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Planetary retrogrades: Mercury

Tips on how to make the best use of a Mercury retrograde.

By Alicia's DeskPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

Retrogrades: Mercury

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Yup we are in the first “official” mercury retrograde of 2017, we will have 2 more this year, so let’s dive in, shall we ;D

Retrogrades: when the planetary forces are moving backward or are reversed.

Translation: Things are gonna get a little wonkyfied.

Mercury Represents:

Communication, Technology, Transportation, Travel, Intellect, Trickery, Business.

Ruler of the signs Gemini & Virgo

Mercury retrograde:

Mercury retrogrades three times per average year for anywhere from 3-5 weeks each time.

When the planet of Rational Thinking, Communications, Equipment, and Business Transactions, stops operating normally, it leads to all sorts of annoying events.

This is a good time to take stock of where you stand and come to terms with reality- no rose-colored glasses …no Fluff… just the facts.

It’s a time to lay low, process and digest the information that you have on hand rather than adventure out into unknown & undiscovered territory.

Visualize and perceive things from your internal point of view and don’t start anything new until after the last retrograde shadow zone is passed. When the planet of “business” is going in reverse, it is also a good time to finish up old business (i.e., pay bills, clean out the closet, etc.)

*Also for the Mercury ruled out there,

I’m talkin to you Gemini and you Virgo …don’t be surprised if you feel a little off and your normal clear mind & eloquence desert you.

Keep calm, all storms pass!

Actually, you know what, go dance in that rain!!!!!!

The Three phases(remember a retrograde is like an Oreo cookie- 1st shadow zone, retrograde, finale):

March 27th, 2017, Mercury enters the shadow zone :

During this phase, you will get an idea of the communication, business, travel , and technology issues that will be of concern during the retrograde phase.

#2 The Actual Retrograde= the planet during its retrograde phase “revisits” that issue or event, which may also entail delaying the resolution or realization of action.

April 9th, 2017, Mercury The Retrograde:

Areas of life that were a major focus during the 1st shadow zone now come to the forefront for our working out-through-against.

May 21st, 2017, Mercury retrograde finale/ 2nd shadow zone:

This completes the final phase of the first Mercury retrograde of 2017. Your communication, business, travel, and technology issues that were in focus during Mercury retrograde can now be finalized & will be brought to a close (like it or lump it).

Advantages, Opportunities & how this helps us:

A Mercury Retrograde teaches us the value of silence, rest, and unplugging from our technology-saturated lives.

There is so much noise in our society!

Sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy Rain on a roof, a walk in the woods or a steamy mug of hot tea in PEACE!

Well, this is what Mercury Retrograde brings you, the excuse to shut up, sit down, and take a load off!!!!

Computers, laptops, phones, tablets, and technology tends to fritz up. Arguments, disputes, misunderstandings, problems, and mistakes go on the rise.

No new business, don’t sign any contracts, buy new items or start new projects.

Transportation in all of its forms will have a plethora of hiccups and mistakes,

Communication becomes twice as difficult

(lots of miscommunication and misunderstandings! If you have any altercations during this time, just forgive everybody involved and move on!!! Because I guarantee that nobody meant for things to go sideways and they probably couldn’t get the right words to express themselves properly to come out. If possible wait to talk things out with any loved ones or anyone important to you),

Because instead of actually COMMUNICATING,

we are REACTING-

from our needs, our hurts, from our buttons being pushed, or the way that we take care of others and neglect the crap out of ourselves. Some astrologers like to call this acting from our shadow, in reference to our shadow selves- emotional id- etc.

Also now is the worst time to do anything untoward!

Just stick to being aboveboard and honest, Communication is gonna fuzz up anyway so why make it worse?

It is a great time, however, to plan, research, and prepare for things that will come later.

These are things that can help mitigate its influences:

Preparation and allowances for hiccups and technical difficulties in the above-mentioned areas, wait the 5 weeks till this is over to chat about anything important,

REMEMBER: things generally have nothing to do with YOU,

so take NOTHING personally right now,

Mountains are mountains and molehills are molehills- keep them separated by strong defining lines.


Blue calcite– Speak what you need to say, cuts through Mercury retrograde garble, allows you to truly listen to the other person, filters garble

Blue lace agate- helps you actually find the words and say what you want to say without the Mercury retrograde garble

Sodalite– clears out mental fuzz (which is synonymous with Mercury retrograde)

Green calcite- happy harmonious communication , overcomes trust barriers

Prehnite– compassion for others and healing oneself along with moving past trust issues

Peridot- calms tempers(which will flair with all of the miscommunication)

Dragon quartz– motivation (gets you over the sluggishness and fogginess of Mercury retrograde )

Or if you wish to use this time to your advantage:

Slowing down, talking less, unplugging from tech overload, relax & read a book. Just kick back as much as possible right now!!!

Enjoy the break!!!


Rose quartz-who doesn’t need some self-care after all the person-to-person BS of Mercury retrograde

Prehnite-lots of healing work after Mercury retrograde

Sodalite- calms a mind full of anxiety and fog

Amethyst- clears up depression and helps with sleep & intuition

Citrine– keeps you sunny and positive, keeps others' negativity at bay, shuts down an overactive inner critic

Moonstone- tunes you into your intuition so as you can navigate some of those major road bumps ahead.

Mercury Retrograde dates for 2017:

January 1st

April 9th

August 13th

December 3rd

*Updated for re-publication dates*

Mercury retrograde dates for 2018:

March 23 to April 15

July 26 to August 19

November 17 to December 6

Here is what you can do to counteract it:

You really cant, so sit down and enjoy the ride!

****But don’t just take my word for it, get out there and research it!****

~Alicia Anspaugh-Mccullough, DMNAS

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