Solar Screen Fabric

What is Solar Screen Fabric?

Solar Screen Fabric

Glaring sunlight is not only raising the world’s temperature but also causing a genetic disturbance in living organisms. As a result of which, the number of cancer patients is rapidly rising throughout the world. To prevent us from such issues, the solar screen is playing a magical role.

Solar Screen is a modern invention of scientists which is particularly designed for controlling the harmful radiations of the sun. It is the most effective approach to restrict non-eco-friendly light beams and rays of the sun.

What Are Solar Screens Made Of?

Solar screen fabric is made up of woven polyester fabric, which is one of the best fabrics for insulation and wrinkle resistance.

Moreover, PVC clothing or vinyl clothing is also utilized in the formation of Solar shades.

Are Solar Screens Beneficial?

Yes, indeed they are beneficial. Some of its advantages are:

Protects From Sun Rays

The primary purpose of designing solar screen fabric is to protect us from harmful sun rays. Also, it protects clothes and other fabrics from fading and bleaching away as sun rays can easily fade away the color of clothes.

An Inexpensive Solution

Solar screens are one of the most inexpensive solutions. The average cost of installing these window screens is about $110-$480 per window.

No Blockage To External View

Solar Screens block the UV rays but not the light entering the room. Hence, it allows you to enjoy the view out of the window.

Maintains A Cooler Environment

This is another benefit of using Solar Screens. According to the studies, it not only reduces the glare but cools your house by dropping the room temperature up to 15 degrees during the warm season.

Maintains Privacy

The installation of Solar screens provides day-time privacy. The spaces between the weaves of the fabric allow light and air to pass through the screens. Due to this phenomenon, people outside the house are unable to see inside the house. However, people inside the house can easily enjoy the outside views.

Longer Life Span

Solar screens are mostly famous due to their longer shelf life. With five years of warranty, they are capable of preventing themselves from extreme weather conditions and can endure any wear and tear.


You can use solar screen fabric either as a roller shade or to build a roof for preventing the plants and furniture present in the backyard. If you establish it in your garden, it will give fruitful results. It will safeguard your plants, flowers, trees, and all the furniture from fading away.

Besides, you install them as a window screen that will protect your room from sun rays.

Summing It Up

The only disadvantage of solar screens is their effect at night: at night when you turn on the lights of your house, the solar shades become transparent.

Due to this reason, people sometimes feel hesitant to install them. Therefore, you should use solar screens in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Other than this, it is an ideal choice to maintain the room temperature and to avoid harmful sun rays.

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