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Keys to a Functional Study Space

by Gabriella Licona 2 months ago in how to
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Three elements you must have in your work area

On my blog, I'm always talking about how difficult it can be to be motivated and stay focused. As a college student, I always have 5 things to work on and juggling a balance between work, assignments, projects, understanding lectures, and socializing is more challenging than people make it out to be. Of course, where there is drive, there is power to succeed in everything we aim to do.

But how do we keep up with a consistent drive to do these things?

It's one thing to have our laptops open and set up on our desk, but it's another to not resist the urge to just pull out our phones and hop on our beds for a quick "break" (in which we never actually get up from our beds for the day).

In one blog post, I focused on the importance of personalizing our living space with decor to add to the efficiency of our work ethic. Visual designs play an important role in how visually appealing a space can be to add to motivation.

"Creativity has no limits and can’t be contained in a room, but it sure can expand in your room!", is what I said in that blog post. Because it's true, there are no limits to creativity and the more we expand on it, the more motivation and success that comes out from it. (Want to read this blog post? Click the link here to read 'Personalizing your Room for Success'!)

In the video attached, there are three keys I highlight to what makes any space (including a small corner of a temporary room) a decent workspace without having to shop for a whole bunch of supplies and furniture.

The first priority is having a good room placement/set-up. I find this to be a priority because as someone who once made the mistake of putting my desk right next to my bed, I took advantage of the easy access to go to sleep.

Even in a small tight space, it's possible to move your desk either as far from your bed, across from it facing the opposite way, or turning it against your bed where you would have to climb around to the other side to get to your bed.

All these placements of your desk will give you harder access to viewing or going to your bed, which eliminates any need to be tsking a nap instead of studying.

The second key to having a functional workspace would be having a calendar or planner. There's no way to be organized without one. While many people now prefer to use Google calendar or Notion (which, for aesthetic purposes I also use and recommend), but I always say having a physical copy makes me feel more secured.

Whether it's a bullet journal, a normal store-bought planner, or even a whiteboard stick-to-the-wall calendar by your desk, writing out important dates on a visual form is slightly more time-consuming but pushes your focus.

The last and final key to having a good workspace wherever you go, as I always mention, is visual elements. For temporary places like hotels, this may not work out well, but having things such as pictures with quotes, stickers, a pinboard and more help any workspace feel more homey and warm.

The more welcoming a space, the more likely it is to be comfortable. And the more comfortable we are, the more we can feel dedicated to doing what we need t do, as long as we separate our rest space from our work space.


Want to read my blog post on the importance of personalizing a room with visual designs? Check it out here!

The video attached is also included in the above linked blog post. The video credits belongs to Gabriella Licona (me).

Want to see more content on organizing, dorm and room space, and more minimalist lifestyle content? Check out my blog and follow my Instagram!

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