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Peroxide - A Very Diverse Tool For Wellness and More

Powerful and Cheap

By Jason APublished about a month ago 3 min read

There are lots of products out there that claim to have a wide array of uses. In some cases, those claims are extremely valid. In others, they are not much more than a marketing ploy akin to what you’d expect from a late-night infomercial.

Some items that have been purported to have multiple beneficial uses include but are not limited to apple cider vinegar, baking soda, coconut oil, magic eraser pads…

However, in a lot of cases, the wonder items in question, even when they do work like some of those listed above, tend to be expensive. Can you imagine finding something that has multiple beneficial uses that is incredibly affordable and readily available at anything from the Dollar Tree to convenience stores to drug stores and big box retailers? Well, you can, it’s called peroxide. To be specific, you’d be looking for hydrogen peroxide.

You may or may not remember this as an astringent or cleaning agent your parents or grandparents may have put on your wound after you got a cut as a child. This is probably the most typically associated usage. However, there are several others, some of which might surprise you.

While it does mention the use right on the bottle in most cases, it can be used as an oral debriding agent. Essentially, that is more or less another way of saying mouthwash. Of course, you should not overdo it and be sure to follow the directions on the bottle. You need very little and as opposed to the pricey mouthwashes on the market, it is extremely cheap. All in all, that sounds like a good combination.

Along those same lines, if you struggle with oral thrush or any kind of tongue whiteness due to bacterial overgrowth, peroxide can work wonders. If your doctor were to recommend an anti-fungal medication, they tend to be very costly. In addition, they are generally not available over the counter. There is medical evidence and anecdotal records showing peroxide’s effectiveness against such conditions. I’ve used it myself for such issues.

If you or someone you know wears a night guard for their teeth, you may know that these things obviously encounter a lot of bacteria and food particles while placed in the mouth. Clearly, you have to clean them. You can soak your night guard in straight peroxide for about 15 minutes at least once per week. You may want to do it a few times each week for extra protection. This will provide an effective deep clean. After the soak, rinse the guard off thoroughly and let it air dry. Some people also clean their toothbrushes in this manner.

If you ever have mold or mildew issues in your home, you realize how frustrating that can be. It is not only gross but could be a problem medically in terms of allergic responses and more. One easy way to get rid of that nasty stuff is to spray peroxide (perhaps with a mix of equal parts water) directly onto the mold or mildew covered surface. Let it sit for at least 15 minutes or more, While it is still somewhat wet, use a clean rag or disposable cloth to wipe over the area and the nasty stuff will come right off. In some cases, it might even deteriorate visually before you even wipe. Either way, wipe the areas and let it air dry.

You can even use it as a general cleaner in some cases. I know a friend who uses it to clean her cat’s litter box. She says it does wonders. Peroxide can be a tool to clean your dishwasher, sinks, toilet bowl and even an option to help shine glass surfaces and the mirrors around your home or office.

So, next time you want a solid multi-purpose item and a good price to boot, check no further than this handy item you might very well already have in your medicine cabinet.


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