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Stop Obsessing About Success

It's all bullsh*t. And you know it.

By Liam M Published 2 years ago 3 min read

We have become engrossed with the word 'success.' We now live in a fake world full of self-help and toxic hustle culture. Everything has become so sensational and transient. Boredom no longer exists. There's no time for mediocracy, family or friends.

The hustle is life, and life is work.

We need to broadcast every single aspect of our lives on social media. It needs to be pornographic and dopamine inducing- Food porn, hustle porn, life porn, porn porn. Make everything spectacular so no one can ignore how fucking successful you've become.

Our dreams are trapped online

It's important to have dreams, I'm not denying that. We need people to be ambitious. It helps push society forward.

Yet our dreams need to have substance. What use is having the dream of becoming rich?

There's no goal post, no need to help or inspire. It's purely material. Money is infinite, you can never have enough.

We have become a race of zero real aspirations. Our dreams are trapped online, they no longer have substance. A world full of worthless likes. People no longer dream of making a difference. They just copy those who are already successful.

Dreams are now grey and boring.

We need to go back and redefine what it means to have a dream. We need to start pursuing something more than the validation we get from strangers. We need to grow and become better humans.

We need to remove ourselves from the internet


The internet has made us greedy and lazy. We want everything instantly. That includes our goals. We want to take shortcuts, buy courses, read books, and hire gurus. Anything but actually do the damn work.

We've lost sight of what it means to work. We hustle, yet we don't actually move forward.

Hustling is counterproductive.

Hustling doesn't work for most; it is a shortcut to feeling like there's progress being made. When in fact time is being wasted filling your brain with dopamine inducing material. Stuff that makes you feel like you're working towards your goal. We have forgotten what it means to fight for our goals.

Everyone is so enthralled with online life that they neglect to do actual activities. Fun things that develop their passions, learn and be curious. These things died in the 90s. There's no more exploration in this modern technological world. We are now missing the small, beautiful things in exchange for eye-damaging blue light.

We are only interested in short term joy. We no longer care about the process.

There's no more ambition, drive or grit, or perseverance. And definitely no mental toughness.

We want the shortcut to greatness.

We believe we are better

Most of us want to be millionaires who reap the benefits of being rich whilst sitting on the arse doing nothing. Modern culture has taught us to look down on people. Waiters, janitors, shop assistants, and hospital workers. Those people are beneath us, we are taught we are better. That we are entitled to more.

To be honest, it disgusts me. I hate seeing these videos of adults throwing hissy fits because they got low fat milk in their Starbucks.

The privileged among us seem to believe that service jobs are below them. They don't care about the safety of these workers they just want their cheap food at Olive Garden and will cry until they get it. These people are the result of a broken self-riotous society. One that teaches everyone to believe they are better than the rest. These are the people who complain when service is too slow. Neglecting to think that maybe the staff are sick with COVID, or dead.

These people chase titles such as CEO. They want to be rich and important; they want to treat others like slaves.

We never learn how empty life can become in the corporate world. We only get told how important money is, and how important it is to climb the career ladder.

We'll never admit the negatives. We never know when to stop and be happy.

This doesn't create happiness

Suicide, tiredness, burnout and stress are higher than ever. Most people force their way to the top, only to hate their life. Their partner leaves them, children hate them and they lose their friends and health. All for a pay packet, only to impress their peers.

Turns out they were missold the dream. Money isn't the path to happiness, it helps. But so do passion and joy. It may sound wanky- But it helps if you like what you do.

You enjoy it so much that you don't need to advertise how great you are. Or post constantly on social media about your riches and fame.

Instead you sit back, stop hustling. Drink a cup of tea and read a book on a sunny day.

When you stop obsessing over what everyone thinks success is. And find what success means to you. Then you can be truly happy

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Liam M

** I am trash **

Brit living in Germany, living the sober life. I grew up as a trash bag, but now I associate as a human.

Writing about life, sobriety, money and all things in between

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