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Secret Reasons You Don't Know About Everyday Things

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By EDWARD LIKONDIPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
Secret Reasons You Don't Know About Everyday Things
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Throughout your daily routines, you likely interact with a diverse array of items without giving them much thought. However, many of these items conceal surprising uses and fascinating design secrets that may elude casual observation. From your smartphone to your bank card, prepare to uncover some of the most intriguing secrets hidden within everyday objects. (upbeat music)

Puzzling Percentage: Before venturing out, consulting the weather app on your phone for those familiar raincloud icons is a wise move. But have you ever wondered about the percentage displayed alongside those clouds? While most assume it indicates the likelihood of rain in the area at the given time, the truth is more nuanced, particularly in the US. Here, the percentage reflects a forecast equation combining the forecaster's confidence in rainfall occurrence with the predicted coverage area. So, if a forecaster is fully confident that rain will blanket 30% of Albuquerque, New Mexico, the percentage displayed for Albuquerque residents will be 30. Similarly, if the forecaster is 50% certain that rain will cover 80% of the area, the displayed percentage would be 40%, calculated as half of 80%. However, this percentage doesn't indicate the intensity of rainfall, so even a seemingly low 10% shouldn't discourage you from carrying an umbrella.

Fry Flaps: While indulging in McDonald's fries, take notice of the bendable flap near the box's top. Some may bend it toward the fries to retain warmth, but an alternative use exists. By flipping the flap backward, it can serve as a makeshift plate for dipping your fries in your favorite condiment. Just ensure it's firmly bent down to prevent sauce mishaps.

Silent Checkout: Self-service checkout is a convenient option for small purchases, yet the repetitive verbal prompts can be grating. Surprisingly, you can mute these announcements by locating the volume button on the checkout screen, providing a serene shopping experience.

Versatile Sanitizer: Hand sanitizer, ubiquitous in modern routines, offers more than just hand hygiene. It doubles as an effective screen cleaner for devices and a stain remover for clothes, thanks to its alcohol content. Additionally, it can serve as a makeshift deodorant and hair gel in a pinch, showcasing its diverse utility.

Microwave Mesh: Ever wondered about the black mesh on microwave doors? It serves a crucial role in blocking harmful microwave radiation while allowing you to monitor food. Additionally, it prevents electrical arcing, ensuring safety during operation.

Towel Technique: Prevent towel slippage with a simple folding technique after showering, providing a secure wrap around the waist.

Banana Preservation: Extend the freshness of bananas by wrapping their stems in cling film to impede ethylene gas release, slowing the ripening process.

Sweater Stitch: The V-shaped stitching below the neck of sweaters once held an elasticized cotton patch to reinforce the neckline and absorb sweat. Though largely obsolete, it persists as a vintage fashion detail.

Cooling Aid: Enhance rear-seat airflow in cars by attaching a hollow pool noodle to the vent, directing cool air as desired.

Smartphone Antennas: The small lines on non-plastic smartphones serve as antenna lines, allowing radio waves to transmit and receive through them. Blocking these lines with fingers can disrupt signal reception.

Rat Prevention: Discourage rats from boarding boats by installing rat guards on mooring lines, which prevent their passage and discourage clinging attempts.

Mustard Lid Feature: The French's mustard lid features a hidden knob on the hinge, allowing it to stay out of the way while dispensing mustard.

iPhone Secret Button: iPhone 8 and later models contain a secret touch button on the Apple logo's back, customizable for various functions like screenshot capture or app launching.

Erasers' Multiple Uses: Beyond pencil erasing, erasers can clean suede, remove adhesive residues, and serve as a makeshift cheese grater if needed.

Shopping Cart Key Trick: Some house keys can unlock shopping carts by fitting into the coin slot, sparing the need for physical currency.

Nonic Pint Glass Design: The bulge atop nonic pint glasses prevents slippage and reduces damage risk, benefiting both drinkers and bartenders.

Chapstick's Versatility: Lip balm can prevent shoe blisters, lubricate zippers, soothe bug bites, and even serve as a makeshift muscle relaxant.

Credit Card Cheese Grater: Embossed credit or debit cards can function as makeshift cheese graters in a pinch.

Water Bottle Deco Lug: Notches in plastic water bottles serve as decoration lugs, ensuring consistent artwork positioning during manufacturing.

Command Key Symbol Origin: The Command key's symbol originated from a symbol dictionary, chosen by Susan Kare to represent the abstract notion of command.

These hidden features and uses in everyday items offer intriguing insights into their design and functionality. Do you know any secrets about common items? Share them in the comments below,and thank you for reading!


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