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How to Choose the Right Smart Speaker

By COMPUTER WEB CORNERPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

How to Choose the Right Smart Speaker

Only a few years ago, smart speakers appeared like quirky novelty items with a sci-fi twist. More than 40% of US homes already possess one, and millions of us frequently issue orders to (and address queries to) these voice-controlled, internet-connected gadgets known as Alexa, Siri, and Hey, Google.

It's no surprise: smart speakers are often easy to set up and operate. They can change your smart thermostat, shuffle your Ladies of the '80s playlist, or call your sister for a video conversation.

However, as smart speakers have gotten more popular, selecting the proper model has become more difficult. Since the Amazon Echo originally launched in 2014, looking a lot like a Pringles can, the variety of functions and capabilities has increased substantially. Some newer variants include built-in displays. Others have excellent audio quality. And the costs might reach $400. When weighing your alternatives, keep two simple things in mind.

First and foremost, your purchase selection should be heavily influenced by how you want to use your smart speaker. Will you primarily request that it play music? Should it include a screen to display recipes while you are cooking?

Or do you require a model that allows you to fully use things such as Apple CarPlay or your Amazon account? We're here to help you sort through these issues and find the models that are right for you.

Second, while paying more money on a smart speaker may get you a touch screen or greater sound, it will not make the gadget smarter. A $50 Amazon Echo Dot, for example, is every bit as sophisticated as a $350 Bose Home Speaker 500.

That's because the "brains" of a smart speaker reside in the cloud-based computers of Amazon, Apple, or Google, and the cheapest devices have the same access as the most costly ones. That is all the more reason to think about your demands before selecting a model for your house.

A Wise Choice

Despite all of the creative things smart speakers can accomplish, most consumers use them simply to play music. This was previously a concern because early versions didn't have the best sound quality, but that has improved. You may now select models with Very Good sound from our testers. These models are from audio industry heavyweights like Bose and Sonos, as well as Amazon.

They often cost $200 or more. However, even a $100 device, such as the latest-generation Amazon Echo, provides a significant audio leap over tinny-sounding inexpensive ones.

However, here's a pro tip: You can link an entry-level smart speaker, such as Amazon's Dot or Google's Nest Mini, with a stellar-sounding wireless model, such as our top-rated Edifier S1000MKII, $350, to create a system that is smart and sounds even better than our top-rated smart speaker.

Smart speakers may also be incorporated into a multiroom system, allowing children to listen to Olivia Rodrigo in the basement while adults listen to NPR's "Radiolab" podcast in the kitchen. In addition, an increasing number of portable devices include rechargeable batteries, allowing you to take your music outside, albeit you'll need a WiFi connection or mobile hot spot to fully use voice commands.

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