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How To Make Your Funny Video Go Viral

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How To Make Your Funny Video Go Viral

Are you looking to make your funny video go viral? Or are you wondering why some funny videos get to go viral while yours does not even if your video is better and funnier? Then you are in the right place. Making a funny video go viral is like baking. Also, if you have the right recipe, you need the right ingredients and your efforts to produce mouth-watering delicacy. While they are some videos that go viral out of luck nowadays, making a video leave alone, a funny video is a stressful and hard work. As they are thousands of videos being upload every single second across different social media platforms. So to make your Funny Videos go viral requires a bit of magic formula. Lucky for you, we have the magic formula to turn your video into the most watch video across all media streams. Here are our tips to get that level of fame that you have been seeking throughout your years.

Keep it short and straightforward.

What do you think is the concentration span of human beings? Will be surprised if we told that the current concentration span of a human is less than that of goldfish? After the social media boom, human being's concentration drastically reduced. More people want to quick and short videos that can intrigue them. If you are unable to capture your audience during the first 30 seconds, then forget about going viral. Don't just take a word for it; do a bit of research for yourself on the latest viral funny videos? What do they have in common? Without a shadow of a doubt, you will notice that they capture your attention during the first 30 seconds. So do not waste the 30 seconds of your funny video if you intend to make it go viral.

Tap into the emotions of your emotions

Human beings are emotional beings. One way or the other, we are controlled by our emotions. Whether you or not, your funny videos will only go viral if it can tap into the feelings of your audience. Tapping into the souls of your audience makes them relate to your video.

Timing Is Everything

Making a video go viral is all about timing. When is the right time to post a funny video to go viral? Well, the best days are Monday or Tuesday. Here is why Monday or Tuesday, is when people are back at work so that to kill time, they will log in to the personal media accounts either to catch up or make the day go much faster. Trust us; we all do this primarily if you work 9-5. For better timing, go for Tuesday. Why? Monday, most people are busy in catching up with their emails and finishing up reports which were supposed to finish the previous week. Tuesday is a more convenient day as most people are done with most of the urgent pending work.

Try telling a story

Every funny video comes with a story. People love stories that are intriguing and entertaining and they love the video most they relate to. Ensuring that your video does come with a story makes people engage more with it. They will share like, comments repost, and at the end of the day, you will find your funny video going viral.

Catchy Title

When posting your video, do not just have an ordinary title instead have a catchy clickbait title, which will spark the curiosity of the audience, making them want to view the content. Making the title appealing creates a particular urge which not very many people can resist clicking.

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