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The Prerequisites of P.O.W.E.R.

By K. Wisendanger Published 5 months ago Updated 6 days ago 8 min read
The Prerequisites of P.O.W.E.R.
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There are some things you must know before you embark on your journey to attain a position of power, be rich, and eventually wealthy. Many have failed due to their negligence of these prerequisites of power- which will strengthen your personality traits and qualities, and expand the horizons of your monetary boundaries.

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Monetary Object Negotiable to Everyone and Yourself.

Money is not limited to dollars, cents, and cash.

Money is anything of value that is vastly acceptable no matter your social class—a pecuniary tool that holds bargaining power for services, goods, and tasks.

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Consequences Results Effects of Debts Inquiries & Transactions.

Even the rich and wealthy use their credit cards for most purchases. But why? They are wealthy right…? Can’t they just use their own money?

Using the plastic allows them to take advantage of rewards like , cash back, and airline miles. Every time they use their card they know there will be perks, and benefits they can benefit from. They can also track their expenses with a microscope using their credit or credit cards. They can also allocate their pecuniary resources acquiring opportunities to build their wealth. They understand excessive use of credit can eliminate them from a low credit utilization ratio, which they potentially could be barred from borrowing —if they use too much of borrowed funds. Even the rich and wealthy have emergencies happen. In the case of unexpected expenses they need to have an eternal green light to access credit where applicable. Getting rich is always about accumulating wealth. Therefore, increased credit scores lead to increased lines of credit leading to improved conditions for asset acquisitions and joint ventures.

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Be Inexpensive Lower Living Standards.

When it comes to digits,

let your earnings be giants, and your expenses and liabilities stay midgets.

This is a simple concept but a complex discipline to employ in oneself. Money is power;when money is in your hands you are the commander. Therefore, one should be inexpensive and lower your living standards.

Live reasonable within a means that is attainable and realistic.

Do not leave what you deem is feasible, financially unobtainable, and idealistic.

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Delinquent Expenses Before Trouble

Money and irresponsibility does not mesh.

Debt is the consequence when you don’t calculate your expenses in-depth.

Debt is what happens when you do not financially prep for Murphy’s Law causing you to end up with less than what you expected.

Debt is what happens when you do not have any regard to cause of your costs and a prolonged neglect to the effects of your costs—

leading to minor or substantial loss.

No one wants to be in-debt. Paying bills is a part of life. Pay the bill, but don’t be the B.I.L.L.Being Indebted Limits Lifestyle. If you want wealth, being rich is the remedy. You have to waive expenses never— where taxable, always where applicable.

Beware of spending, spending is a wealthy persons’ enemy.

If you are in the strip club making it rain, do not think your liquid assets are weatherproof.

When showing wealth, some of us think flaunting is the proof.

If you want to blow money, make sure your roof and your overall financial integrity are windproof.

Every dollar is relevant.

Excessive desires for material things is a financial impediment.

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Tactful Emotional Management Promoting Emotional Resilience

What begins in anger will always end in shame.

Your emotions shall always be contained. Especially, if you want to get to the top and remain.

Never let someone’s actions determine your reactions.

Be tactful. Always have a willful plan of action.

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Tactically Investing My Energy

What you do today can make all your tomorrow’s better.

There is always that constant weighing of indulgence in business or bask in your pleasures.

There will always be 24 hours in a day, 60 seconds in a minutes, 60 minutes in a hour.

There will always be a period within a semester.

More-so, it’s about what you do within a time period, not about what the time measures.

Time is a numbered world of pressure and that places you under duress causing you to prioritize —deciphering which goals are greater versus the ones that are lesser.

Waste your time…? Never!

Invest your energy wisely throughout all your encounters and in all your endeavors.

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Tangible Assets Xtracted from Expenses and Salaries

Throughout the text and context of our history,

The wealthy remain wealthy because of legal manipulations of the tax code; in lower tax brackets you can also unlock this mystery.

Some may look at tax as a financial hindrance when in fact it is poverty’s solution.

You ever ask yourself why wealthy people and large companies make charitable contributions?

Don’t ever get giving confused with the reciprocity of generosity.

The intentions are good but the underlying reasons does involve exemptions less deductions from salaries as well as the benefits of commodity.

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Written Oral Resilience & Distinction

Men and women in positions of power know power of words and provoke manifestation of their desires through cleverly crafted sentences that spell actions and dispelling inaction.

They understand you can evoke what happens depending on the tone of speech whether it is spoken without confidence or with passion.

They understand a close mouth never gets fed, and is a matter of having or not having.

They also know when to speak up, be silent, and to be assertive with language and never shout.

They also know that sometimes it’s best to be silent and be thought of as a fool than to open their mouth and remove all doubt.

By Alex Shute on Unsplash

T.R.U.T.H. & L.I.A.R

They always say when money is involved honesty is the best policy.

Lack of money and the abundance of it do make egos have fragility.

If you want to live a certain lifestyle then strengthen your financial stability.

Be honest of what you can afford. Know your capabilities, but don’t live in means that exceeds your financial ability.

Don’t be a L.I.A.R.

Living In Alternate Realities.

Embrace your frugality.

“Have been poor is no shame , but being ashamed of it is” ~Benjamin Franklin

If you accept your reality for what it is

you will then begin to separate from what is the carbonation from the fizz.

When you begin to live a life that is consistent with your reality

You will then begin to find ways to improve your financial well-being in totality— empowering your morale, monetary priorities, and financial principalities.

T.R.U.T.H is:

Transparency, Righteousness, Unconditional Trust, and Honesty.

By Pedro Miranda on Unsplash


Basic Uncomplicated Document of Gross-Income Estimates & Transactions.

One difference between the wealthy and the poor is they document all of their financial transactions.

They compute their gross income, estimate costs of products and services —measuring the affordability, bidding to see if they can get service or good for a fraction, then they make purchasing actions. Many who do not have system or documentation process of their financial transactions are more than likely to constantly be left with rations due to frequent cash-outs from excessive spending passions, as they will rarely cash-in.

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Pecuniary Rewards Omitting Fees Interest Taxes

What’s the purpose of working when it does not yield any pecuniary rewards?

True profit is when you earn greater than 75 percent and repurchase goods at costs that is 10 to 20 percent less than the cost —that is when you can say you have scored.

In all financial transactions, no penny should be ignored.

P.R.O.F.I.T. is a vintage business practice that divides the rich from the poor.

Sellers only learn, retailers only earn, merchants make more.

Do business with those who not only sell you something because you are the user at the end, but also because that business can also sell you the idea of how both of you can win —as they retain you as a customer and the brand of their product at the end. The practices of banks, lawyers, and insurance companies follow this trend. While you spend they show you how you both can win.

So, it is only right to bid and make deals with someone who can sell you something, because in the end they win, and you get nothing.

By Angèle Kamp on Unsplash

C.O.S.T. & P.R.I.C.E.

Compensation Offered Services & Transactions

Potential Revenue If Currency Exchanges

Cost is any compensation offered for services or things. Items not about the price, but the worth the item brings. So P.R.I.C.E is the potential revenue if currency exchange.

There are other ways to purchase things —that is to say when you want to live a lavish harmonious lifestyle money doesn’t always have to sing.

“The way to make money is to buy when blood is running in the streets”, John D Rockefeller says.

Blood does not have anything to do with heredity. More-so this quote is attributed to when you buy, and what you buy respectively.

Beware of little expenses—A small leak can sink a great ship, Benjamin Franklin says. On the flip side, it is not what you pay a man it’s about how much he costs you. Every little bit counts. Have fun. But always look for one big way to save a ton. Save in small ways to set yourself up for success. Don’t buy things that will put you in financial duress. Don’t buy things to impress. Buy to invest. Buy things that will keep your expenses suppressed.

There are ways to live incredibly while spending money intelligibly—presuming your financial integrity.

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Herbal Essentials Affirmative Lifestyles To Heal Yourself

Which is more expensive, the cost of living healthy or the cost of cancer?

The overwhelming amount of people who are ill, versus the scarce amount of people who have an overall healthy wellbeing amongst our society shall supply you your answers.

Proper diet, exercise, herbal supplements, meditation, rest, and relaxation are natural health enhancers.

Some think holistic medicine and herbal remedies have no relevant health benefit, Until they experience the effects of sea moss, harataki, and shilajit.

By Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash


Regulations Under Limited Exemptions

People in positions of power understand the shades of the laws, and the grey areas in between them.

Many do not possess the visual acuity to view the skews of these hues—

only an elite few can see them.

They know how to manipulate them in their favor without jeopardizing their freedom.

R.U.L.E.S. are:

Regulations Under Limited Exemptions.

People in positions of power can see the hues of rules and the gradients of its other dimensions.

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Potency Of Words Experience Revenue

In the business world you are paid with two coins, experience and cash. Take the experience the cash will come later, says Harold Geneen.

Harold Geneen’s quote is duly noted;

when it comes to cash and experience—experience is far more potent.

The rich, wealthy, and people in positions of power understand finance can only take them so far and if they want to stay clever— knowledge and business savy is the only way to be a force to be reckoned with, leading to the defeat of your opponents.

They understand everyone in this world is nothing but a number. You must stand out —being that number on top like an exponent.

These prerequisites are the pillars that builds the towers

to the tiers and quotients of power.

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