Three Amazing Features Of Smart Thermostats

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Three Amazing Features Of Smart Thermostats

The thermostat at your house is the main component that decides how much your HVAC unit has to work to regulate the temperature in your house to the desired level. It is the typical dial you see with a small screen or at times a rotating knob that you can set to a temperature level that you want, but the new smart thermostats on the market today are nothing like the knobs and dials. You get a touch screen tablet-like device that fixes on the wall and provides you with a number of additional features to make your day-to-day life even easier.

A general rule of thumb is to have a Thermostat Repair Centreville or complete replacement if your existing thermostat is more than 10 years old. A worn-out or out-dated thermostat will have difficulties in regulating the temperature of your house and will put more stress on your HVAC unit to do so, which will in turn give you inefficient cooling around the house and sky-high power bills. To avoid the dreads of a faulty thermostat, here are some of the most amazing features of installing a brand new smart thermostat at your home.


The latest models of smart thermostats that you will find on the market today offer much more than a traditional knob or dial. Smart thermostats utilize the air circulating already in the house as they have many sensors throughout your ducts and vents, the make the cooling of your house much more efficient while putting a lesser strain on your HVAC unit.

A smart thermostat will also keep a track of the condition of your filters, vents, and ducts, and will remind you in time with alerts to have them cleaned out. These advanced features allow you to keep the circulation of air in your house maximum at all times, better air quality, and improved cooling/heating.

Cost Saver

Contrary to the common belief flying around, a smart thermostat doesn’t cost much and you can get a model for quite a cheap price. Because of the advanced programming and integration of many sensors, a smart thermostat is able to direct the flow of cooling to the parts of your house where it is required the most of the ones that you want to be cooled/heated.

You no longer have to worry about vacant rooms in your house taking up most of the heating/cooling, you can use the zoning system to select the parts of the house that you use regularly and have their temperatures regulated to save power. You also don’t have to leave your HVAC on while you leave for work to come back to a desirable temperature of the house, you can set the timer to start cooling/heating a while before you get back home and make substantial savings.


Another great benefit of having a Thermostat Replacement Centreville and installing a smart one is the user-friendliness it has to offer. The latest models can be integrated into your smartphone and can be accessed over the internet, wifi, or Alexa from anywhere.

You can keep track of the temperatures in your house while you are away. They also offer you the feature of selecting a desired temperature for the week up ahead based on the weather forecast to avoid the hassle of changing it again and again.

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