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Pieces of Trust: The Real Story

Understanding the Effects of an Unfaithful Woman on Love and Relationships

By Iftikhar AkramPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Pieces of Trust: The Real Story
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The importance of love and relationships is highly dependent on trust, considering that since respect is the foundation of a relationship between two people, it is essential for both relationships and love. How a cheating beautiful woman rips people's hearts and breaks promises. Pieces of Trust is a true story that emphasizes the serious effects of betrayal and infidelity.

Keep it a secret

A stunning young girl resides close to the Margalla hills in Pakistan's capital city of Islamabad. She excels in every class, studies at the O Level, and has a high IQ. Her exquisite beauty left everyone in awe.

His demeanor was appealing. The hairdo was a pain. Its striking beauty suddenly came into view as I was making my way to my car. The handsome figure in the dream was probably the same, but at one point he stopped and thought about how to make him his own.

In this struggle, she disappeared from sight. Every day came to the same place but found nothing but waiting, my heart was strangely mad, I didn't know her name or home address and then I died at her beauty.

Early in life, the heart yearns to claim someone as their own after witnessing passion and love in the majority of action novels and romantic films. All boys and girls aspire to claim someone as their own. Love from an early age is not meant to be shared, therefore hold it close to your heart and keep it a secret.

Madness of love

What color this madness was going to bring, there was no news, every moment his desire was increasing day by day. He told one of his friends that he had seen him, and he said, "Dude, those handsome men are unfaithful, but he did not pay any attention to his words.

The uncontrollable heartbeats were yearning to find him. He was bored and contacted an elderly man." Did you tell him your problem, he said that I will find out and contact him through some of my acquaintances, be patient, I had to follow his words.

After months, he told me that this girl's name is Amber. His father has become my friend and if we invite him to a good hotel after spending a little money, then we can go and take things further. Yes, then he does not live anywhere, what was my destiny going to play with me, I had no idea, this madness and rapture of love, my senses became rabbits.

Amber fell in love with me as well, after numerous tries to win her heart. Words of affection started to spread.

So where is the consciousness? All I can say is that my heart is really restless and anxious. How charming being in love is. Emotions give rise to happiness, but she was a disloyal woman.

I didn't know that. It's only discovered after moving forward. That appears to be the case. You can never be far from him. Even if we don't meet, I don't know why.

Broken Promises

Take a look at the scheming ladies who are pulling the double cross right now. How do I proceed? Since her parents want her to marry into the family, she breaks her promise, and it breaks both of our hearts. I am not sure how I will handle these situations after destroying my desires and love.

Effects of Relationships

How deep is the relationship of trust? When the raw thread breaks, the relationship also breaks like the raw thread.

Love loses every time. There was a wounded heart, blood and tears, eyes full of tears, shattered trust, how much pain, how much agony, an infidelity showed its face and ended everything, the one that did not let the feeling of love remain.

Anywhere, how much noise and storm the restless heart and passion create, such a thing only a faithless woman can do.

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