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Money-Making Business Ideas For International Students

by Udemezue John 2 months ago in how to / tech / social media / school / list
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Money-Making Business Ideas For International Students

Money-Making Business Ideas For International Students
Photo by Naassom Azevedo on Unsplash

Most international students usually have enough funding, making it easy for them to live abroad comfortably, but if you know you come from a home where your parents are struggling to give you the best, you have to think ahead and start something for yourself.

Here some of the best business ideas you can start as an international student.

1. Blogging.

Blogging is one source of income that any government never tasks; your blog is a global business, so you can take it with you worldwide without any hassle.

All you need to start a blog is to choose a proper nice, buy a domain name and a web hosting plan that would cost nothing less than $5/Mo, and start making money by publishing helpful content that resonates with an audience.

2. Become a YouTuber.

When you go on YouTube, the majority of channels you see there are owned by international students and travellers, sharing their thought on what they feel about living overseas; they usually have a lot of views because most immigrants generally consult the internet before coming to live in that country.

3. E-Commerce.

E-Commerce is another business model that is highly profitable for international students living abroad; all you need to start an e-commerce business is a website and excellent product sourcing; you should have excellent marketing to scale your e-commerce business.

4. DropShipping.

Dropshipping is a business model that is stress-free and profitable for international students living across the world.

All you need to get started with a dropshipping business is to find a supplier to work with and then work on promoting those products.

5. Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is another business model that is highly profitable in any part of the world; I was in a seminar with Stefan James, the founder of Project Life Mastery, and he was telling us how he made over $10,000 while on vacation in Hawaii, all he did was to choose a product to market, obtain a unique affiliate link and send it across his email marketing list of over 300,000 subscribers, which converted in less than ten minutes.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent business that anyone can do no matter race, ethnicity or colour.

6. Freelancing.

Freelancing is an excellent business model that allows you to make money with a new or existing skill set that you possess.

Soft skills like Graphics design, photography, and web design are usually outsourced to foreign countries. However, possessing such a skill set can put you at a place where you make cool cash without being tasked by the country’s Government.

7. Software Development.

Software development is another skill set that can be monetised at any point and at any time.

Knowledge of basic programming terms like HTML, CSS and Javascript can become a source of livelihood when you eventually find yourself abroad.

Many remote jobs can be outsourced from any part of the world to your present location as an international student.

8. Graphics Design.

Knowledge in image manipulation is another skill that can be monetised anytime; this skill can be used to make money on a part-time basis while studying full-time, many platforms can be used to source for jobs as a graphics designer, and one of them is Fiverr, you can also seek remote jobs in your country of study to get started with.

9. Video Editing.

Another primary skill set that should not be underemphasised is video manipulation; there is an enormous need for this skill set worldwide, so getting jobs and making money should not be a problem.

You can decide to look out for freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork or seek a company in your country of study.

10. Amazon FBA.

Amazon FBA is a very lucrative business designed for Americans. So if you are studying in the US and need something lucrative to fall back to, then starting an Amazon FBA business should be one to look out for.

Amazon FBA works like a dropshipping business; all you need do is purchase products from countries like Vietnam and China, dropship on Amazon and the rest is perfected for you.

11. Start a Writing career.

Writing is another lucrative business that can help you make money online; apart from owning a blog, you can become a freelance writer and make very cool money.

Freelance platforms like Fiverr can help you make money; you can also decide to leverage writing platforms like Medium to pay you for all your work.

If you don’t want the stress attached to running a blog, then Medium is a great place to get started on.

12. Podcasting.

Another very lucrative business Idea is Podcasting; a podcast is just a pre-recorded voice that is distributed all over the web.

If you have a talent for speaking or motivating and inspiring people, you should start a podcast.

13. E-Book Sales.

Selling E-books can be a source of passive income for you as an international student; there are so many people willing to pay for your knowledge; all you need to do is create and adequately market them; you can use a platform like Gumroad and Amazon Kindle.

I shared a link to a comprehensive article that addresses this Topic, be sure to check it out.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day

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