It was all in my head

by Kathy Reed 30 days ago in crafts

If you could only grab it

It was all in my head
Cow face by Kathy Reed

Date: 8/24/2020

In the store what do you grab when you only are thinking go

I was all in my head when I went to grab some art supplies. I got there and was almost nearly run over by the lady who wanted to make wreathes a little more than I wanted to paint. Still full from by egg and beef burrito, I guess I had enough to let her pass through, before I yelled 'I'm sure it will be in there if you still slow down'. I get out and wonder, what's on sell, what's cheap, what can I get for under $100.00. I make my entrance in. Like clockwork, I waive 'Hi' at the checkout lady, see you in a minute.

Road of Flowers by Necker

I grab this and I head back out

I bee line my way to what I need. I noticed that everyone in here was thinking about something that they wanted to create. I look around, someone at the thread, another at blank items that they have to glue or connect the pieces that turn into modern art. I see my aisle and spot the paint colors. I grab a few and notice the patterned colors I grabbed, basically what says money I think. With an empty hand I grab a pack of ten canvas for cheap and look at the varnish for when I am done all together. I'll get that next time.

I grab that on more item, for well 'good luck'

With my pack of canvas and paints, I head to the register. That seemed easy enough, and I hope the colors create something beautiful. I pass by the other art products that say what else the world is creating. I speed through them. I don't want to grab theirs, the world's, I only want what's in my hands to carry. No one notices that the road to happiness is in the guy that can see his lane and not get distracted. Behind the checkout, their are small items for sale, why not, with my hand full of paint colors, I make room for one more thing, a small pair of colorful earrings, I grab it with my extra finger.

Who are you talking to, are those the people in your head?

Behind the next person in line, I tap my foot as the woman in front of me turns around to check out what I am buying. I stand with my feet in place as in hopes she can tell I am an artist. The next famous artist. Instead, she turns back around and is called on next. I wait patiently. Without anyone or anything telling me to, I place down the $20.00 I owe for the supplies when I am called next in line and she finishes tallying up my products. She takes the money and I grab my life, I mean belongings.

Angels and fairies by Shari Silvey

Where is your magic, that's the money maker

After I get in my car I feel like it was worth it to come. It was worth it to keep trying to be an artist. It was worth it to know that the road in front of me might say a million to one things. I still have to say I think that what I do is worth it. So I crunch the bag to the back seat and peddle away. For what it is worth at least the $20.00 I spend here will make me $2000.00 in the end. Well with hope!

How much is too much and did you grab what mattered

Grabbing what you want is fun, but staying on path is more exciting. This road is the most driven road most artists give up on the most. When you are in the store, what do you buy, how many distractions are there, and most importantly are you confident in what you are buying or how much is too much. Otherwise, you trip is just a trip of siteseeing and no craft.

Sources:,, Cow face by Kathy Reed, Road of flowers by Necker, Angels amd Faires by Shari Silvey

Written by Kathy Reed

Kathy Reed
Kathy Reed
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