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Learn how to add dashboards to UnleashX

how to add dashboards to UnleashX

By howtologinPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
how to add dashboards to UnleashX

If you are user of UnleashX, you should read this page to find out exactly how to add dashboards to UnleashX.


For the original Xbox, UnleashX is a homemade dashboard meant to take the place of the Microsoft dashboard by default. It offers a plethora of customization options and an intuitive UI. It allows users to alter the appearance and feel of the Xbox dashboard by providing settings for things like:

1. An Adaptable menu design

2. A Variety of Skinning Options

3. Combined text editor

4. picture saver

5. An FTP client or server

6. A browser and downloader for game saves

7. The formatting menu

8. Support for game and application preview videos and screenshots

Advantages of using UnleashX

1. More personalization: Users can change the appearance and feel of the Xbox interface to fit their tastes.

2. Better user experience: It's simple to use and navigate, even for first-time users.

3. Increased functionality: It has some features that are missing from the normal Microsoft dashboard.

4. Community support: Their users are a large, active group that is always willing to help out.

Custom dashboards when added to UnleashX, enables users to install and switch between various dashboards. Users can greatly customize their Xbox experience using this feature.

Full instructions for adding dashboards in UnleashX

Requirements: –

1. An Xbox modified with UnleashX installed

2. A unique file for the dashboard


•To customize the dashboard, download the desired file. Online resources offer a variety of custom dashboard options. Make sure the file you download is compatible with UnleashX.

•Extract the dashboard files to the appropriate directory on your Xbox hard drive. The position will change depending on which specific dashboard you are installing. Some dashboards may ask you to extract files to the root of the hard disk, while others may ask you to extract the data to a specific folder

• Launch UnleashX, then click the Settings menu.

• Locate and select the "Dashboards" menu item.

• To begin adding a dashboard, click the "Add Dashboard" button.

• Go to the location where the extracted dashboard files are located.

• Click "Open" after choosing the appropriate dashboard file to proceed.

• The dashboard that was just posted will be visible in the list of accessible dashboards .

• To switch to the newly introduced dashboard, press and hold the "X" button on your controller and select your favorite dashboard from the menu.

Additional tips

• Check the compatibility of the dashboards you download. Not all modified dashboards are compatible with UnleashX. Make sure you review the documentation to ensure that the dashboard you are interested in is compatible.

• Make a backup of your UnleashX installation before adding new dashboards. This will ensure that you can restore your system to a working state in the event of a malfunction.

• Be careful when taking dashboards off. It's possible that accidentally deleting an essential dashboard file will stop your Xbox from booting up.

• Consider making use of a dashboard manager. A dashboard manager can help you organize and manage your dashboard collection.


Don't be afraid to give UnleashX a go right now, you should be completely familiar with how to add dashboards to UnleashX.


What is UnleashX?

UnleashX is a popular dashboard that was introduced late in the early years of the Xbox scene. It is flexible and user friendly. Its additional features include a text editor, screensaver, FTP client/server, game save browser and downloader, a formatting menu, and support for game/application preview images or videos.

How big is the original Xbox hard drive?

8 GB

The original Xbox hard disk drive size was 8 GB. Later releases, 10 GB drives; However, only the first 8 GB of the drive was used. See Hardware Modifications for more information.


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