and want to help, and you'll have married the love of your life. What more could you ask for?

I hope this little guide helps some of you that are soon-to-be married. And from the wholeness of my heart, congratulations.

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