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Most Popular Beer In World & What You Need To Know!

Popular Beer In World

By BEER BRANDPublished 2 months ago 5 min read

With over 3,000 brands of beer available in the world today, it can be hard to find your favorite. In this guide, we have compiled a list of the 25 most popular beers in the world and what you need to know about each one.

Introduction: What Is The Most Popular Beer In The World?

No one knows exactly how many beers are consumed in the world each year. Most people drink beer to get drunk. These popular beers have a low alcohol content and they taste great.

A recent survey conducted by YouGov has shown that Budweiser is the most popular beer in the world, followed by Heineken and Corona Extra.

What Are The Different Types Of Beer Brands?

A beer is a drink made from the natural process of fermentation of the starch sugars in malted cereal grains

Beer is a fermented malt beverage that contains water, hops, yeast and barley. The fermentation process gives beer its unique flavor and aroma.

Types of Beer Brands:

Beer brands come in all shapes, sizes and flavors. There are the big name beer companies that have been around for centuries and have conquered the market with their tried and true recipes, as well as smaller, more local breweries with fresh ideas. . There are also the more niche beer brands that offer something different, like a well-known herb or spice to give their brews a unique flavor. What Are The Different Types Of Beer Brands? Types of Beer Brands Beer brands come in all shapes, sizes and flavors. There are the big name beer companies that have been around for centuries and have conquered the market.

Draft beers are liquid into the keg or by using CO2 cartridges in an air pump connected to the tap. The process is fairly simple and inexpensive.

The Top 10 Most Popular Beer Brands In The World

The world of beer is constantly changing, with new brands and styles popping up every day. Popular beer brands like Budweiser are some of the staples in your fridge. But there’s plenty of room — and your beer budget — for new brews. But with choices comes confusion, especially with so many different types of beers out there. What do you order when you’re at a bar? Is it better to ask questions first, or just go with your gut? We’ve got the answers to these questions and more in this simple guide.

10. Heineken

Heineken is the world’s most popular beer. It is one of the top 10 brands in the world and it has a long history of being one of the best beers in America. Heineken was founded by Gerard Adriaan Heineken in 1864 and it is now owned by Heineken International.

9. Coors Light

Coors Light is a notable light lager from Coors. It goes back to 1978 with their iconic mountain motif that includes two peaks. It was first brewed in the US by the Coors Brewing Company.

Some parts of the U.S. Are currently producing Miller, including Colorado, Georgia, Virginia, and Milwaukee. Miller Lite is a light-bodied American-style lager with a moderately high alcohol content. It was first brewed by inventor and brewmaster Jacob Leinenkugel in 1842 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

8. Stella Artois

The Stella Artois brewery was founded in 1926 by a Belgian brewer called Sebastian Artois. The company is headquartered in Leuven, Belgium.

Stella Artois has a long and storied history, which is deeply rooted in Belgium.

7. Bud Light

The beer’s popularity led to its name becoming a genericized trademark, meaning that anyone can use the Bud Light’s name on their products without paying royalties to Anheuser-Busch.


Of all the beers sold in the world, Skol is 5th. The beer is well-known for its trademark bottle label, which depicts a fox leaping across the German word “Skol” It’s brewed in the Czech Republic by Pilsner Urquell.

5. Tsingtao

Tsingtao Breweries have 15% of China’s beer market. It owns Qingdao Brewery. The Germans sourced the Laoshan spring water, used their traditional brewing methods and made a Pilsner.

4. Amstel Gold Dutch

The brewery was originally located on Kalverstraat but it is now located on Zurenborgstraat. Its best-selling product is Amstel Light. Its best-selling product is Amstel Light.

Amstel Brewery is one of the largest breweries in the Netherlands.

3. Budweiser

Budweiser, the American beer, is one of the most popular beers around the world. In 2017, Budweiser sold 49.2 million hectoliters worldwide. Budweiser isn’t the most popular in the US.

2. Corona Extra Lime

Corona Extra is a Mexican beer that has been the most popular in Mexico for over two decades.Corona Extra is a Mexican beer that has been the most popular in Mexico for over two decades.

1. Snow

It’s true that Snow, the world’s most popular beer is made in China. This lager originally hails from Shenyang city and was named for its creamy white head! China’s Snow beer has doubled the amount of Budweiser drunk worldwide, selling over 101 million hectoliters in 2017.

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Top 10 Most Popular Beer In World

The most popular beers in the world are widely available and enjoyed by many people. The top 10 beers are as follows:

1) Budweiser

2) Snow

3) Corona Extra

4) Heineken

5) Guinness Draught

6) Stella Artois

7) Michelob Ultra Light Cider

8) Beck’s Premier Light

9) Miller Lite

10) Coors Light.

What Are The World’s Top 10 Best Selling Beers?

The Top 10 Most Selling Beer Brands In The World Are:

1. Coors Light

2. Bud Light

3. Corona Extra

4. Stella Artois

5. Beck’s

6. Heineken

7. Budweiser

8. Guinness Draught Stout (bottle)

9. Kirin Ichiban Shibori (330ml)

10. Tsingtao (330ml)


The Most Popular Beer In The World Is Brewed In Every Country!

The conclusion of the article is a summary of the information in this section. The author reiterates some of the main points in this section and offers a final thought about beer.

“Beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world. There’s a lot that goes into beer production. The alcohol content in beer ranges from 4% to 18%.

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