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Most Useful Light Life Hacks That May Surprise You

We really do need more light around the house, even in spaces we would never think of. Give your life more light with these useful light life hacks and never dwell in the dark again.

By Rachel BlanchardPublished 7 years ago 5 min read
Top Story - October 2017

We all need light in our house. In the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bed room, even in our fridge there's light. Anywhere that needs to be lit has light. How else would we see during the night?

But, did you know that there are certain spaces and simple tasks that we actually do need a little light for? You're probably thinking right now, "I already have the light that I need. What more light am I supposed to acquire?" The thing is, we're so used to certain areas around our house that don't have light. We would never think of putting a lightbulb in that specific place, because we lived without it.

As much as you're use to it, there are light hacks that will actually make your life much more easier and a lot brighter... a lot brighter. Don't know what I'm talking about? Look through the list of useful light life hacks that I compiled and see how much light you're missing out on.

I'm sure there are people who have lamps on their bedside, or even a lamp clipped onto their bed frame. But there are people, especially night readers or workers, who read and write while using a flashlight to see. I even know people who use the moon's rays through the window as a source of light — people shouldn't need to rely on the moon for so long! Instead, they should get their hands on a bedside lamp.

Personally, I actually used the moon's rays as a source of light for a long period of time for reading before switching to a small bedside lamp — my life of night reading has changed drastically! And your nightlife of reading or working can change, too, with a bedside lamp — one of the greatest useful light life hacks.

Ladies, I 100 percent know that we need light to do makeup. No, we need good lighting. Yes, sunlight is the perfect lighting when beating your face, but what happens when you're getting ready when the sun already set? There's no sunlight to bless you with good lighting, right? That's where vanity mirror lights come into play.

Sure, doing makeup in a room that already has lighting is fine, but what we really need is lighting coming straight from the mirror for ideal beauty lighting. We'd be able to see everything when doing our makeup — a vanity mirror light is the perfect light for achieving to apply on the best makeup.

Every makeup lover needs a mirror like this — you'll achieve a flawless face every time. And you won't have anymore eyeliner failures, again.

This is probably one of the most useful light life hacks on the list... a shower light! Guys, I know most of us don't have that luxury light inside of our shower or bathtub, but this will surely change your life forever.

OK, your bathroom does have light, but what about inside of your shower? Once you drag the shower curtains closed or the shower door, you most likely cannot see well, right? I know I personally struggle to see in the shower. That's why literally all of us need a shower light.

When it comes to shaving, guys and gals, we need a shower light. When you're shaving your legs or using a mirror without a light to shave your beard, it's definitely hard to see everything perfectly. Don't miss where you shaved, a shower light will allow you to see everything!

A light dimmer is truly one of the best useful light life hacks. We have lights around the house that's super bright, so unnecessarily bright that we just want to tone it down a bit. Because it's either we have this really bright light, or we can't stand it and just close it. And constantly switching your lightbulbs for the ideal lighting won't help — you're just wasting money and time.

Well, it's time to get your hands on a light dimmer. Light dimmers are so perfect when you want to control the brightness in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. Many of us can use light, but a little bit of it. That's why light dimmers are so helpful. Also, if you have a date over, these bad boys can definitely set the mood just right.

Hello!... A closet light?! How are we still living today without a light in our closet. A lot of us have closets, small or large, without any light helping us to see what cluttered junk and trash we continue to hoard. And I guarantee that all, not some, all of us need lights in our closets and cabinets. But some of us actually need to declutter our home...

We have closets that are filled with clothes and shoes, but those closets don't have any light. Why don't we have light in a closet that stores our clothing? How can we see what clothes we're picking and which clothes we don't wear anymore? We simply get one of these stick-on lights and our struggle of rummaging through clothes upon clothes will be gone forever. And those shoes clustered in the corner that you thought you lost? You finally see which shoes you haven't worn in years and can wear them again!

This goes for cabinets, as well. For me, I'd throw in a lightbulb in my junk cabinet so I can see and know which junk foods I can binge on. Best light life hack, by far!

Like I said before, we all need more light around the house. Why not get a few fairy light, place them in mason jars, and scatter them around the house? Brilliant, right? I certainly think so.

If you have these mason jar fairy lights around the house, or even around one room, not only will you gain more light, but it offers a more cozy, and even romantic, aura in the place! Who doesn't love fairy lights? This is definitely one of the simplest, DIY useful light life hacks on this list.

Yes, the bed light! One of the most useful light life hacks that may surprise you. How many of us need light underneath our beds. I know I throw a lot of junk under my bed and when I want to retrieve any of them, I can't see — which leads me to getting up, grabbing my cellphone, and using my cellphone's flashlight to help me see under my bed. Even though it doesn't seem like a struggle, it really is.

But, with a bed light, you can see everything that you store under your bed. A flashlight won't give you full-light access to viewing everything, only what you're looking for. But, a bed light will send light all throughout under your bed, so you won't have to use your cellphone anymore.

Also, during the night when you turn on the bed light, it gives off a really cool halo glow. Who doesn't want that?


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