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The Wild Moringa honey – Introduction and Benefits of Moringa honey


By wild honey huntersPublished 6 months ago 4 min read
Moringa Honey- Wild honey hunters

Moringa is a natural medicinal tree as a whole. Moringa honey, Moringa leaves, Moringa pods(Drumstick) and finally Moringa flowers are all edible and have a numerous nutrients with it. We shall have a look at them as follows.

Moringa tree-Murungai maram:

The word "Moringa" is derived from the tamil word “Murungai”. Which means “twisted pod”? It can be simply called as the “Powerhouse of Iron” which offers more health benefits to humans.

The other names of Moringa tree include Drumstick tree and horseradish tree. It is a drought resistant, having its origin at Indian subcontinent. consequently India is the largest grower of Moringa products. Almost all parts from leaves, fruits (Pods) to flowers are edible and taken with our usual food chart.

It offers more iron and calcium to us.

Let’s have a glance at them individually

Moringa leaves-Murungai keerai:

Murungai keerai or leaves are bi or tri pinnately arranged with oval shaped leaflets.

Leaves are cooked by stir-fry method and taken in a usual diet by most of us. Murungai leaves can be consumed in form of soup also.

Moringa Pods (Drumstick)-Murungai kaai:

The pods or Drumstick is long and slender belongs to vegetable category.

Drumstick is a common vegetable liked by most people for its pulpy content, which is more tasty also more healthy.

Moringa flower-Murungai poo:

The Murungai flowers are white or brownish colored depending upon its variety and have its annual flowering season during February to March, which depends on the region.

It is obviously an edible one. There are more recipes available with murungai flower but usually taken in a stir fry method.

Moringa seeds:

The Moringa seeds-A triangle shaped one, found inside matured drumsticks or pods.

Moringa honey

Moringa honey is sourced from Wild honey combs during its annual flowering season when the moringa nectar is abundantly available for the bees. The Moringa honey is having a number of nutrional content with it. It is transparent gold to opaque brown textured. The other name includes “drumstick honey”.

Let us look over the benefits of drumstick honey,

Medicinal properties of Moringa honey or drumstick honey:

Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal properties:

Murungai honey helps to reduce the allergy symptoms by clearing all kind of infection causing bacteria and microbes.

Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-oxidants properties:

It heals the inflammations well also helps the wounds to heal quickly.

Fights against the agents that causes cell damage.

Vitamin contents of Moringa honey:

Drumstick honey contains various Vitamins such as Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B-6, and C, which cures a numerous health disorders. With these Vitamins, It helps in the following,

Moringa Honey- Wild honey hunters

Reduces the growth of cancer cells and helps to prevent from cancer.

Helps to get rid of all types of ulcer

Plays a major role as a cough medicine

Makes the skin healthier and cures all kind of skin problems can be applied as a face pack for better results

Mineral contents of Moringa honey:

Murungai honey is having top minerals such as Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Zinc and Phosphorous which helps in the following,

Moringa Honey- Wild honey hunters

Increases the calcium in our body and takes care of bone strength which in turn helps in treatment of Arthritis and Rheumatism.

Since it is rich in iron, it helps to treat anemia by increasing the hemoglobin count and keeps us active.

Solves fertility issues in both genders

Regulates the liver functions.

Boosts the immunity production

Maintains the blood sugar level accordingly at normal values

let us discuss about common questions too….

1. Is Moringa honey good for you?

The answer is obviously yes, the wild natural and pure Moringa honey is a greatest medicinal gift to us from nature, as it has all the nutritional properties of Murungai and helps to cure more diseases and also prevents from diseases.

2. Can I mix Moringa with honey?

Yes you can mix murungai powder with honey and consume it, but Moringa honey is readily available for your consumption which is better as it contains the goodness of both murungai and honey additionally.

3. How is Moringa honey made?

The honey bees source the nectar of murungai flowers during its annual flowering season and convert them into honey and store in the honey combs. It’s also known as drumstick honey named after its pod.

Find more about Moringa honey

Have a nice day!!!


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