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I am a Model and I am Proud 

Growing up I was always told that I was ugly and couldn't be anything beautiful because I wasn't "allowed" to. I always wanted to be a model and or actress but between kids & my foster parents I never thought I'd be able to. Now I am modeling and acting, I've changed my appearance and the way I feel about myself and I feel more in control of my life. It took a long time but it is worth it. The way I see myself now, no one can bring me down ever again. I know that from the start if wouldn't be easy but I knew it was possible. My confidence level is higher than ever and I am thankful for the people who support me through this journey and who bring me up when I'm down.

Tips on Modeling

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Since I have started modeling I have realized a few important tips that I would like to share. For starters modeling helps your confidence and with this confidence you are able to use it to your advantage. Some tips that I want to share are crucial and meaningful to models. Here they are:

1.) DON'T be afraid to switch up your look. Models always switch up their hair, makeup look, outfits, and overall appearance to "stand out" and to make the look they are going for a reality.

2.) LEARN your catwalk!!!! I cannot stress this enough, even if you will never walk a runway, you should be able to catwalk. You can use this in photoshoot sessions and to overall help your posture which is another tip, posture is everything when you are a model. You should always stand to show your figure and improving your posture also makes you a bit taller, which is the goal!

3.) When you are starting out as a freelancer, you should be able to COLLABORATE with other models and photographers for the sake of your experience and portfolio. Work with as many people as you can, the more you do the more your name is known and you never know who you will come across to help your future. Also by collaborating you can spread your positive attitude and learn how to work with other people which is a very important key in this industry.

4.) Practice your facial expressions and poses in the mirror. I know this may sound silly but it will help you out a lot! If you don't have a mirror in your room I suggest you go to Walmart and buy a door mirror. They are only 5$ and they are about 3-4 feet long so you can sit in front of them or hang them on a wall to practice poses and facial expressions. By doing this you will prepare yourself for getting in front of the camera. It not only helps you with knowing how you'll look and finding your good side, but it makes you less nervous because you have some poses memorized, the rest of them should come natural after that.

5.) CHANGE your attitude. DON'T be cocky and rude or talking bad about other models and photographers, no one will work with you. By talking about other people you give off a bad vibe and it can make people feel uncomfortable and make you seem unprofessional. Who wants to work with a model or photographer who talks smack on other people? NO ONE! Because that will make it seem like you will talk about them, & that's not good.

6.) MIX IT UP, this matches the same concept as the first tip but that's because it's very important. Don't be afraid to try different poses, your most wild and innovative poses are going to be the ones you enjoy most. Use lost of props and don't be a stiff monster!! :)

7.) GET DIGITALS! You should always have digitals or snapshots of yourself in a plain bikini and some in a plain tank top with dark jeans to show your figure. Hair must be pulled back and your face should be bare!! No makeup or very very VERY little, I'm talking a little concealer to cover acne. That's it!

8.) STUDY! You should always know the agency you want to get in to. From the photographers to the supermodels and everything in between. You should make it a priority, you wouldn't work for a company you know nothing about, would you? This is urgent!!!

9.) Make an IMPRESSION; you should always stand out and do something no one else does to make sure you are UNFORGETTABLE! Show your talent and do it quick cause most times you are limited in time and must show them what you are working with! Whether it's acting or modeling, DO IT FAST! :)

10.) Last but not least, don't be a hoochie, make sure your poses have tension with your body so your not limp, do not slouch, and ALWAYS work through and model your best even if you don't feel confident with the look you are showing (the outfit, makeup or hair). Don't let anything kill your confidence level!! FLAUNT IT! đź’–

That's all the tips I am sharing for now, there are tons more tips I would like to share with you guys I just don't want to overwhelm you guys. THANK YOU FOR READING THIS!!

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Miranda Gonzalez
Miranda Gonzalez
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Miranda Gonzalez

Hello my name is Miranda and I am from California! I am a Model, and Actress and my page is about giving advice/tips to better your career as a model!

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