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My impressive rare gems from thrifty shopping

by Cheryl E Preston 8 days ago in list

You can truly obtain wonderful household items by taking your time and shopping wisely.

I am the ultimate thrifty shopper and have multiple places where I have been shopping for more than 2 decades. I frequent flea markets, yard sales, Good Will, and the Salvation Army and Rescue Mission Thrift Store. The cover photo is of a set of dresser drawers that I purchased for only $15.00. On top is a metal book rack that I paid only $3.00 for. Both of these came from a Goodwill store just outside of the town where I live. My secret to finding bargains is to look for them often. it's important not to become discouraged when you do not always find what you are looking for.

Thrifty shopping truly is an "If at first you don't succeed try try again" business. Over the past 2 decades, I have found a lot of clothing items that still had tags. I've been complimented on outfits that people assume were brand new when they actually were second-hand. In the following picture, you see a lamp that only cost me $3.00. It is adjustable and reminds me of Lampy in the Brave Little Toaster. Behind the lamp is a window unit air conditioner that I purchased at a yard sale for only $12.00. This was really a bargain.

The lamp and the air conditioner are a great combination with the bookshelf and the books on a hot summer night. Together they all work great so that I can read in comfort without becoming hot and also making sure I have proper light so that I can see. I would say that over time I have probably furnished half of my household items from thrifty shopping. I have also purchased a number of end tables and matching lamps to go with them.

In the photo below is a wooden book stand with 2 shelves that I only paid $5.00 for. I have 2 more similar book shelves with 3 sections that I paid $10.00 and $15.00 for. More than half of the books that you see in the image were purchased from the Salvation Army and the Rescue Mission. The prices ranged from twenty five cents to $1.00. I am an avid reader and probably have more than 100 books in total that have come from my thrifty shopping. The Rescue Mission thrift store used to have items they set out front that were free. I have found Bibles, fairytale ad mythology books at no cost.

The chair in the next photo came from a local Good Will and was $5.00. I have purchased a number of chairs this way and saved a lot of money. I began shopping at second hand stores in 1992. Since then I have obtained an electric stove, several humidifiers, a set of matching plates, bowls, and saucers, coffee pots, trash cans, desks, pocketbooks, shoes, handbags, and boots. I cannot count the number of pantsuits, skirts, dresses, hats,gloves, jewelry and sweaters that I have obtained.

I also enjoy looking for sales based on the color of the tag that is on the items and this saves additional money. Shopping off-season I find Christmas and Easter items for half price or up to seventy five percent off. When you shop at thrift stores always look for signs and notices that will indicate there are additional savings.

The above table came from a local hotel and is actually an antique. My husband worked there and placed a $25.oo bid that won. We were hoping to get a matching set but were satisfied to have this one. We have had it now for 10 years. Please excuse the white pieces of styrofoam that are showing. My grandchildren were playing and I have had a hard time removing all the little pieces.

The above table came from a yard sale and was only $4.00. It is sturdy and has lasted 5 years. I have so many more items that I purchased by being thrifty but I thought these would be the best ones for this challenge. There used to be a huge flea market called Happy's in town. Venders could see both inside the building and in the parking lot. I really found a lot nice things of in that one spot but Happy's was shut down a few years back. Now I drive around on Saturdays looking for yard sales which have increased due to COVID.

I wear my mask, social distance, and utilized sanitizer because this is the world we now live in. It is very important that if you decide to become a thrifty shopper that you take proper precautions. You can also find online second hand bargains by doing a Google search. My entire family has purchased clothing, shoes, books, and other second hand items that were in good condition online.

Cheryl E Preston
Cheryl E Preston
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Cheryl E Preston

Cheryl is a poet, freelance writer, published author and former Newspaper columnist. She has degrees in Psycology and Biblical studies. She enjoys sharing natural cures, and Nostalgia related info. Tips are greatly appreciated.

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