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Know Pros and Cons of Fingerprint Locks Before Installation

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By Car Keys ReplacementPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
Know Pros and Cons of Fingerprint Locks Before Installation
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Fingerprint door locks are very much in trend after its invention. It is one of the locks which provide high-level security to the user. It can be used in commercial buildings or residential buildings as well. It has come with a number of benefits which attract customers but along with advantages, it took some disadvantages as well. If you are planning to hire an Orlando Locksmith to install fingerprint, then you must be aware of its merits and demerits. It will help you to make the right decision.

Pros of Fingerprint Lock :

High Protection

Fingerprint locks provide full security and make a defense line before someone enters the premises. If only your fingerprint is registered in the system, then no can enter your building except you without your permission. These locks are mostly installed in commercial buildings from professional commercial locksmith services Orlando.

No Worry of Lost Key

The locks that are usually unlocked by keys have many hassles like losing or broken keys. But fingerprint locks don't have these issues. It is easy to operate with your fingerprint only.

Hard to Hack

Fingerprint locks are hard to hack and override. Only those people can enter inside whose finger is registered with this lock. No unauthorized person can enter your property without your allowance.

Easy to Use

Fingerprint locks are simply assessed with just fingerprint. It is user friendly and its installation process is also very simple.

Cons of Fingerprint Lock :

Difficult to Change

The main disadvantage of this lock is, you can't change your fingerprint once it registered. It would be tough to replace the fingerprint if got hacked. In this case, there is only one option left i.e new lock installation. If you face this problem in your residential or commercial building, then you can call a commercial or residential locksmith in Orlando who can easily fix your problem.

Failure to Work

Fingerprint locks only work when power is provided to them. It can't be used in the absence of power and in this case, it creates a problem for the user. But you can use UPS for the machine to operate.


As fingerprint locks are advanced locks that provide advanced protection, so it is obvious that it would be more expensive. These locks are costly in the market because of this most of the people don't install it.

Unable to Scan

Sometimes this lock unable to recognize the registered fingerprint due to wet, oily, or hurt finger. In that case, it would be tough to access this lock or entering the premises. This system needs to be accessed gently and with care because if it gets locked you will have to install the new system again. So, choose the best locksmith service provider.


Considering the cons with the pros is crucial when making the right decision is the priority. If you haven't installed a fingerprint lock yet, then this above advantage and disadvantages will be beneficial for you to decide. Otherwise, you can take the help of a professional locksmith orlando. He will guide you and let you know the best option to pick.


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