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How to make your life easy at home at work and in general??? 30 best life hacks you never know before.....

life hacks best 30 hacks about house about work about kids about boss about relatives about general. How to improve my life???

By HussabPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

I normally use these ways to imptove my life better day by day.

Hacks are quick tricks that improve your quality of life. Insufficient room in your wardrobe? A fresh coat hanger should be attached to the tab of a drink can that you have hung up on your hanger. Double the amount of wall space! Speaker not in the room? Use two plastic cups and a toilet paper roll to make it quickly. incredibly practical Did you know that you could instantly transform a bag of chips into a bowl? or that you can use a glass to peel a mango? The 30 best life hacks for the home, work, kids, general and much more are compiled in this summary. In order to help you get started right away, everything is clearly described using step-by-step.

Here are first 10 best life hacks about house that can make your life more better.

1.Regular Decluttering (The KonMari Method): Follow Marie Kondo's instructions to keep only things that "spark joy" and keep your home clutter-free.

2.Invest in furniture that doubles as storage to make the most of your available space.

3.Everything needs to be properly labeled in order to keep a home orderly.

4.Wall-Mounted Storage: Make use of the vertical space by mounting shelves, hooks, and pegs on the wall.

5.Kitchen Tools with Multiple Uses: To conserve space and lessen clutter, choose kitchen tools with multiple uses.

6.Batch cooking is the practice of preparing meals ahead of time and freezing them for quick, convenient meals during hectic times.

7.Baking soda is a versatile and all-natural cleaning solution for a variety of household surfaces.

8.Make your own natural air fresheners with baking soda, water, and aromatic oils.

9.Glass jars can be reused for storage, organization, or even as ornamental items.

10.Cable management: To keep cords organized and from tangling, use cable clips or zip ties.

Here 10 life hacks about work that can make your professional life much more better.

1.Time blocking: Increase productivity by setting up certain time blocks to concentrate on particular projects.

2.Keyboard shortcuts: Learning keyboard shortcuts can make using a computer much faster.

3.Email filters and folders can help you organize your inbox by automatically sorting emails into the appropriate folders.

4.Priority Matrix: Use an Eisenhower Matrix to classify jobs according to their importance and level of urgency.

5.Digital note-taking tools: To keep your notes accessible and structured, use programs like Evernote or OneNote.

6.Noise-cancelling headphones can help you focus more easily in noisy environments by blocking out distractions.

7.Invest in ergonomic equipment to increase comfort and lessen physical stress, such as a standing desk or an ergonomic chair.

8.Automate Routine Tasks: To make repetitive tasks more efficient, use automation tools or scripts.

9.Take frequent, brief pauses to renew your energy and boost your productivity.

10.Focus on One Task: To improve efficiency and concentration, refrain from multitasking.

And lastly 10 General life hacks for everyone better life:

1.Practice mindfulness meditation to lower stress and improve mental clarity.

2.Meal preparation: To save time and choose healthier options, plan your meals in advance.

3Utilize apps for managing and tracking your budget, such as Mint or YNAB.

4.Utilize fitness apps to design and monitor workout schedules that are specific to your objectives.

5.Batching jobs: Combine related jobs to save time and effort.

6.Learn keyboard shortcuts: You may save a lot of time by becoming proficient with keyboard shortcuts on your devices.

7.Automate Bill Payments: To prevent late fees and uphold excellent credit, set up automatic payments.

8.Keep an adequately filled emergency kit in your car or at home in case of unanticipated circumstances.

9.DIY house Repairs: Acquire fundamental knowledge of house maintenance to manage simple issues on your own professionals.

10.Digital Detox: Take breaks regularly from screens to lessen your eye strain and improve overall well-being.

The topics covered by these 30 indispensable life hacks span from household organization to workplace efficiency and general wellbeing. You may improve your overall quality of life and streamline chores by adopting these suggestions into your everyday routine. Remember that the secret is to customize these tips for your own situation so that they fit naturally into your lifestyle.

Have you done any life hacks i didnt told you yet? Then comment me and show me what you have got.

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