The Challenges of Weed Management

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There are certain weed management challenges, including poisoning, losing wildlife, and erosion that a weed management service needs to overcome. In the following, a weed removal pro outlines and explains more about these obstacles that are coming their way.

The Challenges of Weed Management


The use of herbicides has proven a success for many years because they can kill weeds effectively. However, herbicides can also damage insects, harm people’s health and kill native plants. In short, they can lead to poisoning.

It is one of the main challenges of weed management. For this reason, it is essential to consider the herbicide’s suitability for pre-sowing weed control, as an example, by assessing the environmental conditions.

Speaking of herbicide use, knockdown types might not be able to control stressed weeds. Excessive use of knockdown herbicides can also select for resistance.

Herbicides also pose environmental and health risks because of the chemicals on them. People, who get into contact with, inhale or swallow certain types, can suffer from an illness or die, depending on the chemical type, amount, and the person’s age.

The chemicals also have the tendency to drift out of the yard and travel to other areas, posing a threat to native plants and even wildlife. These can also travel down into, enter into the groundwater supply, and alter the human food chain.

Losing Wildlife

Despite weed’s negative impact on the environment and agriculture, some studies have pointed out that weeds can be beneficial for wildlife but under circumstances.

Weed can provide a food source and a habitat for perching, roosting and breeding. Certain types can also protect a prey from a predator by offering a refuge. It is also growingly important for wildlife when there is a limited natural habitat available in particular for threatened species.

So removing certain weeds could negatively affect them. For example, some butterflies rely on weeds for important resources. In this case, any weed management that isn’t carefully thought of could lead to the disappearance of these butterflies, one of the challenges faced by weed managers. But then, weed removal may be required by the law in certain territories.

A professional landscaper can certainly address this issue.


Lake Tahoe in California is a focus of many projects aiming at stopping its further degradation. Unfortunately, one of those that received less attention is the spread of perennial weeds that accelerate erosion rates as well as cause deleterious effects on habitat, aesthetics and recreation. This is just one example of how weeds can contribute to soil erosion without proper weed management.

It is why you need to get the services of a good weed control company that can help address any weed infestation issues in your garden. Some of them might also offer more options to prevent soil erosion.

They can also suggest erosion control plants, including cover crops like rye, vetch and clover that are great plants to have in your yard or garden. They are beneficial because they have a net-like root system that holds the soil in place and can reduce the volume of competitive weeds.

Other top ornamental choices include creeping juniper, periwinkle, weeping forsythia and ivy.

For grasses, native grass plants are also valuable to prevent weed growth and spread. These grasses do not require much maintenance because they’re adapted to where they grow and occur naturally. A few choices include smooth brome and foxtail.


Another challenge for weed managers is weeds that are becoming hiding places for pests.

Examples of these include tail weeds and long grass, which are ideal breeding grounds for pests, such as cockroaches, rodents and bugs. And with more of them in your garden, there will also more mouths to feed on your garden flowers and plants. So this can become a real pest control problem in the garden.

But with the right maintenance plan that includes weed removal, pests will find it hard to thrive, moving on swiftly as they become exposed to the elements.

Weed Management Importance

Above are only some of the challenges faced by weed managers. But definitely, having the lawn or garden maintained regularly can protect it from unsightly and recurring invasive grasses and weeds.

Gracie Evans
Gracie Evans
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