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How To Upgrade Your PC To Windows 10 For Free?

Upgrade Your PC To Windows 10

By Mayank YadavPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
How To Upgrade Your PC To Windows 10 For Free

Microsoft’s free upgrade offer for Windows 10 has ended a long time ago. However, no one told users who run the Windows activation servers. Therefore, you can still upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and profess a free digital license for the latest Windows 10 version without being forced to jump through any hoops.

The upgrade is more vital than ever, specially when that support for Windows 7 is no longer active. You can also still upgrade to Windows 10 for free through a product key from an earlier business edition of Windows 7,8, or 8.1. That will save you as much as $100 in OEM upgrade charges if you purchase a new PC with Windows 10 Home preinstalled.

How Do I Upgrade An Old PC To Windows 10?

If you have a PC running an authentic copy of Windows 7 or 8 or 8.1, you can follow the steps given below. Just follow the instruction carefully for how to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Make sure you read each and every step and then apply it practically.

  • First, confirm that your copy of Windows is properly activated. This is important if you recently reinstalled Windows.
  • Now, check for any recent driver updates, especially for network and storage hardware. Download and install any available BIOS update for your hardware, and the step is essential as for systems that were initially sold in 2015 or earlier, before the launch of Windows 10.
  • You need to back up your data files to an external hard drive or cloud storage. Consider performing a full system backup to an external hard drive. You can do that by using the Windows 7 backup program, which is also available in Windows 8.x and Windows 10.
  • You will have to run the command Sdclt.exe and then choose the ‘create a system image option.
  • Temporarily uninstall the third-party security software and low-level system utilities that can interfere with the upgrade. You can reinstall the programs after the upgrade is done.
  • Finally, you need to disconnect any unnecessary external drives, like USB flash drives and external hard drives.

You have to now go to the Download Windows 10 webpage and click the Download tool now button with the steps. After the download completes, you need to double-click the executable file to run the Media Creation Tool.

If you have loaded the Media Creation Tool on the machine, you plan to upgrade and plan to upgrade one PC. You can select the Upgrade This PC Now alternative. That will install the most recent version of Windows 10. It usually takes an hour, more or less, depending on your hardware.

If you know, you will want to upgrade to Windows 10 on more than on PC, or if you just want more flexibility if the instant upgrade fails, choose the second alternative and save the installation files to an ISO file. The download is a bit time taking, but when it is complete, you can manually run the Windows Setup program to install Windows 10 on any PC running any supported Windows 10 version. You just need to follow the prompts to complete the upgrade to Windows 10. You will not be asked certainly about your product key. When the upgrade is complete and connected to the internet, you will have a digital license or product key to the most recent Windows 10 version, which you can confirm by going to the settings and click Update and then Security and finally Activation. All your applications and data files will be available.


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