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By Violet MuthoniPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
life hacks for daily life at home
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Did you forget to refrigerate your drink? In just fifteen minutes, place it in the freezer after wrapping it in a moist paper towel. It will be a really cold drink for you.

To make it simple to distinguish between keys, you can apply nail polish in various colors on the tips of your keys.

You can use an old toilet paper roll as a cuff by cutting it open to prevent your wrapping paper from sticking.

Poke holes in the foil seal rather than removing it whole to pour the ideal amount of oil or salad dressing—this keeps a large amount from rushing out too quickly.

Cut a line on either side of the band-aid, not the finger, to make four smaller, more manageable sticky strips that will be much easier to attach and prevent the band-aid from slipping off your finger.

You may use a stick of spatula to reach those hard-to-reach locations when your candle is burned out and the wick is impossible to reach with a lighter. Simply fire the end of the stick to create a longer, equally-burning stick.

To prevent paint from dripping down the sides of your paint can and to keep things nice and orderly, fasten a rubber band over the top of the can so that you can brush excess paint onto it.

Use a muffin tray if you're having trouble getting your taco shells to stay in place. To get the ideal crispy taco shell, turn the tray upside down, brush it with oil, and put your tortillas in the gap. Cook them for about ten minutes at 700 degrees.

Egg yolks can be separated with a water bottle. You can now proceed by holding the bottle over the yolk and squeezing it to absorb the yolk. Transfer the yolk to another bowl.

When searching the floor for a misplaced pin or earring, cover the end of your vacuum with a stocking and move it across the surface. The little item will be lifted without being suctioned.

The next time you're having trouble cleaning your ceiling fan, use a pillowcase to wipe off the dust by sliding it over each blade. In this manner, extra dust is trapped inside the pillowcase and keeps falling on you.

To remove the stems from your cherry more quickly and with less fruit wasted, poke a straw through them.

Try using a paper clip if you're having trouble putting a bracelet on your hand. Simply open the clip, slide it through the loops on the end of the bracelet, hold the clip in the center of your hand using your fingers, and then flip the bracelet around your wrist. This should make it easy for you to clasp it.

Your blender may be thoroughly cleaned by filling it with soapy water and turning it on for about ten seconds, letting the water spin, and then simply rinsing it clean.

Before nailing into plaster walls, place a strip of masking tape down; this will prevent the plaster from flaking and from distributing dust across the floor.

Make a space in the center with a spoon when reheating leftovers, and the food will heat up much more evenly.

Slice off one end of the orange, then cut four to six slices; this will make peeling much easier and save you the mess and aggravation.

Using a cheese grater to grate your butter will make your life lot simpler if you're finding it difficult to utilize it because it's too cold.

Using an old plastic bottle with holes punched all over it, you can DIY a garden sprinkler. Just tape the bottle to the end of your hose line.

Place a few dry tea bags inside your shoes to absorb any odors; the tea bags will absorb odors.

A great way to start a fire is with potato chips. The irony is that we eat them despite the fact that their fat oil and chemicals make them extremely easy to burn.

When it comes to little scratches on furniture, try using toothpaste. Apply a pea-sized amount to the scrape and rub it in a circular motion until it becomes less noticeable. Then, wipe it off with a moist cloth.

Ice cubes can be used to clean up candle wax spills on furniture without damaging the finish by scraping it off. Place a plastic bag filled with ice on the wax and let it there for a short while. The wax will be easy to pill off.

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