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Interesting Irrigation Tips That Will Augment Your Crop Yield

Farming activities have long surpassed the status of mere seeding and sewing, it has reached a stage where it has become trendy and technical than it ever used to be.

By Lauren WilliamsonPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Farming activities have long surpassed the status of mere seeding and sewing, it has reached a stage where it has become trendy and technical than it ever used to be. People have developed farming and irrigation as a habit rather than an obligation. And there also been a recent uplift in the irrigation system. Now there seems to be more than just drip irrigation. Read on to know some interesting tips to change the way you see at the irrigation process and get to know some famous new techniques of the watering systems prevalent in farming activities.

Practice According to Purpose

When you ask which irrigation is best, your question should include the answer to why. Farming of different crops asks for different irrigation systems. While nourishing critical crops like sugarcane and rice need excessive water quantities, some fruit crops require little water to flourish to their fullest? You need to find the Ideal Irrigation System for your crops as per the seeds you have sown. Moreover, some new tools and pumps in the market can efficiently save water and irrigate the plant well. Conclusively, you cannot drop loads of water on a fruit seed, hence you have to choose the irrigation based on the crops.


Apart from the irrigation technique you apply, the capacity of the pump also plays an important role in the performance of the flooding system. Based on your chosen irrigation system, professional irrigation companies design and offer you Water Pumps Australia of corresponding capacities. As a result, if you are using a center-pivot irrigation system; you need to have a high horsepower pump to supplement and augment the enactment of the entire watering design. Layout the farm, choose the irrigation system and buy a pump of befitting capacity to get the best results. Moreover, if you choose a high capacity pump than your required volume, excessive water loss is evident. On the contrary, a lower capacity pump will not be able to entertain the irrigation setup and your seeds will not receive the required amount of water.


On top of pumps, you require best in class piping setups to supply water into the channels. A befitting size of pipe relies on the amount of water you need to stream. Choosing the exact pipe diameter is a rather complex process and you need an expert for that affair. Visit your nearest pump dealer and inform them about your plan for the irrigation setup. They will suggest the ideal pump and pipe sizes help supply ample amounts of water. Keep in mind that choosing the smaller or wider pipe size will affect the efficiency of watering, so choose the pipe size wisely.


The final call on the irrigation systems to choose rests on your financial situation. Pivot irrigation is best suited, but can you afford it? Drip irrigation loses water a lot, but can’t you go beyond that? Irrigation systems have advanced further in the last decade and there is no stopping. You can screen as many modes of irrigation as you want until you find that one system ideal for you. Based on your chosen crop and additional hidden costs, you will be able to find the right irrigation system for your farm.

Choosing the right irrigation system is as important as choosing your crop for the year. For better yields and even better returns, you need to pay heed to this aspect of farming. After all, irrigation is the principal trait of successful farming efforts. Make sure you choose the irrigation system that is fruitful and futuristic to have winning results in the end.

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