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Is Teeth Whitening Painful?

Sometimes the beauty comes with a price tag, there is a new trend of undergoing peroxide based whitening

By Bill MorrisPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Sometimes the beauty comes with a price tag, there is a new trend of undergoing peroxide based teeth whitening. In many cases teeth whitening process does not cause any pain or very minor discomfort, however, in some cases patients have sensitive teeth, they may feel discomfort when bleaching agents are applied to their teeth especially when they eat or drink. In most of the cases minor symptoms goes away within 24 to 48 hours. 90% of the patients don't experience any pain effects from teeth whitening, but your dentist will make sure you understand what the possible risks are before you decide to have the treatment. These may include

  • Teeth may become more sensitive
  • Teeth may feel a sensation like a mini electric shock
  • Gum irritation
  • Dental hypersensitivity

After Effects of teeth whitening

Whitening teeth become effective by regular tooth cleaning. Nonetheless, it can be harmful to use chemicals or acidic things to clean your teeth. The chemical can whiten your teeth temporarily, but it will be easy to get dirty fast. And a loss of the power of teeth in biting, eating, and chewing. Many people are suffering from having an unclean tooth.

  • Inflammation in the soft centre (pulp) of teeth that are cracked or have exposed dentine
  • Irritation or burns if the bleaching agent contacts the gums, skin, eyes or mucous membranes
  • Irritation of the throat and stomach if swallowed, possibly leading to bleeding or distension

People who do oral surgery invest a large amount of money, and the results are good, but they lose the original quality of teeth. However, professional dentists will not create to influence your teeth, but they will make your teeth more charming.

Dangers of whitening teeth

Having treatment in a Dental clinic by the guidance of the doctor is appropriate. The soft centre of the teeth (pulp) or inflammation can be crack and exposed

Nuisance and hot burns will occur if the bleach is bonding with the eyes, skin, and other parts. Itching and irritations at the throat if accidentally swallowed, and can form bleeding . The hydrogen peroxide must be less than 6%, and ceramide also less than 18%. These will help to reduce pain and other dangers.

  • Gum burns
  • Tooth damage
  • Internal damage from leaking bleach

Concerning Dental care

For effective and proper whitening, talking with the dentist is the best guide for teeth. They will teach you what to use and whatnot. The professional dentist will give the best advice for whitening your teeth.

  1. Stay Away from Extreme Temperatures
  2. Find Products with Lower Peroxide Levels
  3. Brush your teeth before whitening, not after
  4. Take pain-relievers
  5. Limit cold drinks and foods while you are whitening
  6. Don't overuse whitening products
  7. Use a soft toothbrush

The Alternatives for Teeth whitening

There are options given by the dentist such as bleaching teeth will help us for teeth whitening another is: Strengthening the hygiene of Oral, so that the plaque and tartar will be fewer Hiring a professional tooth cleaning to eliminate the plaque automatically These can whiten your teeth with the help of our professional dental care services.


Dental care will take care of all the risks of your teeth and base making them strong and white. We recommend that instead of enduring the pain of teeth, indeed, it's better to trust the expert and have treatment. Therefore, they are reliable and can do whatever you ask them of your desire.

It is not very painful, it can make some uncomfortable for a few days, and then it will be back to natural and brighten your teeth. They will do their best to remove all the problems with your teeth.


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