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Radiate Self-Love.

Ignite Your Self-Worth with the Magic of Self-Love in Just 3 Steps.

By Jennathul NishaPublished 11 months ago 2 min read

Hey dude! Do you know you're very special? there is no one like you. You have your talent that's what makes you look unique. You deserve all the love and care not only by those people around you but by the most important person in your life-YOU and must be protected at all costs.

So do yourself a favor, take a deep breath and give yourself a little hug and start follow these steps;


-Stop comparing yourself with others!

“Personality begins where comparison leaves off. Be unique. Be memorable. Be confident. Be proud.”

In life, we are often guilty of comparing ourselves to others. The grass may seem greener when we’re looking with envious eyes at the things we think we’re lacking. But the truth is, you are unique and that is perfect! this can be even more stronger when you have strong self esteem.

-Don't care about others opinions!

"The less I care, the happier I am."

You can't make everyone happy and that is even waste of time and it slows down your future process. You will get dumped on your journey, you can't figure out what you are going to do because you always think that what other people think about when you made your own decision or some mistakes. Allow yourself to make mistake but don't repeat it because the lesson you'll gain is priceless. So forget that voice in your head always says that you need to perfect but there is a quote that everyone knows "nobody is perfect, everyone will make mistakes" and also we all make mistakes but only a few have the guts to accept the some. "Mistakes Make a Man Perfect" You may hear this sentence many times from your childhood till now but "Never Be Ashamed Of Taking The Responsibility Of Errors You Made"

- Set Boundaries

"Lack of boundaries invites lack of respect"

You can't always be nice. That's how people take advantage of you. Sometimes you have to set boundaries. Sometimes you need to have the courage to say NO to things that harm you physically and mentally. In this way, you'll love yourself more when you set limits.

2.Developing Self-Love Can Take Time... the main thing is you need Patients and Practice. Now let me tell you how to practice self-care.

*Taking 10-20 mins of meditation every morning

*Read your favorite books before you go to sleep

*Listen to music

*Learn new language

*List your hobbies


*Playing with your friends

*Watch a movie to relax from stress

3.Give Yourself Affirmation

*I can do well

*I love myself

*Am doing my best

If you choose one or two just of these self-love actions work on you, surely one day you will be able to accept and love yourself more!. The more self-love you have for yourself, the better you will be prepared for your future healthy lifestyle. Even more, you will attract people and have fun!

have a nice day!


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Jennathul Nisha

Welcome to the spot where "what if" becomes reality , Unleashing curiosity, one question at a time. Join me on a captivating journey of exploration and daydreams. See you in the magical realm of exploration! 😊✨

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