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Styles and Themes in home decor

Find out different possible themes in home decor

By Achirabh SaikiaPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Styles of furniture

After the wide overview related to the furnishing of the spaces and environments that make up the house, dedicated to the analysis and choice of furnishing styles that can meet your tastes, analysing them individually. We recommend the help of a professional interior designer or architect, who can direct in the choice of your ideal home decor idea

The guideline to follow, however, is your individuality, personality and also your instincts. Your home is your story, furnishing it the way you like it is important. The style to choose, whatever it is, is important that it says something about you and that it can withstand even your changes, so that you feel it yours even after a long time. Here are some of the trending décor styles.

Modern home decor

To sum up the style of modern home decor you can do in two words: sober and functional. A style attentive to the linearity of shapes and colors, with furnishings that have a utility. Pairing is always the key that guides and inspires it.

A style suitable for those who care about concrete and formal. The individual who lives there is pragmatic, reassuring, consolidated. It is very widespread for the furnishing of many living rooms or living rooms, usually monochrome, but easy to customize.

Minimalist décor

The minimalist décor is characterized by clean and essential lines created by your home decor items. By extremizing the principles of modern furniture, all the superfluous elements are eliminated, giving space to the filling or functional furnishings.

In addition, it prefers sharp colors: black or white, some Gray.

Always keeping faith with the premise that the style is customizable, the minimalist style of furniture is certainly suitable for city contexts, lofts or apartments, which do not have large spaces to cover. It is not suitable for hot or particularly romantic individuals, but for order lovers, well organized.

Bohemian décor

A décor opposite to those described above is bohemian decor. It is characterized by a freedom and a fantasy, over the top. An explosion of pastel colors, combined with a taste for varied objects and wood for furniture.

Colorful fabrics and indoor plants make bohemian décor, a colorful way to express one's personality. An unconventional elegance suitable for artists, hippies and those who want to give a touch of color and originality to the environments that live.

Shabby décor

Loosely related to bohemian style, we have the shabby décor style.

Very versatile style, defined by many as eclectic, is characterized by the lived-in appearance of the furnishings. Armchairs, coffee tables and fabrics are the result of a mix of pastel colors, antique furniture with a vintage air. Faded colors, ranging from white, beige and pastel, as well as floral accessories that enhance the creative and "scruffy elegant" look shabby décor.

Boho chic décor

Closely linked to the Hippy 60s movement, the boho chic décor style winks at vintage and fake scruffy, typical of shabby chic. It enhances the recovery of structural elements and, above all, of furniture and accessories giving it new life thanks to particular and imaginative combinations, putting simplicity and utility first.

The boho chic decor is suitable for those who are extremely creative, love decoupage and make vintage recovery a passion.

Contemporary décor

Subject to different modifications, the contemporary décor style is now preferred for multiple reasons. Comfort, functionality, and aesthetics are the three qualities that immediately come to the fore. It has its roots in the modern style, with essential and clean lines and lends itself to versatile furnishing solutions.

Particularly interesting is the turning point in a green perspective, where eco-sustainability, technology, and design meet, for a home and a living respecting the environment. A style in step with the times, suitable for modern families.


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