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The medicinal properties in the banana leaf

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By RisanPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

This banana leaf is something we all know. Many of us do not know about the medicinal properties of this banana leaf that play a major role in our culture and food. But because our ancestors knew about the medicinal properties in it, they kept the banana tree in everyone's home. The medicinal properties in it greatly help our physical health. So we too should keep the banana tree in the house and get its medicinal properties.

All elements are useful:

All the organs in the banana tree benefit us in some way. Banana leaf, banana flower, and banana stem in the banana tree, all its organs give us a domestic qualities. Eating banana daily will help us get healthy and get rid of the problems.


When we serve the banana leaf we eat, we get plenty of nutrients. The reason for this is that when we serve hot foods, the food products absorb nutrients in the banana leaf. So we need to take the habit of eating foods in the banana leaf. Thus our health is healthy.

Good for the eye of the eye:

Since we eat a banana every day, we can take care of the eye problems. The nutrients in it give us the vitamins we need. So we have the risk of the evening eye.

Vitamin D:

It helps children get vitamin D nutrients. So regularly, this will eliminate the baby's skin problems.

Skin Problems:

This banana leaf is the best medicine for our skin problems. For this purpose, pour a little coconut oil on the web leaf and place it in our skin. Doing so will eliminate our skin problems. Continuing this prevents us from skin itching.


This is something that we all know. In the event of a burning, they will lie on the banana leaf. The reason for this is the cooling power in the banana leaf. Banana leaf will not be exposed to heat. So if we pour the engine oil into the banana leaf and put it in our burns, we will soon get hurt.

Hair problem will be eliminated:

We eat foods in banana leaf every day and we get the nutrients we need easily. Also, hair loss will be prevented. It is advisable to do this daily because the nutrients we need are available by eating banana leaf.

Chlorobil, a chemical in the banana leaf, has the most medicinal properties. It makes the food quickly digests and heals bowel ulcers.

Even the toxins in the diet are eliminated when eating banana leaf. Bathing the banana leaf on the body and getting nutrients.

The skin is shiny. Wrinkles in the body or face will make the skin irritate, skin irritation, get rid of acne and pimples and make the mani moist and soft.

People who eat banana leaf get antioxidants and get immunity. This can also be avoided from cancer caused by the impact of modern life.

People with cough, respiratory problems, constipation, diarrhea, bleeding, acne, high blood pressure and liver can get good relief if they drink banana leaf juice.

It is very popular that the banana leaf bath in Ayurveda is made as a treatment of toxic and fat.

Throat ulcer (tonsil) people who drink banana leaf juice can be cured quickly.

Banana leaf is used to tarnish the irritation of the wounds. Bounds and irritation can be healed if they are controlled by two or three leaves per day.

Some more advantages:

Banana leaf contains high amounts of antioxidants. So it is better to eat a wali leaf daily.

Banana leaf is tied up and our food will not spoil.

The high levels of antioxidants can also increase our body's immunity.


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