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Printer Jargon Buster - A to z

by Rohit Agarwal 2 years ago in tech
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Make the right choice of Printer

With such an immense choice of printers available, it very well may be extreme picking the correct one under the most favorable circumstances, however convoluted printer language can regularly make a troublesome activity practically inconceivable. Luckily, we know some things about printers, and we're here to share our insight and remove the disarray from finding the ideal one. This far reaching printer language buster will make them sort your laserjet from your inkjet in a matter of moments and with our wide scope of printers accessible, the correct printer for you is only a tick away.

Printer jargon clarified


Abbreviation, see Automatic Document Feeder.

AirPrint :

AirPrint empowers you to print remotely from any Apple cell phone. It is an Apple explicit innovation accessible for Macs, iPhones, and iPads, and permits you to send records to printers with the AirPrint innovation without the need to introduce extra programming.

Programmed Document Feeder (ADF) :

You'll frequently observe Automatic Document Feeder just recorded as ADF in printer subtleties. An ADF is accessible in multifunction and across the board printers (see Multifunction printer), fax machines, and scanners. This component handles numerous pages without a moment's delay and feeds them into the scanner or copier each in turn, so you don't have to take care of each page in physically when working with various pages.

Cloud Print :

See Google Cloud Print.


DPI is the estimation of goal, see Resolution.

Bead size :

Bead size is about quality (see Resolution). It is estimated in picolitres (pl), and a more modest number equivalents a littler bead size, and that implies a more honed picture.

Duplex printing:

Duplex printing is just another name for twofold sided printing and means a printer can naturally print the two sides of the page, no manual work required.

Ethernet port :

An ethernet port and link implies a printer can be associated with a physical system (see Network) and is the most customary type of interfacing your printer at home or in the workplace.

Google Cloud Print :

Regularly alluded to just as Cloud Print. Printers with inbuilt Google Cloud Print can be rapidly and handily associated with your Google account, empowering you to print through a web-associated gadget. You can likewise print any tabs legitimately from Chrome, just as from a scope of Cloud applications, for example, messages and Google Docs.

Pictures Per Minute (IPM) :

Like PPM (see Pages Per Minute), IPM gives a thought of how quick the printer is. IPM is viewed as a more exact portrayal of page speed as it gauges the pictures that can be printed every moment at a fixed goal. This empowers to you to all the more precisely contrast various printers with one another.

Ink :

This alludes to the conventional ink utilized in inkjet printers (see Inkjet printer) which comes as a fluid in cartridges.

Inkjet printer :

An inkjet printer works by splashing ink (see Ink) from a few minuscule spouts in the print head and is then assimilated onto the paper. The ink is showered in little specks that at that point make up the entire picture or text. This kind of printing framework is most appropriate to printing excellent pictures. Inkjet printers are the most widely recognized sort of printer and are commonly more moderate than laser (see Laser printers). You can discover more about inkjet and laser printers here.


Shortening, see Images Per Minute.

Laser printer :

Laser printers utilize a powdered type of ink known as the toner (see Toner). A laser is utilized to draw the proposed report onto an extraordinary electrically charged drum which is then folded into the toner. The toner is then moved to the paper and combined with warmth and weight. This printing technique is extraordinary for printing fine content and monochrome archives, and the speedier print measure makes them undeniably appropriate for office printing.

LCD Screen :

Numerous cutting edge printers come furnished with a LCD screen and frequently offers touchscreen usefulness to show printing choices, deal with your prints and even correct security settings.

Memory (RAM) :

The printer memory is utilized to store and cycle the print employments as they are sent from a PC. The print work is cleared from the memory each an ideal opportunity to account for additional. A bigger print memory implies printing bigger print occupations and impacts the speed and quality. A bigger memory implies printing greater illustrations quicker.


Shortened form, see Multifunction printer.

Mono :

Mono or monochrome printers are just printers that lone print clearly. These printers are generally utilized in office settings, where text archives are normal and print lines and speed might be a worry.


Contraction, see Multi-Purpose Tray.

Multifunction printer (MFP) :

A multifunction printer is basically another term for an across the board printer and is normally a printer with a blend of output, duplicate or potentially fax highlights.

Multi-Purpose Tray (MPT) :

A Multi-Purpose Tray can deal with a scope of mediums and paper types. You would then be able to pick which paper to print on and the right kind can be consequently taken care of into the printer.

Close to Field Communications (NFC) :

This is a generally late innovation that permits you to print from mobiles and other shrewd gadgets by means of vicinity to the printer. Your printer and cell phone should be WiFi associated, and your gadget will require the pertinent printer application and to be held close to the NFC tag on your printer.

System :

A printer that has organize availability can be truly associated with your PC arrange through an ethernet port (see Ethernet port).


Contraction, see Near Field Communications.

Pages Per Minute (PPM) :

Pages Per Minute is the most well-known estimation of printer speed. It essentially states what number of pages the printer is fit for printing every moment. PPM can be viewed as a conflicting estimation, as various brands may print an alternate measure of text or picture per page. Pictures Per Page (see Images Per Page (IPM)) utilizes a set goal and is viewed as a more reliable approach to look at print speeds.

Paper dealing with :

Paper dealing with just alludes to the sort of paper your printer can deal with. This may incorporate the various sizes it can take, for example, A3, A4 or A5. It can likewise allude to various media, for example, photograph paper or envelopes. A printer with a Multi-Purpose Tray (see Multi-Purpose Tray (MPT)) can deal with and feed diverse paper types into the printer.


Shortened form, see Pages Per Minute.

Slam :

Slam is the memory of the printer. See Memory.

Goal (DPI) :

Goal alludes to the nature of the prints that a printer can deliver. It is estimated in DPI, or Dots Per Inch. The more 'dabs per inch', the more keen the picture is and the better the quality. Higher goals are especially significant for photograph printing needs.

Toner :

Toner is the sort of ink utilized for laser printers (see Laser printer). It comes as a fine, dry powder in cartridges instead of a fluid.


This is another sort of association where your printer can be associated with your PC or PC by means of USB link.

Remote (WiFi) :

Most current printers presently accompany a remote association as a norm. WiFi printers can be associated with PCs, PCs and now cell phones through a WiFi association. Remote printers making it simpler to share and print from numerous gadgets.


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