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Singer-songwriter Terry Kirkman, founding member of the Association, dies at 83

Remembering Terry Kirkman

By Hyper AngerPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Singer-songwriter Terry Kirkman, founding member of the Association, dies at 83
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The world of music has lost a true legend with the passing of Terry Kirkman, a singer, songwriter, and founding member of the iconic 1960s folk-rock band, The Association. Kirkman's contributions to the world of music were nothing short of extraordinary, leaving an indelible mark that will be cherished for generations to come. In this article, we pay tribute to the life and career of this remarkable artist.

A Musical Journey Begins

Terry Kirkman embarked on his musical journey as a founding member of The Association in 1965, alongside guitarist Jules Gary Alexander and other talented musicians in Los Angeles. Together, they formed a musical ensemble that would captivate the hearts of audiences with their harmonious blend of pop, rock, folk, and psychedelic sounds.

The Soundtrack of an Era

The Association's music was the soundtrack of an era, and Terry Kirkman played a pivotal role in shaping their distinctive sound. With his soulful vocals and songwriting prowess, he brought to life some of the band's most beloved tracks, including the timeless classics "Everything That Touches You" and "Cherish." These songs not only resonated with fans during their time but continue to inspire new generations of music lovers.

Grammy Recognition

Terry Kirkman's talent did not go unnoticed. During his tenure with The Association, the band received well-deserved recognition, earning nominations for six Grammy Awards. Among these nominations were nods in categories such as contemporary rock 'n' roll group performance, performance by a vocal group, and contemporary rock 'n' roll recording, all for their hit song "Cherish." The band's musical excellence was truly undeniable.

A Period of Transition

In 1972, Terry Kirkman chose to depart from The Association, marking a significant transition in his career. However, his departure did not signal the end of his musical journey. He continued to explore new avenues and artistic endeavors, leaving an indelible impact on the music scene.

Reunion and Resilience

Terry Kirkman's connection with The Association remained strong, and in 1979, he reunited with the band, reaffirming their enduring bond. Together, they continued to create music that resonated with their fans. This reunion was a testament to the band's resilience and their commitment to their art.

The Vocal Group Hall of Fame

In 2003, Terry Kirkman, along with other members of The Association, received a well-deserved honor when they were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame. This prestigious recognition underscored the band's enduring legacy and their significant contributions to the world of music.

A Beloved Member of the Recovery Community

Beyond his musical talents, Terry Kirkman was a beloved member of the Los Angeles recovery community for an astonishing 38 years. His commitment to recovery and his support for those on a similar journey were truly remarkable. He touched the lives of many with his kindness and compassion.

A Love Story for the Ages

Terry Kirkman's wife, Heidi Berenstein Kirkman, described their love as a beautiful and enduring one that spanned 35 years. Their love story was a testament to the depth of Kirkman's character and the impact he had on those fortunate enough to know him intimately.


Terry Kirkman's passing leaves a void in the world of music that can never be filled. His contributions to The Association and the music industry as a whole will forever be celebrated. As we remember him, we also celebrate the enduring legacy of The Association's music, which continues to bring joy and inspiration to countless people around the world. Terry Kirkman's life and career remind us of the power of music to touch our souls and leave an indelible mark on our hearts.

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