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How You Can Transform Your Garden into a Cosy Winter Retreat

This guide will give you inspiration!

By Owen MarshallPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

The colder winter weather makes us want to move indoors, find the warmest room available, and get ready to hibernate until spring comes around. But gardens can offer a welcome alternative as a relaxation space to being indoors, especially as the average size of a garden in Britain is 188 square metres, according to the Office of National Statistics.

Check out this guide for inspiration and transform your garden into somewhere much cosier.

Warm your garden with heating

If you’re planning to spend time outdoors this winter, it’s important to keep in mind the drop in temperature. You don’t want to spend your time outside uncomfortable, so invest in a few portable outdoor heaters to keep you and your loved ones warm while hanging out in the open.

Alternatively, for a more homely and rustic vibe, a log burner or firepit can make for fantastic additions to any garden because of the aesthetic and practicality they offer. You can also get kiln-dried logs delivered straight to your door, quality Ready to Burn certified wood that’s ready to use.

Not only does an open flame allow you to thaw through when the weather is at its coldest, but you can also get attachments like grill pans or racks so you can cook some food for your guests (or just yourself!) over an open flame.

Make the most of existing shelter

Sometimes, homeowners will invest time and money into buying and building a shed that can be forgotten about or never used. Maybe you’ve moved into a home with one in the garden and can’t decide whether to tear it down or put it to use. While an open, cosy space in gardens can work for winter, being protected from any weather changes can keep the comfy feeling and blend the indoor and outdoor experience.

With a DIY attitude, wooden sheds of all ages and specs can be turned into outdoor havens for the colder months of the year. Adding a window or two can work to enhance the feeling of being in the elements, with greenhouses being a fantastic place to take inspiration from. Who doesn’t love watching falling snow land and settling on windowsills?

Bring the ambience

Intimacy is the key to a good gathering, which also applies to when you’re building out your garden. Your guests will want to enjoy being in a space that feels lived-in and inviting. Making sure that the seats create a natural feng shui and allow the party to talk and move freely without isolation can help massively achieve this.

Similarly, lighting is an important factor in making a space feel complete. While any open flame from a firepit or log burner may throw out a decent amount of light, having some direct light sources can keep everyone visible when the natural light diminishes in the early afternoon. This is especially important in winter when it gets dark much earlier.

Keeping comfy is key! Quality seats (and blankets) are a must

When you consider what makes living spaces and rooms in a home the cosiest, your answer might come down to the seating that’s available and how warm it keeps you. Sofas, armchairs, rugs, and blankets can not only bring a cosy look but can encourage guests to come and host in your garden.

You might not even have to buy any new furniture or blankets! If you have a sofa that sits in a study that doesn’t get much use or an older (but still clean and warm) blanket, with a bit of planning, you can move them into your garden space and keep them under any cover so they can stay dry.

Wicker baskets are a fantastic storage option for blankets, so you can curate a little collection of warm ones for those outdoor occasions when your friends may need an extra layer to wrap around them.


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