Things Every Marketer Needs on Their Desk

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Make your work space your own.

Things Every Marketer Needs on Their Desk

Hang Prints

Wall art, posters, and memorable pictures can offer a sense of comfort in the workspace. It adds personality to the work environment and can make work more fun. A wall of motivating text can boost morale whenever work begins to feel tedious.

There are limitless ideas when it comes to hang prints. They can be framed and designed in many ways. Hang prints are a simple and inexpensive addition to the workspace. In a public setting, frame prints can help other co-workers get to know you better.

Simplified Printer

Every marketer will heavily use a printer on a daily basis. From printing reports to analytics, marketers do it all. A minimalistic approach will suit well for these business professionals. A more simplified print environment allows the mind to focus on the work that needs to be done. Even by having an updated and easy-to-use and handy printer in the office is a helpful tool to help marketers be more productive in their everyday tasks.

Energy-Efficient Lamp

Many marketers and entrepreneurs do their best work at night. For some, the late hours of the day are the only time to work on their projects. A half-chrome light bulb is a good choice for a lamp because the intensity of the light emitted is less than a standard light bulb. This reduces long term eye strain from excessively bright lights.

Blue Light Filtering Application for Electronics

Many desktop and mobile devices emit a characteristic blue light. This blue light can disrupt our sleeping patterns and lower the quality of sleep. This is because exposure to blue light inhibits the amount of melatonin produced by the brain. Melatonin is what signals the brain that we are tired.

A blue light filter turns the screen orange. This orange screen puts less strain on the eyes and makes it easier to work in a dim setting. This is a useful tool for people who spend a lot of time behind the computer such as programmers or software engineers.

Charging Station for Devices

The IoT technology makes it easier for devices to connect with each other and this includes charging stations. There are many charging stations which are compatible with multiple devices. This can save time and resources on additional chargers and clear up space. There are also devices which share the same charging ports and this makes it easier to find a charger for each device.

Charging stations are optimized for organization. Their simple designs allows you to allocate all devices in one common area. Charging stations usually feature several USB ports to plug in devices. Some stations charge devices via electromagnetic fields. This is good for reducing the number of wires needed to charge devices.

Climate Control Devices

The optimum working temperature is around 69 degrees Fahrenheit. This varies from person to person, but everyone works their best at a certain temperature. When it is too hot or too cold, it can be difficult to concentrate because our brain is more concerned about keeping cool or warm. A climate control device such as a portable heater makes the work environment feel more comfortable.

Most climate control devices are lightweight and require little space. Portable devices produce the same level of noise as a small fan. Some portable devices use infrared sensors to detect changes in body temperature and adjust their settings accordingly.

Air Purifier

Most of our time can be spent at work and research shows that air indoors can be five times more polluted. Therefore, an air purifier is an ideal appliance to keep at the work desk. Clean air is essential to cognitive efficiency. An air purifier can also reduce the number of headaches that we experience at work. Polluted air can contain harmful bacteria that may cause us to feel sick.

There are several types of air purifiers. Standard air or carbon filters absorb airborne chemicals before they settle in the air. Ionizer filters target harmful gases, viruses, and other bacteria by attracting negatively charged particles.

Water Bottle

It’s common knowledge that staying hydrated is necessary for staying healthy. This is especially true when engaging in strenuous mental activity. Studies show that long hours of mental work can be just as taxing on the body as physical work. An intense study session should be treated as a workout to the gym. The body needs a steady supply of water to stay focused.

Storage Containers

Variations of storage containers make it easy to archive all necessary files in an area that is easy to access. Some examples of storage containers include bins, portable shelves, and racks. A desk can be customized as well to increase storage capacity. Storage containers can be used with other appliances such as paper clips, staplers, and markers to create an office station. This helps to keep everything in place.

An addition to storage containers is sticky notes or reminder notes. Such notes are a good way to keep thoughts and ideas organized. They can be thrown anytime when they are no longer needed. A combination of different storage elements can greatly boost productivity.

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