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The 10 Best Passive Income Ideas For Students

Need some ideas to lower your student debt?

By Jay KobayashiPublished 11 months ago 5 min read
The 10 Best Passive Income Ideas For Students
Photo by MD Duran on Unsplash

Being a student can be tough financially, but with the rise of the gig economy and some reliable salesmanship there are plenty of passive income ideas for students. From simple to the complex, the best passive income ideas for students are going to be the ones that rely on consistency and clever tricks. So in this article, we’ll explore some cool and easy ways for students to make money without breaking a sweat.

1. Sell Drinks At Tourist Hotspots

Tourist hotspots are always buzzing with people, and that means there’s money to be made. Why not set up a little stall or a cooler with a fun sign near popular tourist destinations and sell some refreshing drinks? Soda, lemonade, iced tea, or even just water can be a hit on hot summer days.

By Mahbod Akhzami on Unsplash

If you don’t have the time to manage it yourself, you can always team up with another student and split the profits while you focus on your studies. It’s a simple way to earn money and beat the heat at the same time!

2. Dividend Investing

Investing is something every single person should do if they want to be financially stable for the future. Best part is, investing doesn’t have to be complicated, especially for students. Consider putting your money into dividend-paying stocks, because when you own shares in a company, you become a partial owner and receive a share of their profits regularly.

By Ishant Mishra on Unsplash

It’s like getting paid to be an investor! Not only its a great passive income idea for students, its also a smart way to grow their money passively. As long as you do your research, talk to some experienced investors, or even make safe investments, students can make some money and be financially stable for the future!

3. Do Every Food Delivery App At Once

Food delivery services are booming, and you can be part of the action. Sign up for multiple food delivery apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, and Postmates, and start delivering food to hungry customers. There's no penalty for doing all of them, but you have to be prepared to handle all of the constant orders coming through your phone.

By Marques Thomas on Unsplash

Coordinate your schedules and plan your routes efficiently to maximize your earnings. Just remember to factor in delivery expenses and don’t overwhelm yourself with too many orders. Get ready to dedicate yourself to the potentially most profitable couple of hours you can handle.

4. Offer Resume Writing & Career Coaching Services

If you’ve got a way with words and know how to present yourself professionally, why not offer to write resumes and coach people for interviews? Help your fellow students or job seekers in your community create eye-catching resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles that catch employers’ attention.

By Super Snapper on Unsplash

This is especially useful in community colleges and universities, because everyone needs help with this. If you know more than the average student then you can help provide guidance on interviews, job search strategies, and personal development all at whatever price you think is fair. Spread the word online and watch your reputation as a career expert grow!

5. Buy A Vending Machine

Investing in a vending machine can be a sweet way to make passive income. Find a strategic location with lots of foot traffic, like a college campus, office building, or shopping center, and stock your machine with popular snacks and drinks.

By Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

Keep it well-stocked and maintained, and watch the money roll in without much effort. Sure, there might be some initial costs involved, but in the long run, it’s a hands-off business opportunity that can pay off nicely, making it one of the best passive income ideas for students.

6. Rent Out A Spare Room

Got an extra room in your place? Rent it out and turn it into a passive income generator! One of the simplest passive income ideas for students, it has become easier than ever to rent out rooms to whoever needs it. Platforms like Airbnb make it super easy to list your space and connect with potential guests.

By Christopher Jolly on Unsplash

Of course, you’ll need to follow local regulations and create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Set clear house rules and communicate expectations upfront to ensure a harmonious living arrangement. Get ready to be a host with the most!

7. Tutoring

If you excel in a particular subject or have specialized knowledge, tutoring can be a fun and rewarding way to earn passive income. Spread the word about your tutoring services online or through local bulletin boards. Help students who need assistance with their coursework or exam preparation.

By fran innocenti on Unsplash

You can offer in-person sessions or even tutor online through video conferencing platforms. Best thing about this passive income idea for students, is that tutors can set whatever rates they want, so the sky is the limit to how much they can earn. Tailor your teaching style to meet the individual needs of your students and watch their grades soar!

8. Buy A Photo Booth

Photo booths are all the rage at parties, events, and weddings these days. Why not invest in a portable photo booth and rent it out for special occasions? Spread the word on social media and collaborate with event planners, photographers, and wedding venues to attract clients.

By Hasan Tayyar Besik on Unsplash

Compared to a vending machine, a photo booth is easy to set up as it can come in all different shapes and sizes. This passive income idea for students can bring in a steady stream of money that is sure to help pay off any student debts or party supplies. Get ready to capture memories and make money at the same time!

9. Recycle

Help the planet and make some cash by recycling. Collect recyclable materials like aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and paper, and sell them to recycling centers or scrap yards. Encourage others in your community to contribute by setting up collection points at your university or in your neighborhood.

By Sigmund on Unsplash

While recycling might not make you rich overnight, it’s a simple and eco-friendly way to earn money on the side. However, if you hit up universities and colleges and offer a cleaning service for any wild parties, then you can not only have fun, but also rake in the benefits of cleaning.

10. Become A Content Creator

In the age of social media, anyone can become a content creator and make money doing what they love. Whether it’s creating YouTube videos, posting on TikTok, or sharing captivating photos on Instagram, building an online following can lead to passive income.

By Jenny Ueberberg on Unsplash

As your content gains traction and you attract a loyal audience, you can monetize your channels through ad revenue, brand partnerships, sponsored content, and even selling merchandise. So grab your camera or phone and start sharing your unique perspective with the world!

You Students Got Enough Ideas?

Being a student doesn’t mean you have to be broke. With these easy and casual passive income ideas, you can make money on the side while focusing on your studies. From selling drinks to becoming a content creator, there’s something for everyone.

By Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Remember to choose an idea that suits your skills, interests, and availability. With a little effort and creativity, you can enjoy the financial freedom that comes with earning passive income. So go out there and start making some extra cash!

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