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Popular Lifehacks That Are Actually Fake and Don't Work

Don't believe everything you see on the internet. Though lifehacks are always intriguing, many are unfortunately bogus. This is a list of the lifehacks that are actually fake.

By Kelsey LangePublished 6 years ago 6 min read

Be aware of the appealing yet unplausible tips the internet might trick you with. Though they might seem life-changing at first glance, these lifehacks that are actually fake and will only be an extra headache.

We've tested these lifehacks for you, so you don't have to go through the trouble of discovering their flaws. These are the top ten popular lifehacks that are actually fake and don't work.

Putting Your Batteries in the Fridge

This lifehack that has been around for ages is unfortunately not true. Believe it or not, putting batteries in your fridge, however that trick may have come about, is more damaging to your batteries than beneficial.

As one of the most popular lifehacks that are actually fake, storing batteries in a cold space can shorten the lifespan, rather than preserve them. This is because the condensation that will result from your freezer will lead to corrosion. Stop ruining your batteries this way!

Using a Toilet Paper Roll as a Speaker

A toilet paper roll is hardly an amplifier. Though there are tons of videos and tutorials on how to create your own make-shift speaker to place your iPhone in, there are a few flaws. Unfortunately, the cardboard will do the opposite of what you want it to do, and muffle the sound instead.

As one of the worst lifehacks that are actually fake, just stick to recycling these tubes. Instead, try out using a bowl; it's even easier than cutting a port in your cardboard. Simply put your phone in a bowl and press play, the speaker will be amplified a bit, nothing too crazy, but better than the roll trick.

Peeing on a Jellyfish Sting

Everyone has heard this lifehack at least once in their life, and most take it as fact. Though a hilarious thought, peeing on someone who has a jellyfish sting is not proactive whatsoever. In fact, it can actually do more harm.

Your urine will likely aggravate the sting, and the wound will worsen due to the venom spreading. Instead, use seawater to rinse the wound and then apply an oral analgesic. Plus, this tactic is much easier, less disgusting, and not as embarrassing than peeing on your friend.

Microwaving Pizza with a Cup of Water for Crispness

It takes only a few extra minutes to just throw your leftover pizza in the oven or toaster oven. As one of the worst lifehacks that are actually fake, microwaving your pizza with a cup of water will not make it crispy.

You'll still have that floppy crust from the microwave, and now an extra glass of water that is oddly warm. The thought behind this tactic is that the water will produce a drier heat to warm up your pizza. But unfortunately, that's not how science works.

The "Hair of the Dog" Tactic

The cure for a hangover is to wait it out. Though this is a very frustrating and painful truth, it's easy to throw all other approaches out the window. This especially goes for the "hair of the dog" tactic. This includes continuing to drink after waking up with a hangover, because your body is deprived of the alcohol. This might result in temporary relief, but it will only begin an uphill battle.

Trust us, you're not going to want to face the inevitable hangover that is waiting for you once you stop drinking. Instead, get some sleep, take an Advil, and most importantly drink some water and get some beneficial food in your body if possible. Or, discover some of the best ways prevent a hangover before a crazy night out.

Turning Your Toaster to the Side for Sandwiches

Turning your toaster on its side should be a red flag to begin with. Even if you're simply making a grilled cheese, just use your stove and pan. As one of the worst lifehacks that are actually fake, this is a complete fire hazard.

And if that's not enough to stray you away from this tactic, your toaster will be filled with grease and leftover residue from your sandwich, if you don't burn the house down first. It's just a mess you don't need to try out.

Nail and Hammer Wine Cork Trick

It's not likely that you will have a hammer and nail in your purse if you're in need of a bottle opener. But say these tools are accessible, this lifehack doesn't work anyway. The trick is to pull the cork out of the bottle after you have forced a nail into it, and forcefully remove it with your hammer.

We don't know how this has made its way into people's minds, but it will simply not work. The only chances of this working are if you have access to multiple nails, and don't break the bottle while trying to remove it. Plus, there are plenty of more productive ways to open wine without a corkscrew.

For example, using a small knife, pushing the cork inside, or simply wrapping a towel around the bottle and smacking the bottle against a flat surface to force the cork out enough to pull out the rest.

Pancake Batter in the Ketchup Bottle

Though it might seem promising at first, filling an old ketchup bottle with pancake batter to make the perfect sized pancakes each time is more trouble than its worth. Ultimately, this lifehack is not plausible because of the obvious.

The ketchup bottle, no matter how many times you scrub it, will have residue and smell. And who really wants to spend their time scrubbing a ketchup bottle, if it's supposed to be a simple lifehack?

As one of the worst lifehacks that are actually fake, this trick isn't worth your trouble. It will end in a mess from either ketchup or from transferring the batter into the small mouth of the bottle.

Tea Bags in Your Smelly Sneakers

Quit wasting your perfectly good tea bags. This lifehack is certainly a flop, and there are plenty of products to renew your stinky sneakers that only cost a few dollars. Sneaker Balls are one, and they're much more proactive than tea bags. They're even one of the most helpful products to stop you from sweating.

Plus, you'll save money on tea bags if you use them for what they're made for, and not silly lifehacks. This tactic is used because tea bags can be used to absorb bacteria, but this does not mean odor will be eliminated, unfortunately.

Drill Holes in Your Garbage Can for Easier Bag Removal

Are you really having that much trouble removing your garbage bags that you would go through the process of drilling holes in the bottom of your can? To complete our list of the more popular lifehacks that are actually fake, this might be a simple fix to a simple problem, but it's much more hassle than you think.

First of all, garbage water is a very real and very disgusting thing that you do not want on your floors. Garbage cans do not come with holes for a reason, so please don't go through the trouble to drill your own.

Plus, there is a much easier solution. While you're tugging the bag, move the bag in the direction of one of the edges of the can, rather than straight up.


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  • Aaron Hubermanabout a year ago

    Glad to know I don't have to use the hair of the dog "trick" anymore ;)

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