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List of Maintenance Items You Should Have Before Hitting the Road

RV Maintainance Items

By McColloch's RVPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

As a full-time RVer, you understand that it’s impossible to go on the road without having any issues with your gear. The following list of RV maintenance and repair tools and things you should always own to aid these moments pass without any hassle.

A couple of these things can be utilized for precautionary management, but most items assist in a pinch. Holding these things will hinder additional destruction, and many will aid you to bypass obliging to take a detour and ask expensive expert services for the trailer repair Sacramento CA.

Motor oil

It is an essential and primary engine maintenance move to examine the motor oil level before hitting the road. But, is it essential to check the motor oil? Yes, because proper motor oil helps to prolong the age of the engine, and, having additional motor oil can benefit counter expensive engine corrosion.


As with any other liquid, it’s vital to possess more coolant to load it back up to the advised level. Not performing this act can result in your engine overheating, possibly leading to severe destruction that could require thousands to repair.

Fuel filter

Fuel filters are suitable to hold when you necessitate replacing one. It can be a daunting replacement for you if you don’t have suitable knowledge about repair or replacement. So, if you need them, make a call for the RV service Sacramento and leave it up to a trained professional to replace the fuel filter.

Still, if you prefer to not replace it yourself, holding the fitting fuel filter while going to an RV restoration workshop will ensure you are adequately equipped and will surely help you evade paying an expensive amount for the part.

Fuel Treatment

Fuel treatment maintains your trailer work sleekly, peacefully, and efficiently. It’s a tiny container, so it’s not troublesome to stock and pull. When you need to treat the system, spill a bottle into the tank before filling it up.

Slide-out grease

No one desires to get stuck in the situation of not being able to switch their slide-outs. Own slide-out lubricant to diffuse onto any loose part on a slide to assure your slides function suitably and sleekly.

Hose Repairing Kit

Sometimes water hoses can create a hole or incur a leakage, so pack a small repair kit along with you to resolve a leak or some extra rubber gaskets to fix a hole.

Tool bag

You need to pick a good quantity of tools to resolve any problems coming up on the edge of the road. It combines weight to our gear, but it’s worth it to have a good kit of essential hand tools including pliers, sockets, hammer, pry bar, screwdrivers, wrenches, cordless reciprocating saw and blades, nut drivers, caulk gun, headlamp, propane torch, cordless drill, and bits, and Allen wrenches, as well as some necessary bolts, nuts, pins, and washers.

Electric Multimeter

An electric meter is another helpful gadget to own. This instrument is vital for troubleshooting electrical concerns on or in your gear that could be the difference between diagnosing and fixing an uncomplicated issue yourself and making your trailer into a workshop to have a professional do it.

Roof Sealant

All RV roofs will drip, so pack some additional containers of roof sealant to execute patches as needed or conduct any precautionary preservation.


If you tear a belt on your equipment, remove it as cautiously and quickly as possible. It is added condition that could affect severe destruction to your motor by producing it to overheat.

Like the ammunition filters, if you don't desire to repair yourself, holding the specific belt for your rig while going into a workshop for Sacramento trailer repair is also beneficial. So, pack an additional set with you before you hit the road.


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