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How To Make Money Blogging

How To Make Money Blogging

By Udemezue JohnPublished 2 years ago 11 min read
How To Make Money Blogging
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There are various ways you can make money starting a blog; you have to choose the one that works well and faster for you.

Also, it is always very wise to have more than one blog income channel. This would help you build capacity and develop to be a better blogger. The first and the most popular way to earn money as a blogger is.

1. Pay-Per-click advertising (Google AdSense,

This is the most popular and quick way to start making money from your blog from the first day you start blogging.

This means of making money simply allows Pay-Per-Click advertising platforms to sell Ads spaces on your behalf to their advertisers for the sole aim of income sharing.

Pay-Per-click business models simply connect you with their advertisers and pay you by how much traffic and conversion such adverts converts on your websites.

You get paid by the amount of traffic generated from your website, i.e. Impressions and how many click-through rates an advert campaign got through your website.

You might wonder how possible and legit this process is because of how things are going underground that you don’t know about.

Most, if not all of these Pay-Per-Click advertising platforms Provide you with inbuilt analytics software embedded into their dashboard.

You get to see the tracking and analytics anytime you log in. So if you wonder how these events and activities would be tracked, You would be given a custom code to install on your website any time you get approved as a publisher on their platform.

Such code would be embedded alongside your website and used to track all your activities and Ads displayed on your website displayed per-time.

Now that you see how Pay-Per-click advertising works, you feel like getting started right away.

There are various Pay-Per click advertising platforms out there, but the one I usually recommend for bloggers who are just starting their blogging journey of Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is a pay-per-click advertising platform developed and managed by Google, Inc. It simply displays ads from Google advertisers on your website or blog and shares profit with you.

Google AdSense has paid over USD 10 Billion to its publishers. I am saying this to you so that you know. There is no better way to start monetising your website as a blogger than using Google AdSense.

Payment is made monthly via your desired payment method. And the payment is made in over 130 different currencies, including the USD as the default currency.

Several bloggers around the globe, both in developed and rural nations, are all earning excellent money from the Google AdSense program.

The Google AdSense program knows no barrier, making it the most preferred source of income for so many bloggers. I have an article I would like to recommend that you read.

It contains intense details on Google AdSense. This article is for you if you are just getting to know about Google AdSense.

2. Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is another very excellent source of income for bloggers worldwide. The business model behind affiliate marketing makes it a very sustainable and reliable scheme.

Affiliate marketing simply centres around you as a middle man. You merely get paid for any successful sale generated from you.

When you ultimately sign up as an affiliate to any brand online, you are given a unique deep link that can be shared in your blog post, social media, email marketing subscribers, etc.

You get paid by how many buyers or successful sales are made through your link. Like pay-per-click advertising, affiliate marketing platforms allow you to track all your earnings via a custom dashboard that you get to access with your login credentials.

You can earn a lot with affiliate marketing as a blogger; there is no limit to what you can make as an affiliate; there are no restrictions whatsoever.

This has made affiliate marketing stand out among all forms of making money online. You can build a successive and reoccurring income via affiliate marketing.

There are various affiliate marketing platforms and a lot to choose from, but here is one piece of advice for you as a blogger.

Don’t start signing up as an affiliate for every brand that offers you a great commission. Instead, you should go for affiliates in line with what you write as a blogger.

Affiliates that align with your content tend to make you more money. So, for example, let’s say you write about Fashion, you should promote affiliates related to fashion because this would better speak with your audience and, at last, convert them into successful customers.

You might be worried about getting successful customers when you are a new blogger. This is precisely what I would advise you on. You Should post that aligns with your intended affiliate.

For example, suppose you signed up as an affiliate for a fashion designer. In that case, all you would need to do to get sales is to write an article about that fashion brand or include him in your very high paying post related to fashion.

The second thing you can do to promote your affiliate links is to send them as a broadcast to your email marketing subscribers.

Finally, I recommend list building when starting your new blog; it helps gather potential buyers and customers because they believe what you do.

Another thing You should know as a blogger is that your audience sees you as an authority. Therefore, they tend to believe what you recommend to them.

3. E-Book publishing.

Going back to what I said in the previous section, the day you decide to become a blogger, you become a teacher to so many anonymous persons online. As a blogger, all you do is solve problems.

Thank God for the search engines. You get even luckier when the search engines index your post and get it out to the right person anywhere on the globe. Such a person shows your appreciation by commenting on your post.

The more comment you get, the more your post becomes more relevant.

Why am I saying all these? I am telling all these because, as a blogger, people tend to believe in your principles and views.

You can then leverage that to offer them a paid product created by you. This product can be anything from a physical product to an information product.

If your blog is very well on a particular topic and gets feedback regularly, you can package an E-Book for your audience.

4. Consulting.

This is the most viable means of income when coupled with other sources like Affiliate marketing and E-book publishing.

Sadly, it does not work for all blog niches, only vert few blog niches tend to benefit from this, and some of them are.

  • Health and Wellness.
  • Marketing.
  • Real estate.

Most of the time, your blog readers will need a more precise definition of some of your specific blog posts.

This would make them seek a better mode of conversation, which might involve the use of Emails, Social media, Phone calls and physical meetups.

This blog of income can be very lucrative if you intend to offer a product or a service in the end, or else you might just be wasting your time.

5. Sell Private Ads.

Selling personal Ads is a form of advertising that allows you to directly sell advert space from companies around you on your website.

This form of monetisation is usually utilised by high traffic generating websites and huge and busy blogging niches.

News websites and buzz get a lot of attention from credible companies to place ads on their behalf for a token.

Websites such as Huffington post utilise this form of blog monetisation technique.

6. Write and sell product reviews on your blog.

Writing and selling product reviews works like affiliate marketing; all you need do is select a particular product in your niche and write an article informing of a review; this review would contain the Pros and Cons of a specific product in focus.

When writing product reviews on your website, make sure that such a product is related to your blog niche.

7. Create and sell online courses.

Creating and selling online courses is another medium to make money online; this works for blogs in a specified niche such as digital marketing, blogging, software development and other topics.

8. Teach others how to build a successful blog.

Do you have a blog that makes enough money? You can also build an income stream by teaching people to make money with their respective blogs.

Most blogs in this category usually write content solely on blogging and how to make money from your blog.

While growing up, I used to visit many blogs that offer blogging guides, and a few of them are Shoultmeloud .com

You can teach people how to build a successful blog by offering creative and practical content, creating courses and selling E-books.

9. Become a freelance writer

Are you a freelance writer? There are a lot of services out there that offer content writing services. There are so many platforms that help you make money as a freelance writer, and one of them is Fiverr.

With Fiverr, you can create a gig and sell it off to buyers on the same network; you can start selling for as low as $5 to $100, depending on how successful your gig can sell.

10. Offer search engine optimisation services.

There are so many companies and organisations that need a search engine optimisation expert, but not too many people are available to offer such services.

Search engine optimisation can also be a lucrative business because the demand is high enough to generate additional income for your blog. If your blog achieves positive SEO results, there is no harm in offering this as a service.

I also love offering search engine optimisation as a service because it can be provided in software services and physical consultations. There are so many businesses in this niche, and some very few popular ones are Neil Patel and Moz.

11. Offer design, web design and web development services.

Just like search engine optimisation, web design services are also high in demand; there are a lot of online services that allow you to create a website by yourself, this is very good for hobbyists, but if you intend to build something for business, then these services won’t do at all.

If you are a professional website design agency, you can put out content on your blog and make money from offering it.

12. Sponsored Content.

Sponsored content is when a company pays you a fee in return for you writing an article that promotes that company’s product or service.

If you run a popular, heavily tracked blog or your domain authority score has hit a particular milestone, likely, you have already started getting requests for a sponsored post from a brand.

If you are not in this position to get a request for a sponsored post from brands and companies, then you have to do this by yourself.

All you have to do is identify a handful of products and their companies that fit your niche and make a list of at least ten products you would like to advertise.

The next part is to visit the websites of your top 10 products and track down their email address using simple blogging tools like Hunter or Voila Norbert; you can also check the contact pages on their websites.

Last but not least, the final thing to do is to send them an email requesting for partnership; make sure that you sound more personal, not like a robot. You should bear in mind that you are addressing a human being.

13. Launch a Software Tool.

There are so many processes that need to be automated, and launching software can help you reach the pocket of so many people worldwide.

A perfect example of this is tools like Ubbersuggest, SEMrush, etc. The tools mentioned above have been created to serve various purposes.

You need solid knowledge in coding to achieve this, or better still, hire a third-party web developer to do this on your behalf. A better way to do this is by creating a Google Chrome extension, which can be easily created.

14. Launch a Virtual Summit.

A virtual summit is an alive (or pre-recorded) event covering a specific subject with multiple guest speakers.

If you have a group of like-minded readers on your email list, each with their communities that align with your messaging, you’ve got the audience a virtual summit just waiting to be invited.

The easiest way to make money from your virtual summit is by selling admission tickets. You can also discount for early birds. Ask all of your speakers to elevate the event to their audience.

Another way to monetise your summit is by making admission to watch “live” free and then selling an all-access pass to anyone who wants the ability to manage the speakers they missed

I shared a link to a comprehensive article that addresses this question below, be sure to check it out.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day

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