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Super Surprising Life Hacks with WD-40 You Can Use

WD-40 is an amazing tool that can be used in many situations. Here are some awesome life hacks with WD-40 that you can use yourself.

By George NekilanPublished 5 years ago 7 min read

WD-40 is literally a miracle worker in a can. It can help you in many situations if you don't exactly know where to turn to. However, if you don't know what it is, WD-40 is the trademark name for a spray that penetrates oil and displaces water that gives surfaces lubrication and protection against moisture. Meaning it can remove stains, glue, marks, etc. off of surfaces. It's also a great lubrication when you're dealing with a sticky or jammed situation.

However, many people use WD-40 for situations that involve stains and glue. But it can do much more. You'd actually be shocked at what exactly this wonderful tool can do even for your daily struggles. And I highly suggest that everyone owns as least one can of WD-40 in the house. You'll never know what you'll end up in where WD-40 can help you out. To know more of what WD-40 can do for you, check out these life hacks with WD-40. It can be the solution to many, many of your problems.

It can remove chewing gum from hair.

This is easily one of the most annoying and tough situations to handle. When there's gum in someone's hair, everyone automatically jumps to the conclusion of cutting it out with scissors. Even if the wad of gum is lodged deep in the roots of the hair... snip it out, they say. But no, that's not the only solution you can turn to here.

In fact, WD-40 can help you remove the gum that's stuck in your hair. If your kid randomly ended up with gum stuck in his hair, don't cut it out. Use WD-40 to spray around the gum, and simply comb it out. Yes, there's a very easy solution to this problem and it's by using this wonderful water-deplacing can. Just make sure you avoid spraying on the child's eyes and face.

It can get rid of tough marks on the floor.

How many times have we come across tough, black marks on the kitchen floor, bathroom floor, or any other tile floor? Almost all the time, right? The cause can be from many reasons. Residue from beneath the shoes, accidental spillage, moving furniture, and any other reason. But, thankfully, many of those marks aren't permanent.

With the help of WD-40, all those really difficult stains and marks can be disappeared. Simply spray it directly on the mark or strain and scrub with a cleaning brush. And don't be alarmed, this method won't ruin your floor, because not only is the WD-40 great for hard floors, but you won't have to scrub as much. As for one of the best life hacks with WD-40, the majority of your tough stains can be removed in a breeze. This is one of the best ways to care for wood floors.

WD-40 can loosen zippers.

Among the greatest life hacks with WD-40 is loosening zippers. I come across this so many times and it's literally a nightmare. Your favorite pair of jeans' zipper... is stuck! This means you can't properly wear the jeans and the more you struggle zipping it up, the more you can damage the zipper as a whole. And the worst part? It can break from your vigorous attempts.

But don't panic just yet, because WD-40 can help out your favorite jeans. However, when using the can to spray the zipper on your pants, jacket, skirt, etc., be cautious of the amount you spray; you wouldn't want your piece of clothing to be drenched. Just spray carefully on the teeth of the zipper and start gently moving the zipper up and down. This should loosen it and lubricate it, as well, for a smoother zip.

It can clean carpet stains.

Carpet stains are definitely the worst, forget about hard floor stains. The stain is basically soaked in the carpet material, and this makes it so hard to remove the stain. From wet wipes to even using the vacuum, you're searching for a way to get that coffee stain out of your fine carpet.

While this is one of the most difficult situations to clear up, out of the best life hacks with WD-40, it can really remove carpet stains. Once spraying the solution onto the stain, wait a few minutes for the WD-40 to soak into the stain and carpet. Then use your carpet cleaner or a sponge soaked in warm, soapy water to get the stain and WD-40 out. But if the stain is mildly still there, try this method again until you’re satisfied with the results.

WD-40 is great for leather.

Leather is a tricky material to clean. From your best furniture to your leather shoes, there are only a few ways to clean up stains off of leather. And among the ways and great life hacks with WD-40, this is a great solution to turn to when your leather pieces are covered in marks, stains, or dirt.

When using WD-40, spray it on the leather and gently buff out the stain with a soft cloth. But don't be aggressive, you can ruin the material. The amazing ingredients that make up WD-40 can clean, lubricate, and protect the leather, as well.

It can clean your fridge.

The refrigerator: it's one of the most disgusting things in your kitchen. It's almost always a mess zone and can easily be stained with food and accidental spillage. Fridges are just bound to be dirty, but it doesn't have to be one of the more disgusting aspects of the kitchen. Every once in a while, we should clean around our fridge. Remove old food and beverages, scrub the stains from the sides and sections, organize everything, etc. A clean fridge is a happy fridge.

And the best way to keep your fridge looking clean and fresh is by using WD-40 to help you out with the stains. Sometimes soap and water doesn't get the job done, but WD-40 won't disappoint you. Once you've removed everything from the fridge, spray the solution around where there are stains. Then wipe them away with either a sponge or rag. But make sure you've removed all of the WD-40 from the fridge before restocking and organizing your space.

It removes any marker or crayon marks.

How many times have you come across your child drawing on the walls, floors, tables, chairs, cabinets... basically anywhere that's not the coloring book? If you've dealt with this many times and always find it difficult to remove the crayon or marker stains, then I'm about to tell you one of the best life hacks with WD-40.

Now, you notice a giant section on the wall that's completely coated in crayon marks—don't panic just yet. Grab your WD-40 and spray it all over the coloring stains. Then simply wipe them away with a rag, and your wall isn't a giant coloring book anymore! This technique is also ideal when removing marker or crayon marks off of furniture, as well.

WD-40 can help get a stuck ring off.

Stuck in a ring situaiton? Many people actually almost never know where to turn to when a ring is stuck on their finger. From running their finger under cold water to vigorously pulling it off, people turn to almost anything to get the ring off of their finger.

But did you know that using WD-40 is the best solution to getting a ring off? From the more useful life hacks with WD-40, you can spray it around the ring and finger and it will easily slide right off. Since the WD-40 is a form of lubrication, this will make the ring slip right off. And remember to wash your hands after using the WD-40.

It can clean up the barbecue grill.

Barbecue grills always end up covered in food residue after using it, and that's normal. But everyone should always wipe down their grills before using it again, because, obviously, no one wants food residue from the previous barbecue to be on the food.

A great way to scrub down your grill is spraying WD-40 over it. Among the best life hacks with WD-40, spray WD-40 on the grill and wait a few minutes before using your wire brush to scrub off all the residue. Also, do this when the grill isn't used and is cool. Your barbecue grill will be looking fresh and clean after using WD-40!

WD-40 can even prevent wasps from building nests.

Last on the list of the best life hacks with WD-40 is preventing wasp nests. Anyone who's come across a wasp nest knows the fear of being around one. They're like ticking time bombs and poking the nest with a stick will cause the entire wasp family to attack you. But you can prevent a wasp nest from forming with the help of WD-40.

When spring comes around, spray every corner of your house and backyard furniture with WD-40. This will block the wasps from building a nest and you won't have to worry about meeting face to face with a wasp nest anymore.


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